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  1. Divein

    Primavera 2018

    I didnt sign up to a festival in Barcelona in the middle of June for it to be anything but wall to wall sunshine. 8 glastonburys in a row and I'd have hoped for a year off making sacrifices to the weather gods.
  2. Divein

    Primavera 2018

    A quick question guys,. This is my first primavera and Im arriving on Thursday at 7pm and staying at a hotel right next to Barcelona Sants. How long do you think it will take me to get from the airport to the hotel to drop my bag and then on to the festival and would be train and then metro be the best option. I think you need to get 2 metros from our hotel to get to the festival. If that hidden slot were to be The National then id be beside myself if I didnt make it.
  3. Divein

    2019 Headliners

    I think I heard Muse mention they were back out touring again next year on Radio 1 last week.
  4. Divein

    What made you smile ?

    During You Got The Love at Hacienda Classicals. some young girl just in front of the 2nd crush barrier was stood on someone's shoulders and singing and making the heart shape with her fingers at someone on the ground. Was an emotional moment all around and that made me smile. Seeing how much it meant to Romy from The XX to play up there. Run The Jewells - when EL-P said he wasn't going to cry and just how humble they both were. When Nile Rodgers said he was cancer free and seeing that huge grin on his face.
  5. Divein

    Dick move of your festival......

    The one that springs to mind for me is a woman trying to get past us about 5 minutes before The XX whilst carrying a giant Yorkshire pudding meal and a pint. It was jammed where we were but we let her past. 5 minutes later SHES BACK. Only this time she tripped over someone's bag but managed to keep hold of her food. Fair play to her.
  6. Divein

    The National

    I was really nervous going over to watch them. Due to the fact it my not live up to my own hype. But I had a blast and when the gig finished I felt disappointed. Not because it was utterly brilliant but because it was just too short. Roll on September
  7. Divein


    Confidence Man - went because they are part of Heavenly records. But never heard them or seen them. So much energy and the girl is completely mesmerising. Mike Skinner doing Fit But You Know It and Weak Become Heroes in the rum shack. They usually play streets songs but he never raps them. Jeremy Corbyn - I love the guy but that was something else.
  8. Divein

    Where can I watch Corbyns set?

    Was like nothing I've ever seen in my life. i genuinely can't describe how it made me feel
  9. Divein


    Joe Goddard was brilliant
  10. Divein

    The size of the crowds

    They're saying on Glasto she got run over by the tractor.
  11. Divein

    Proposed to at The XX!

    Absolutely mega, congratulations the Xx into Radiohead was just a perfect evening. i wish you all the happiness in the future. i might have had a beer
  12. Divein

    confirmed food vendors 2017

    Can confirm the breakfast from the scotch egg place is amazing
  13. Divein

    Weather 2017

    Still firm under foot but needs to stop soon if the ground is to hold.
  14. Divein

    The National

    Today is the day folks. See you all down the front
  15. Divein

    Friday Highlights

    Obviously the Radiohead encores. Other than that, I went to meet my mates who were watching confidence man and I went along as they are signed to Heavenly records. Absolutly brilliant so much energy. Really recommend them. Lemon Twigs were really good as well.

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