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  1. If this poster does include 3 of the outright headliners then with TDCC and another TBC as the 4th it does look a bit weak at the top of the bill. Some good acts on the bill but nothing yet to make you say...”holy shit I’d sell a kidney to go” It is lacking any big dance act yet too. Would happily see Fatboy, Chems and/or Justice in there but I know for other ties and recently playing makes the latter 2 less likely. I’d also welcome back Crystal fighters in a heartbeat, thought they were fantastic last year but again less likely to repeat year on year especially with Liam doing so. Nothing majorly wrong with it but so far seems a bit samey and safe. The most exciting thing on there for me so far is Tune Yards! Flights are booked anyway. So I can whinge all I want... I’ll still be there loving every minute when we’re there!
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