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  1. Thanks.. have done the rental before and stayed in one before, arrived in a car and you are just directed to the field you tell them on the gate that they have been left in. Hoping they do the same and we just park up next to the caravan as previous years. I am not sure I will even sleep in it, but it will be useful to take me and my mates down there..
  2. Cheers will have a read of this and think about just risking it..
  3. So.. we have a caravan getting gripped off on site and we drive up in our car to it usually just show our pass at the gate. I now have my own campervan and may drive it onto site. Common sense says we should have two passes. Reality says we should just be able to drive up to it as if we were in a car.. so has anyone towed a caravan with a campervan and not needed two passes? As you will only be in the caravan so to speak.. can you argue that the van is just a car!
  4. Thanks for the response.. we are on the case!
  5. Has anyone managed to change the name of a campervan pass to someone else in the party? Guy who has it in his name now not arriving in the camper-van with us. If it is possible. How do we do it?
  6. My tongue was firmly in my cheek when I said that! Good luck all, especially me!
  7. You shouldn't be allowed to buy a ticket unless one of them is a ticket for yourself! All these friends doing the hard work for them. I hope they appreciate it! i am after 3 ;0)
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