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  1. @diginate Please rush through order D42503, as it is an important & time critical client order. Many thanks!

  2. @parcelforce who is the shipping company u use for deliveries in China, do you have a contact number? If so, do they use same tracking no?

  3. @CotswoldOutdoor hi, just dm'ed you, please reply soon. Thanks!

  4. A new favorite: Lit Up Feat. Dirty Radio by @jeantonique https://t.co/sOVdexPSBA on #SoundCloud

  5. @diginate please rush through order D41681 - it is an urgent client order. Thanks!

  6. @parcelmonkey STILL no collection, this is a joke. Please resolve with Parcelforce, as this is an urgent client order!!!!!!!!!

  7. @gloucesterrugby hi, what time does Lionel Richie start on Sunday? Set times please, thanks!

  8. @parcelmonkey you replied to my message but completely ignored that the 4th label is corrupted,plzreview and resolve ASAP, this is URGENT!

  9. @CrossCountryUK Need a refund ASAP - Do you have a UK cs helpline number?! Please help resolve ASAP!!! 2/2

  10. @AlcatrazCruises it was booked via https://t.co/r0arfFdEtP - any ideas, is this site legit?

  11. @parcelforce ABSOLUTELY ATROCIOUS! Thanks for that, this will probably cost us £500 that we'll have to refund our customer!!! Appalling!!!!!

  12. @crosscountryuk Fantastic, many thanks!

  13. @parcelmonkey I also requested cancellation of PM4408064 earlier today, but it doesnt show as cancelled on PM, can u check?

  14. @Tesco but it simply isn't good enough. And I've had people promise to come back and never do. I wanted you to be aware of the situation 2/2

  15. @Porto_Lounge fiance lost a silver & pearl bracelet yesterday (fri 26th). We were at Porto, if it shows up plz let me know, many thanks! :-)

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