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  1. This is a comment from @D-Low from another the other tent thread Had the Coleman too and found it useless at keeping me cooler. Was great to have a blackout bedroom but as soon as the sun hit the tent at 6.30/7am I had to get out as it was far too sweaty. Subsequently returned it for a refund anyway as there was two tiny holes on the outer. Hopefully there will be some advances in tents again next year when I'm looking to re-purchase.
  2. Bought one for Glastonbury and sent it back immediately after. The thing was like sleeping in an oven! Got it delivered the Tuesday of Glastonbury because of the weather forecast, was all cocky with my mates telling them how i was going to be sleeping in till 10/11 every day. In fact their 'normal' tents were cooler than our Coleman. I'd get one of those Quchua Fresh and Black tents that people on here love, they seem a lot cheaper and people were saying they kept relatively cool at Glastonbury considering how hot it was.
  3. Yes, got a full refund! Was shocked at how easy it went through to be honest, as the tent had quite clearly been used for Glastonbury! I haven't bought a replacement tent yet, however after reading the comments in here from everyone who used one of the Quechua Fresh & Blacks i will get one of them i reckon. They seem quite reasonably priced as well, compared to the coleman that i got and subsequently returned.
  4. That sounds absolutely awful! I'd try and say something like 'oh, my ID is in the car, i'll go and get it and come back' and then just keep trying different gates until you get lucky.
  5. We stayed in Kidney Mead and a few around us got robbed Wednesday night. I don't know if it was the wind or not, but sounded like a lot of people brushing by our tent that night. Although it could have been the fact i wasn't too smashed/knackered Wednesday night, so struggled to sleep as easily. Our friend camping by us had someone open his tent up and stick a torch in his face asking for 'Paul', he told him to fcuk off and didn't get anything robbed, but 99% sure that was the tent thiefs. Our tents were positioned right in the middle of the camping area, as far away as you can get from the w
  6. That was Slowthai (who was class), dude in the middle was his hype man. Also got Loyle Carner down from the stage and in the middle of one a bit earlier in the set.
  7. You should be ok by the sound of things, hope you get the money back mate. I’ve refunded on basis that ‘it was defective or didn’t work’. Said how it was boiling and often my friends ‘non blackout’ tents were a lot cooler. Sending it tomorrow, so fingers crossed they refund it. Not 100% sure they will tho ? I looked for hole in it, but there wasn’t one and I wasn’t about to damage a perfectly good (if not too hot!) tent.
  8. Just seen the latest 2 reviews on Amazon for our tent and people are saying they took it to Glastonbury and it was like a fucking oven! Which is what I found it to be like to be honest. So appears Coleman have failed miserably. Have you sent it back yet? I may do the same, sure I can find some hole somewhere on it.
  9. Nice one, I will try that next time.
  10. Had the Coleman equivalent and not sure I worked out all the vents properly as it was pretty hot for me! It seemed to cool down in the morning’s if i opened the inner and outer doors a bit, as you mentioned. Is that what everyone else did with there’s?
  11. I was thinking that, surprises me there are any tickets left at all for us normal folk!
  12. I think I’m in that boat, been about 8 times and only ever saw Michael Eavis drive by in a Land Rover. It amazes me seeing people who’ve spotted about 20 different celebs!
  13. Bless you, sounds absolutely horrible! You starting to feel anymore human yet? This year ended up going bigger on the Sunday night as my thinking was if I feel awful Monday then all I have to do is pack up, get home and sleep. Fed up of doing a load of research on bands for the Saturday and Sunday and then feeling so awful on those days that I either completely missed them or didn’t enjoy them.
  14. After my last full festival in 2016 when I hit it way too hard and felt awful Saturday and Sunday and for a whole week after, i vowed never to do it like that again as it put a massive downer on the whole festival for me. Managed to pace myself much better this year, had 2 big nights, but listened to my body much more. After the effects ran out and I started feeling knackered I just admitted defeat and went to bed, rather than forcing more drugs into me. Feel loads better as a result, don’t get me wrong, still feel the Glastonbury blues, but to know where near the level I did in 2016
  15. Our group skipped the headliners Sunday and got there for Sub Focus all the way through to Andy C. We were right under it the whole time, plenty of room; it sounded amazing, absolutely loved it.
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