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  1. One for ? One neutral ? Probably gonna take a chance I think and see how it goes!
  2. I'm in New York, New York for a few days end of October. Looking at potential gigs, Maribou State are playing during our time there. Can anyone vouch for them being a decent pick?
  3. I, and I imagine a lot of others, would be well up for this having missed 2009. Man I wish I could have experienced that! Even if they can't match that performance, I'm sure they'd still deliver a great set and nobody would leave disappointed, enough for even those that witnessed 2009. So get 'em booked. Win all round!
  4. Thanks for the additional info. Must have missed that earlier post. Nevermind, Ally Pally has usually delivered for a venue so am sure it will be a great gig regardless!
  5. Ah I can see why that's a little annoying. Enjoy your weekend, and let me know how you find it!
  6. I then proceeded to tie it into a long weekend, the post-Hot Chip part in the form of a couple of days away as a present for the girlfriend's birthday (Paris for a couple of days). I did this to accomodate Hot Chip in London. I just wanted to see Hot Chip, it wasn't supposed to pan out that way, but gave us an excuse to be in London. Now I have no money.
  7. Hot Chip have announed a new Manchester date on 25th... a little frustrating as I bought London tickets for Oct 26th earlier in the week! Bah, nevermind!
  8. Legends slot, yeah why not, but not at the top of the bill. I've just moved to not that far outside of Stoke so keep that on the downlow.
  9. Missed them in 2017 as wasn't there but if I were I know I'd likely have opted for Chic, always had great times at their sets. Hoping the next album will go down great, Days Are Gone I loved and Something To Tell You was decent for me. Looking forward to a tour to whet my appetite. Gotta be there in 2020.
  10. That wasn't aimed at you per se, I was just continuing the discussion off the back of one of your points. I meant 'we' more generally, and doesn't include everybody of course - but as a collective we do discuss extensively every year whether it's Elton's year or Fleetwood Mac's year or Madonna's year or Queen's year, Beyonce or Jay-Z or The Rolling Stones or Stevie preivously etc. etc. I could go on. This year some of those have been mentioned and admittedly big, more mainstream acts like Taylor Swift etc. We might need to revise down expectations, which I agree with completely btw
  11. Yeah admittedly there was plenty of space around and the space made it that bit more enjoyable after being packed in at other performances. I agree with your point to an extent, except that I don't think that should be an active consideration for a Pyramid headliner. If the bookers feel that the audience would be minimal, why waste a Pyramid slot of said act when there's hundreds of other slots available? There's three Pyramid headline slots, I think we all accept that those slots aren't going to be filled by those huge acts we all crave, but giving a newcomer / rising acts their chance
  12. I didn't think the crowd was too bad for The Cure, certainly felt quite busy to me, and the crowd seemed to stretch to the back of the field. I was one of those floaters on the night. Fairly vocal in the lead up about it not being a great booking, happy to give them a shot and so glad I did, loved it. Doesn't add much to the current discussion except to say that would I have done the same on that Sunday if Nick Cave was on the pyramid? Very unlikely, but what do I know!
  13. Awesome, cheers for the heads up
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