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  1. Is it really that much of a thing if a band subs again? Is it an admission that they've stagnated or something?
  2. Feels like we only go backwards
  3. Ye, there will be tonnes more Hip Hop added to the line up as you say. Maybe Chance, Schoolboy Q etc may be a bit out of their budget now. In the past tho theyt've had Vince Staples, Chance (when he was a lot cheaper!), Danny Brown, Tyler the Creator etc, someone in that ilk seems to be missing, could well be added later mind you. I forgot Loyle carner as well in my original post, another decent name.
  4. Ye, it's not fantastic is it, Wu Tang will be class and hope Lauryn Hill is decent as i've never seen her, but she is notoriously hit and miss live. Someone has pointed out Slowthai has been added since the poster drop from 8am. Was really hoping for Octavian, hoping he's not deemed a big enough act for the first poster and may appear later, looks like he's doing every other festival this year! Dave, Giggs, AJ tracey etc, you'd assume they'd make the poster if they were booked, hopefully at least one shows up! The big current acts like Migos always seem to be a bit too expensive for Glastonbury, but it's disappointing not to see some like Schoolboy Q, Chance, Pusha T (ass you mentioned). Little Simz also a welcome addition.
  5. Good news on Slowthai, think Neil had him as a TBC anyway
  6. Cool, sorry for the 101 questions, just very excited!
  7. Is one of us in here the SecretGlasto account? I thought it was you?! Also, I’ve read back to page 33 and still can’t work out where the info has come from or if it’s reliable. Please can someone give a quick update?
  8. Is it confirmed? Rumour? Where’s the info come from? Sorry for all the questions, just about to go to bed, now massively hyped!
  9. Poster tomorrow? Just had this tweet and haven’t caught up in here
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