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  1. Do you sit back to back? Seriously tho, good hack, might copy that. Probs Morrisons (where does that put me in the class hierarchy?)
  2. TBF to R4 they followed it with a discussion of the damage that longer lockdown would do to other aspect of life and the need to strike a balance. Sounded to me like they had CP on to put up an 'extreme' view that they could then punch holes in (in a nice R4 kinda way).
  3. Sun is shining Second jab booked for Thursday BD & Mucky Weekender still on the agenda - big up to the Levelers and Dub Pistols for persevering. Feeling more positive 😁
  4. I'll comment when and where I like thank you. You know very little about me yet you choose to characterise me to satisfy your argument and attempt to belittle me. I do wonder why you choose to comment on my observation and not just ignore me? Perhaps you are ignorant of the insidious harms of sexism, or perhaps you just don't like having the mirror held up?
  5. It's quire plainly was a sexist comment and got called out as such. It is possible to criticise the work of an individual without making stupid comments that belong in the 1970's. If you don't understand the damage done by casual sexism I suggest you educate yourself a little. That's not me having a go at you, it's genuine advice.
  6. Well it is my comment... 🙄
  7. Top notch comment. Dom is known for his ability to narrate past events in his favour. What exactly was he doing when all these 'terrible' decisions were being made? Why wasn't he telling us all these life & death things back then?
  8. Would you say the same thing about a man?
  9. Apologies if this has been posted already https://watch.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/livestream-1/backup/livestream1.html The pay wall has been removed due to all the tech issues
  10. Who, people who don't call people twats perhaps?
  11. It something that's pushing the envelope a little. It's brave and as such typical of the Michael and Emily. They're daring enough to try new stuff and not afraid to fail. Isn't that why we all love the festival? Anyway, it's only £20 and not compulsory, so why do people criticise?
  12. You have standards? Who'd have know 🤣🤣🤣
  13. What's all this beer nonsense Cider is where it at
  14. Or perhaps he means it? Do you think Boris would risk suing him?
  15. Given that he has a Law degree he probably knows that 🙄
  16. The variant issue is well suited to 24hr rolling news unfortunately. While it will remain a concern for a while it shouldn't result in the rabid media frenzy that takes place each time a new variant crops up. Having said that variants are a real and present danger and initiatives like covax need to be given all the support necessary to tackle covid globally. In fact it would help if the media gave these initiatives some airtime for a change.
  17. Presentation matters if you want to be heard. It is more than possible to be direct and not mince your words without resorting to personal insults. That just plays against you TBH. Your proposal of a single state is interesting but I don't see how it would be acceptable to the Palestinians. Israel has approximately twice the population of Palestine. In a democratic state you would L, in effect, just be handing over all Palestinian territory to an Israeli majority would you not?
  18. One thing that I hope has become apparent to people during this pandemic is that science isn't black and white, its an array of competing views constantly shifting as new evidence emerges. It also has a very human side where prejudices and attitude to risk play a big part. Science is cool.
  19. Oh dear. Please play the ball and not the man. It only undermines your standing. Okay, simple yes it no: would your one-state be a democracy?
  20. I've not argued. As you've run out of ideas I leave it there.
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