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  1. Right, whos got a list of which slots/bands were announced in 2017 after the initial poster. The one that sticks out is Tame Impala in 2016.
  2. Divein

    Other Stage

    I have a vague re-collection of The Courteeners being held back from the initial poster before. I think it was 2015, don't ask me how I remember but Im sure they were.
  3. When did the avalanches tweet come last year? Their scheduled tweet went out early due to the time difference didnt it hence why we knew it was also coming the next day.
  4. Stand by your beds usually comes within the hour before the poster drops I think. My guess would be mid morning, if not then tomorrow.
  5. Divein

    2019 Headliners

    Does this relate to us?!
  6. Divein

    2019 Headliners

    Pretty sure glasto feed get all their information off here.
  7. Divein

    2019 Headliners

    Bit strange this one as I thought they wouldnt settle the bet until the band has take to the stage.
  8. Divein

    2019 Headliners

    I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently, we don’t seem to have as many self confirms and TBC’s this time as we have done in previous years.
  9. Mine was at Staffs, I absolutely loved GLC at the time. I went for the day, remember being stood at the 2nd stage all day pretty much and watching a lot of great (well at the time) indie bands. The Departure, Magic Numbers, The Bravery, Kaiser Chiefs and Doves then over to watch Oasis.
  10. First Glastonbury: 2009 Favourite Glastonbury: 2009 or 2014 i think. First Glastonbury Act: Alessi's Ark Favourite Glastonbury Gig: Blur 2009 or LCD 2016, probably Blur. First Festival Act: Took me ages to find this, bu it was Goldie Lookin Chain at V festival 2005 First Non Festival Gig: Razorlight Keele Uni 2004. Favourite Non Festival Gig: Oasis at the Etihad in 2005
  11. I've decided to invest in a new rucksack as the one I take was my brothers one he went travelling with in 2004 and it's a bit bulky and also 65L which just encourages me to back too much stuff. Anyone bought or see a good one recently? I don't really want to pay too much ideally as it'll just be for Glastonbury.
  12. Divein

    The National

    Which one? The big one on the 2nd floor always seems rammed, I've been the one on the 3rd floor for 02 priority but that was early. Then when I went back they were queuing out the door.
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