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  1. Fly to Madrid on the 10th MadCool Thurs-Sat.... Train to Beni on Tues... Leave Beni on the weds after the festival to Valencia for 5 days including a Crystal Fighters gig! What a way to celebrate turning 40!
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-48701514 Sad news to hear. Very talented guy ? Looks like we will have another gap in the lineup now.
  3. For me it would be.... Empire of the Sun, Smashing Pumpkins Robyn, and the Cure. First time for all of them and a long time over due! if I include Oasis with Noel it’s without shadow of doubt him. 12 x Oasis and 4 x solo. Also seen The Chems, Vampire Weekend a few times each and seen Lauren Hill, Years and years, disclosure, Eric prydz, 1975 and Bonobo before. First time at MC for me and my wife, travelling from Manchester and then on to Benicassim (with its woeful lineup this year) cant wait now!!!
  4. Mine too pal, made the weekend! I’d take all of last years line up back again as a replacement and just re live it like Groundhog Day! I’d even stay and watch Travis Scot ?
  5. Vaccines recently leaked as Glastonbury opening act. Would love a late announcement that they are returning again this year! Doubtful I know but for me they could save the current shower of shit we’ve got! *Crosses everything
  6. If this poster does include 3 of the outright headliners then with TDCC and another TBC as the 4th it does look a bit weak at the top of the bill. Some good acts on the bill but nothing yet to make you say...”holy shit I’d sell a kidney to go” It is lacking any big dance act yet too. Would happily see Fatboy, Chems and/or Justice in there but I know for other ties and recently playing makes the latter 2 less likely. I’d also welcome back Crystal fighters in a heartbeat, thought they were fantastic last year but again less likely to repeat year on year especially with Liam doing so. Nothing majorly wrong with it but so far seems a bit samey and safe. The most exciting thing on there for me so far is Tune Yards! Flights are booked anyway. So I can whinge all I want... I’ll still be there loving every minute when we’re there!
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