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  1. Does anybody know if the tickets could be picked up on Tuesday in 2019? We arrive in the area on Monday and originally planned to start queueing early on Wednesday, so we hope to pick up the tickets the day before.
  2. Pigsx7 on Thursday is perfect
  3. Got myself a new backpack! 🙂 it’s a bit too early to start packing, right?
  4. Robinn

    Diana Ross

    Wait, Barry Gibb is coming back?
  5. I wasn't sure how to describe it, but that's it!
  6. The Wednesday and Thursday are really great. It's the anticipation for the three big days combined with the joy of already being at the festival. Sure, the big stages are closed, but there's so much to see and to do. It's a great time to visit all the spots you won't go to during the weekend and/or discover some new favourite areas.
  7. I agree, Ghost are probably too big. On the other hand, Gojira aren’t exactly a small metal band either.
  8. Talking about the eco-vibe, Heaven Shall Burn would be a nice fit as well.
  9. Probably both. A few years ago I was at an Eminem show and ready to buy tokens, when there was a nationwide digital bank failure. Only lasted an hour or so, but during that time, out of a 100+ people waiting in line, only me and a couple of others were lucky enough to have brought some cash as well. So while I prefer paying with cards, I'll definitely take some cash as back up.
  10. Kendrick vs. PSB vs. Bicep. Ouch. Same for Khruangbin vs. Noel Gallagher. I’m not really familiar with his music, but is Leon Bridges big enough to headline West Holts? I thought Khruangbin would be bigger than Bridges, and I don’t consider them headliners. Altin Gün would be really cool!
  11. Damn, Kendrick vs. PSB is brutal.
  12. Mate, I'm on a holiday with my family, sitting in the sun, enjoying a cold one and this playlist takes me to the last week of June. Can't thank you enough!
  13. Robinn


    Where does this info come from? Would definitely go to a show in Antwerp
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