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  1. Saw a lad pissing against the Bread and Roses bar on Saturday night. My whole group booed him and called him a dirty get but he just gave us the finger and carried on. Pig.
  2. Depends what you’re used to. I’m in London and find it cheaper to buy them there.
  3. I have my fingers and toes crossed that this is the case. They’re playing gigs now and I’m astounded that they/he wasn’t announced for Glastonbury
  4. I’ve got a bottle of Absolut Honey that I bought on holiday a couple of years ago sitting in my booze cupboard. No idea why I bought it or what to do with it so: any suggestions for appropriate mixers? or any ideas on what I could add to it to infuse and make it more exciting in time for festival?
  5. I came home with norovirus last time, none of my friends who were punters got it but plenty of my crew pals did..... think I’ll be paying for meals in the festival this year
  6. I met him very briefly at a signing for Room 29 at Rough Trade East, had my moment ruined by a rather rude man who was behind me barging in front and asking Jarvis lots of inane questions. I was embarrassed in case Jarv thought I was with him so I just let him sign my album and ran away I very nearly met him at the bar of the Barbican during the interval of Beck's Song Reader concert but I was in the loo and my friends told me when I got back I just missed him, although they could have just been winding me up. I'm astonished he's not on the line up this year. Thought he'd be nailed on. Saw him at the APE warm up gig at Chat's Palace last week and him and his new band are effing brill.
  7. Apart from it being a rip off, it really boils my piss when prices are written out like that. 6.5 what in exchange for a pint? Pretentious.
  8. I honestly thought Jarvis (or JARV IS) would be nailed on to appear, perhaps in the Park as he’s usually there every year, just played a couple of gigs in London and was fantastic hoping for a secret set somewhere. Would have liked to have seen Bloc Party on there too, JP stage would be intensely brill for their Silent Alarm set. Other names sadly (for me) absent; Suede Bluetones The Smyths! Their Williams Green shows are often one of my highlights.
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