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  1. Oh, talking about West Holts: Juan Luis Guerra would be epic!
  2. Barry Gibb, anytime, anyplace, I'm there. Or bring back Gojira (wasn't there in 2019).
  3. Werchter Classic? They announced their headliner in June, it's Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds.
  4. And then people claim you can't smell pictures.
  5. Robinn

    BBC Glastonbury

    Great! Exactly what I was looking for! Edit: and without this clashfinder, I wouldn't know they're gonna show the 2011 set from Elbow! Amazing!
  6. Maybe not the most popular choices, but since they were used in BBC Best Bits compilations, these songs take me back to the fields: Dizzee Rascal & Florence and the Machine - You Got The Dirtee Love Dolly Parton - Here We Go Again Also, any song that Elbow played during their 2011 Pyramid set.
  7. If you still have an extra copy, I’ll take one if you don’t mind sending it to the Netherlands.
  8. Thanks for the link! I found a copyshop that prints on chlorine-free, uncoated paper, but my photoshop skills are not good enough to give the print a vintage look similar to the ones printed on the festival site. So my search continues, but if all else fails, I might have to give it another go!
  9. Kendrick Lamar - 55 Lana Del Ray - 45 Fatboy Slim - 60 Editors - 25 FKA Twigs - 50 Thom Yorke - 65 Kelis - 75 Manic Street Preachers - 70 Laura Marling - 58 Paul McCartney - 45 (-5) Dua Lipa - 76 Robyn - 79 Charli XCX - 60 Glass Animals - 80 The Isley Brothers – 60 Thundercat - 50 Caribou - 100 The Avalanches - 75 Taylor Swift - 85 Aerosmith - 17 (+5) Diana Ross - 70 Pet Shop Boys - 50 Supergrass - 56 Primal Scream - 50 Kano - 50 TLC - 35 London Grammar - 55
  10. Hey everyone! Two weeks ago I was organising my Glasto souvenirs and searching for the Glastonbury Free Press paper from 2013 (the 'phoenix is rising' one). I was planning on getting it framed and hang it in the living room, but unfortunately, I think it got lost somewhere during the move to our new house. I've been searching for days, but I can't find it anywhere. Is there anyone with a spare copy of this newspaper who could help me out?
  11. Robinn

    The poster 2020

    I love it so far! Quite a few names I don’t wanna miss, but not too many, so there’s enough room to discover new bands. Perfect!
  12. Would be the perfect Sunday headliner for Other!
  13. Altın Gün would be a great fit! Got some great tunes
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