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  1. After today and what Neil said I wouldn’t becoming back if I were him. Especially if it’s the thanks you get for the engagement and information he brings. But he did confirm B9 dropping this week before he left just a shame he won’t be around to discuss it. I also know Neil’s behaviour is putting people off posting the bits of information they have as well.
  2. So glad my kids have dropped them, they are a big yikes.
  3. A proper shame Diamond has gone, a genuine poster with lots of knowledge of the festival and music has a whole. I was meant to DM him to ask him to clarify some info I had about a booking but I guess we’ll have to wait till the Park line up is out.
  4. Shock horror, another merely mouthed, condescending and vague response to another legitimate criticism.
  5. I did the Stoke coach in 2016 and it was half full on the way back and my ticket never got checked. It was the same driver though and I wondered if he just recognised people as we spent a long time together on the way down.
  6. That 2013 set is one of the best headline sets ever. But I said a while back they deserved to tour TBHAC on the Pyramid so would certainly go for a full album secret set.
  7. They were on the shangri la poster.
  8. Thank you ill grab one if these when im next in town, I've always found laterns work better than normal torches and head torch's in tents as you can hook them up. Also Laterns are 360 so you dont realy have to worry about where you put it on the floor.
  9. I noticed this morning in my FB memories my 2009 tickets had been dispatched on this date so we mustn’t be far off them all being dispatched.
  10. Megan McKenna is a weird one.
  11. Looks like they are headlining/closing on one of the days
  12. I think we think Glade is tomorrow.
  13. Yeah it's more about convenience for her and I've explained to her but she's free to do her own thing. If Huel is going to help you then have that but what happens in 6 months/ a year, I'm just giving you advice on how to make it sustainable for years to come not just a 6 months cycle like with Huel.
  14. TW: Calories/Calorie Counting (If anyone doesnt want to read) I don't like to lecture people/nag/ be negative as I feel the only way people lose weight/ get healthy is through their own choices. but I would say the reason you are snacking in between is those meals is because they arnt filling you up so you are hungry. There's next to no protein in either of your breakfast or lunch (dinner 😜) and protein will keep you fuller for longer and really is the key to losing weight imo. Your protein goal (grams) for the day should be around 1.2x weight in kg. There's about 75g of protein in a 250g chicken breast for some perspective. Also about 1/3 of calories in protein are burnt off through digestion and also increase your metabolism more than any other food. For example you could have protein oats in the morning and then have your fruit as shakes throughout the day. Calorie counting is the best way to lose weight and using my fitness pal will help you track and also give you an idea of how many calories are in your snack which might stop you from snacking. This website https://tdeecalculator.net/ will work out your maintenance calories and then take about 300-500 off to get a deficit and go from there. Replacement shakes are just calorie counting/macro tracking but someone is doing all the work for you. My wife is on shakes and they are all high in protein. Sorry for going on, I just believe giving people the tools to lose weight is more beneficial in the long term than just saying "here drink this and you'll lose weight" Im not an expert by no means but been calorie counting on and off fro about 5 years and its changed my relationship with food. Oh another tip....move more!
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