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  1. Divein

    The Weather Thread 2020

    In terms of the ones I've been since 2009, the mud was a lot worse in parts in 2011 than 2016. The mud seemed very deep in 2011 and then the sun come out and started to dry it but it become extremely sticky. I think the area around John Peel become pretty impossible to get through as it just sucked you in. Due to the rain in 2016 the mud just stayed around and made everything sluggish but not that impossible to walk in.
  2. Divein

    BBC Glastonbury

    One thing that struck me about the Bowie gig was the crowd. I was always under the impression he got a mammoth crowd and everyone talks about how pack it was with fence jumpers that year. But looking at the crowd it seemed packed till the sound desk then everyone sat around fires towards the back.
  3. Real lies currently doing one on Facebook. Top vibe.
  4. Divein

    Positivity Thead

    Thank you! My wife is getting a bit sick of me throwing random train guy quotes into conversation.
  5. Well I’m still under the assumption it will go ahead this year. So I must be completely deluded.
  6. Well forcing places to shut would mean some could claim in insurance for cancelled events. This now means they’ll stay open but with no trade which means they’ll lose out on a lot of revenue.
  7. He’s absolutely hung the hospitality industry out to dry. So tragic.
  8. I thought about this when I posted it but they’d have been furthest away from the headliners on the initial poster.
  9. I imagine Aerosmith took one look at the poster for approval and told them no for the 1st announcement.
  10. How can the festival come out with a cancellation notice when there’s been no official comms from the government to in regards to the delay phase? At the minute they are probably in the dark as much as everyone else.
  11. A potential reason why Live Nation are moving faster that GF to re-assure folk about events.
  12. This is what was said on the 3rd March https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.somersetlive.co.uk/news/somerset-news/glastonbury-2020-coronavirus-festival-nhs-3910761.amp
  13. Divein

    Food Stalls 2020

  14. Hit a patch of black ice and the bus flipped over into a field so a bit lucky there was no serious injuries.
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