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  1. Great see you then!
  2. I haven’t been to BT before so am not much use am afraid. Any of the regulars got a suggestion?
  3. Tea time - 5.30 ish? Will people be in and set up by then
  4. No not at all. Sorry for not being clearer, what they said to me is that you can make the order and email them or phone them. I was down there recently and visited the farm and bought stuff physically. The French (I think) lady in the shop, does the order admin and appears to be the person who pours from the barrel as well. She is the one who who suggested my mix when I said what I liked - I had had a bottle of the medium in a restaurant. It’s a small operation. I would give them a call and have a chat and they can advise what is best. Edit. Just thinking on of course I suppose we could order separate quantities of each and mix it ourselves ?
  5. Great. I would like to know how you get on. They are a recent discovery for me as well so still figuring out best mix and also volume / container type of purchase
  6. If you like Burrows Hill you will love this cider as well. It’s Cornish cider, made on the farm that the apples are grown on. The point I mentioned above about ordering your own mix applies here a well. You can buy bottles of medium and you can buy flagons or bags in a box of your own mix of sweet and dry. My preferred mix is c15% sweet 85% dry. It tastes like a dryish medium burrow hill. You can order on line and let them know what you want.
  7. Subject to shifts with Oxfam i’d Be up for a few sherbets with you lovely people. What you all think sometime Thursday?
  8. Dry cider is a perfect first drink. Cuts through the previous day/nights tincture residue in the mouth and the aftertaste of that mornings bacon/vegan sausage butty. Multipurpose mouthwash, pick me up, hangover cure......it makes perfect sense ?
  9. It’s a lovely cider. I recommend that you try a half and half mix of dry and medium. I find the dry really hard work but mixed in with medium it’s fantastic. Bar will happily mix any combination for you. Last time I was talking to a local who had his own 75/25 mix ?
  10. My first year at Bearded, volunteering with Oxfam. Mrs C did it last year. Looking forward to it immensely, all I have heard about the festival is very good. I wondered, is there an efestivals meet up a la Glastonbury?
  11. This weekend till 19th Port Isaac (it’s beautiful down here...) celebrating....... May 20th our 30th wedding Anniversary.....where did the time go...... May 23- 27th Bearded Theory with Oxfam. Seem to be loads going from here, is there a meet up planned? June 1 party for mates bd June generally buggering around preparing June 22 pre birthday do with folks not going to G as my birthday is.... June 28 - a very big birthday. Luncheon at the Avalon bar ?Saw someone else earlier in the thread with same day. HB!
  12. https://www.efestivals.co.uk/news/10/100225b.shtml 2010? they have long been sold
  13. I would have some of that - have to say. He is in the UK in September for sure. But he is touring the new album which might not bode so well.......?
  14. Eric Bibb is top class - saw him at Beautiful Days last year. He would go down very well on West Holts. Albert “it never rains in Southern California” Hammond could play and sing a tune back in the day. His son is a jobbing guitarist in comparison. It is a bit of a lame line up though, and I speak as an Acoustic fan of the appropriate age @fatyeti24 ?. Remember watching Dexies headline and all you could hear was Metallica on the pymild. Outrageous ?
  15. Ok thanks. Early doors on Park would be great.
  16. chuckles07


    It is so upsetting. Like you i have followed him from the beginning (the end of the smiths). If you look back now you could argue there has been evidence of shitty opinions from the beginning which were disguised and explained away. But now there is no pretence. I can’t listen to his stuff anymore. So sad.
  17. chuckles07

    Resale Club 2019

    You typically get 3 shifts of 8 hours each on 3 different days e.g. 6-2, 2-10, 10-6 (or variants of that routine). Bear in mind Oxfam tend to do gates and road crossings (as i understand having not done Glasto with them) so busy times will need more people. edit - the shifts will be different on separate days
  18. chuckles07

    Resale Club 2019

    In my experience at other non Glastonbury festivals they (Oxfam) festival managers post the shifts for people when you arrive and are briefed. If you are required prior to normal arrival day (Tuesday) then they will let you know ahead. Its then that the shift swapping negotiations commence. You need to find someone who will take your shift and hope that theirs doesn't clash with what you want to see at the festival. Its doable but a ball ache.
  19. Robin many thanks for this once again. Invaluable source of new music for me! Just listening to Mattiel - what an amazing voice. Great retro sound - love it. Can't see any info on what stage she/they will be playing - have i missed it? Cheers
  20. Thanks both. Hope he gets better soon. Sounds like the kids get a good deal here. Should plant one of them in the front row with a secret camera. Would be a sensation ?
  21. Has anyone ever seen a Dynamo show at Glastonbury - what is it like? I like him a lot, he seems a decent bloke and he does some amazing stuff, i have never seen him at Glastonbury though.
  22. I agree with the fires. I can vividly remember in 2009 at Neil Young on the pymild setting a fire off using bits of wood and beer cups, and there were many others dotted around. It was magical and I seem to recall at the end Neil and the band lined up and took in the spectacle of the view of the field. Jeez imagine doing that at Ed Sheeran or Coldplay. The blanket brigade would burst into flames themselves ?
  23. Tell me about it. I am still paying for them to go.....and two of them are, in theory, 'off the books'!
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