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  1. Divein

    The National

    Someone kicked off because I kept putting my hand in the air then I got about 4 rows from the front and people were kicking off on me because they’d been there 3 hours apparently and I stood next to em.
  2. Divein

    The National

    Easily one of the worst crowds I’ve ever been in. Band were unreal though.
  3. Divein

    Photos please

    Ha mad! TBH, I’ve been BH every year since 2010 and we re usually down the front. But it’s been getting worse over the years so much so I went on my own and stood outside as none of my mates wanted go. They play a load of rubbish for the sing along vids and are very thin with the baggy stuff.
  4. Divein

    The 2019 Exit Thread

    Easy journey home I’ve ever had. Straight off the car park, only issue is it took us 2 hours to get past Bristol. But other than that, faultless. We sent off from camp at half 9ish and I’ve been back an hour. Showered, wash on and watching Stormzy. Can’t decide what takeaway l want for tea.
  5. Not exactly a secret set or TBA but I think Nick Cave is going to come on with Kylie.
  6. Divein

    Bar Prices?

    Bimble are knocking out burrow hill for £4 a pint. two pints were not the best idea.
  7. If you’re coming on the coach you get to skip the queue at gate a really. You go to the front. the 4 hour queues are for those coming from the car park
  8. Probably not far off me if I hear someone telling people we’re fucked I’ll say hello.
  9. Towards the back of the queue at gate a It’s massive It comes out of the zig zag, down the other side of the hedge and then down the other side of the hedge and then up the car park where re-entry is. think they’ve stopped people going the gate d queue
  10. Divein


    Where’s the dj booth gonna be? In the crane cab? Or underneath the globe?
  11. Oh yeah get them to meet you just the other side of gate A. where they gonna be camped? You’ll be lucky to squeeze anything in pennerds at that time.
  12. Are you getting a national express or see coach? You get dropped off at Gate A and then join the coach queue it’s miles quicker to get in from the coach than from the car park. As you join the front the queue essentially. You'd be be absolutely bonkers to go from the front of the queue to the back of another gate queue. if it was me I’d be aiming for a camping area and tell everyone to meet you there.
  13. Divein

    Hay fever

    Why can you only use it for a couple of weeks?!
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