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  1. Somewhere between these two. If you are going to the popular acts/stages, and if you chose to eat when those acts finish it is going to be busy. Realise that the pinch points can be distressing if you get caught up in them. I have been several times over the years but sometimes it is unavoidable and sensible behaviour by (most of ) the crowd overcomes.
  2. Excellent. Done. Thank you. love the t&c - don’t share on social media that you have free/discounted tickets 😂👍
  3. It is the best place and best party on this planet. Agree with so much of the above. I really hope to be there next year and I hope it continues to evolve and change!
  4. chuckles07

    2023 Headliners

    🙈😂. Out of upvotes
  5. See my comment above. The whole sodding internet is negative. It is so frustrating that unhappy people seem to spend their life telling people on the internet this. I realise some people really struggle and have no other options, but a lot of them need to switch their phone off and live their life. sorry. Rant over 😂
  6. We will be absolutely trying for next year. All 10 of our lot had a ball. Yes it was hard graft at times, especially after a brutal Wednesday getting in with the heat. I was a broken man on Wednesday night. But it was fabulous. I don’t think it was busier than 2019. This was my 9th Glastonbury and for sure it is busier than it was in 2009 and the demographic of crowd has changed, but as someone said above, Glastonbury changes every single time it happens. That’s why it is still so relevant. And as someone else said, queuing for food and booze has been a thing in the busy areas for ever. If you don’t want to queue or don’t like big crowds there are loads of other places to go to in the festival and still have a great time. I do get a little frustrated that the most strident comments on here and elsewhere are negative when the silent majority who are having a ball just crack on. 🤷🏽‍♂️😀
  7. Gotta be Macca, followed by Kendrick. This is not my scene whatsoever but I was blown away by the passion, the technical capability and the amazing show. Pure theatre and art. equal 3rd to Kikagaku Moyo, Wolf Alice, Holly Humberstone, Sam F, Noel, Nightmare on Wax (even tho they were late). amazing festival. Loved it all.
  8. Wasn’t Lydia’s next to the Cockmill bar alongside Annie macs?
  9. ☝🏽What they said. I hope for those doing box office pick up it is straightforward and rapid! Look forward to seeing you all on the farm.
  10. chuckles07


    Good news. Have we got on-site intel now?
  11. chuckles07


    Also looking at the overhead picture there I no acoustic tent yet, but more importantly no Cockmill Bar tent…….they are playing with us aren’t they 😂
  12. chuckles07


    To repeat @bennyhana22, where tf is the JP tent? Am I missing something obvious 🤷🏽‍♂️?
  13. In 2019 I received my despatch email on 19th June. I think end of next week is when you start really fretting 😕
  14. So mine arrived today. Email Monday 6th pm, received at Nottingham PO Tuesday 7th, Arrived Wednesday 8th 11.00am. Sequence no. 60614 🤷🏽‍♂️ I wonder if booking reference no. Matters more? Mine is 7736***? edit. All bought in oct 2019. And for 2019 I only got despatch email on 19th June
  15. @Sawdusty surferyou are a gentleman for sure, and very probably, a scholar. Makes it feel real, very real. Thank you!
  16. That is exactly what I did in 2019. Lined long trousers and a M&S rug! Top service from a top team 👏🏾😎
  17. I’d be up for a meet as well, subject to shifts. Another Oxfammer here. Keep us posted Re the weather all I can remember from last time in 2019 is that the days were usually bright and ok, but the night time was effing freezing! Coldest I have ever been at a festival. Take those extra rugs and woolly socks / or ensure beer jacket is at optimal temperature. I think it will be the same this year.
  18. Excellent thank you. That all passed me by! I now have two tidal Glastonbury 2022 playlist - both with c 1500 tracks……😂
  19. thanks, interesting. Hadn't come across MQA before. Looks like Qobuz and Tidal are similarly priced now. Have to have a ponder.
  20. yeah that is where i ended up. But I am not using an Argentinian VPN so it costs 9.99 (just checked and it went up from 7.99) a month. That triggers some questions now 😬as to whether its worth it...............
  21. Re Tidal -has anyone created a Glastonbury play list. I transferred @Brave Sir Robin 's spotify in via tunemy music but it seems about 20-30 didn't make the transfer. I find Tidal is great streaming quality but as has been mentioned above finding some artists/tracks is a pain. Would you recommend Qobuz as being better across the board?
  22. Well congratulations. We share the same date. Sadly I am twice your age, but still going strong. We are very lucky in that, excepting odd years like this one, we get to celebrate our birthdays during the festival. I have enjoyed my last 3 milestone birthdays with friends and family at the farm. So lucky. Have a good one! This and what @grumpyhacksaid. At least got to see some classic bands in their prime.
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    Do you know what the driver had for breakfast 🤓 outstanding reporting. Thank you.
  24. Daft Punk 105 Depeche Mode 70 (-10)Elton John 50Kate Bush 105
  25. I get it 😕. Recharge the optimism and hope this summer on the farm and you will be good to go again 🦾👍
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