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  1. djdavejohnson

    TBAs 2019

    Ok great, cheers!
  2. djdavejohnson

    TBAs 2019

    Haven't had the chance to read through the thread, do we know the TBA's for William's Green on Thursday eve?
  3. Car Park dispatch email came today, but still no ticket dispatch email though. Getting slightly concerned. Worst case scenario, I will sit on the bloody car if I have to. Binoculars and snacks have been added to the emergency packing list.
  4. I don't know many names there tbf, but don't really need to as always have fun at this part of the festival, hopefully the fact that it's a lot bigger will ease the people traffic somewhat! Erick Morillo is a highlight!
  5. It could be argued as well that maybe an area prefers a post big-drop announcement - Glastonbury coverage in the window shortly after will be at maximum exposure! Especially if the areas left to announce have some big announcements of their own... ...looking at you Block9 and Arcadia
  6. I know how frustrating! I guess my line of thinking is that area drops have their own deadlines they work to, and if things get delayed for whatever reason then that's obviously unfortunate - but I would have thought the big drop date would be locked in some time ago and wouldn't shift because of the difficulties that arise in delaying it, i.e. informing all the acts, press agreements, publishing agreements etc. etc. Now of course, that doesn't mean the big drop date is today, but I do believe that it will drop on the intended date, whatever date that may be!
  7. They'd still get their big announcement though, even if it's after the big one drops! *clutching at whatever I can*
  8. Jade Bird Lizzo Kylie Hot Chip / The Chemical Brothers (undecided which yet, maybe half of Chems then second half of Hot Chip depending on set times) The Streets
  9. Mystic Meg, at this point in time I'm not fussed about a lottery win. When is the full line up dropping?
  10. I've had a fair bit going on the last few weeks, but will be contributing more in the Book Club moving forwards - feel free to join in!
  11. It's certainly what she trys to pin her madness on... Ahem. P.S. If you're watching, love you dear 😘
  12. From my albeit limited experience of seeing what my partner does day in, day out for the teaching cause, I can only take my hat off to her, and all teachers for that matter!
  13. Always interesting putting faces to names! Been once in four attempts, hoping to make it this year 😊
  14. Sorry to bump, but in case it was missed, anyone able to advise?
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