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  1. Price drop https://checkout.ticketmaster.co.uk/en-gb/?id=33024672
  2. HalfAnIdiot

    Pilton Party

    That's surprising I've never had a problem although I don't recall being challenged in many years of attending PP. I'm either lucky or so inconspicuous as to be invisible (hmm, that could explain a thing or two!) Perhaps overly zealous (or thirsty) security at play. On the licencing front I'd expect far fewer kids this year given the lineup.
  3. HalfAnIdiot

    Pilton Party

    Maybe less busy than the last two. Friends walked straight in about 3pm and got tickets. Suspect remaining tix will go online and maybe sold from the farm as previous years. Good vibes in the q tho.
  4. Two listed on Ticketmaster https://www.ticketmaster.co.uk/reading-festival-2022-weekend-ticket-early-entry-pass-reading-23-08-2022/event/1F005B1F7F930CC9
  5. HalfAnIdiot

    Pilton Party

    Yeah, have to admit I left after a couple of songs. Too downbeat. Still considering wandering down on Sat to buy a ticket. Can't say I'm desperate. But, then again, it is PP.
  6. HalfAnIdiot

    Pilton Party

    Can't see it selling out TBH, bit of a limited demographic. Expect the remaining tix will go onto See.
  7. +be in Tuesday, been in bed all week feeling grotty. Worst of it is the fatigue that was hitting me whenever I tried to do anything. Up and about today though but still testing positive.
  8. Partner tested positive today too☹️ Now both avoiding daughter before her inter-rail departure ☹️ I'm hoping to see her off but only if I get a negative 1st.
  9. Day 3. Symptoms significantly reduced. Expect to be up and about tomorrow. Sadly need to avoid daughter who is off inter-railing at the weekend.
  10. I've still caught it. I've noticed a new symptom. My infection seems to make others froth at the mouth....
  11. Feeling a bit off colour last night, woke up this morning with coughing sneezing and shivers. Tested positive for the first time ☹️
  12. It's the Eavis's trainset at the end of the day. Up to them what they do. They've got the big calls right so far - oh sh£it, did I just say that 😜😜😜
  13. Not really. Lots a Bristol sound systems present in the 80's and early 90's. Still a white crowd. It's a cultural thing. How many black and Asian people do you see at the beach? TBH it's increasing but slowly. On the other hand how many white people do you see at 'traditonally' black etc events? Time to mix it up. If there is one place to do that, you know where it is...
  14. Hi, I've two tickets available for Here For The Music Festival this weekend in North Devon. Excellent lineup. Ticket price includes camping. Tickets cost me £60 each. Make me an offer. Line-up: Gaz Brookfield, Funke and the Two Tone Baby, The Leylines, Nick Parker, George Gadd, Samantics, Jess Silk, Shanghai Treason, Davey Malone, Sam Draisey, and more… The tickets are part of a circle of 6 so we will need to meet up to get in. Possibility of a lift if you are Somerset based https://m.facebook.com/hereforthemusicfestival/posts
  15. John Peel Tent & The Park Hot Chip 525 (+10) Jazz World / West Holts Chic ft. NiIe Rodgers 310 Justice 945
  16. Most years since 93 (I think I may have missed a couple when the kids were very young) some on Sunday tix tho (again due to kids) do they count?
  17. Errm, perhaps more urinals would do the trick. It's all very well saying that people should be patient and queue but a full bladder and lots of booze can tempt the best of us. Some half drainpipe and a bit of screening the length of the main stages would sort the problem easily #screwfix.
  18. I took my daughters 8 & 10 expecting to tolerate some pop music. I spent the evening alternating between both girls on my shoulders so they could see. We soon just back from the mixing desk (back then there was a big screen at the back of the desk) so the 'grounded' girl could still see the show. Being Sunday I was already knackered by then but was blown away by a fantastic performance from Beyonce. It changed my view of popular music and made great memories with my girls. We still talk about it today and they're a fair bit older!
  19. Rained a far bit in 2019. The site coped well, I don't think / I hope any rain will no worse this year.
  20. Its not that popular being mostly on a hill and a trek from the car park (relatively speaking). The top is flat so that gets busy. If you don't mind sleeping on a slope there will be space. You won't see Glastonbury style crowded campsites at BD, which is nice! Have fun, it's a great festival.
  21. I've found my inspiration. By about 830pm on Sunday I should have nailed it 😁
  22. I can't see that working,,,, I'll get my coat..
  23. Good news: Daughter just landed a last minute job at Beautiful Days in crew catering. Bad news: I'll need to be on my guard to not get caught being naughty at Beautiful Days 😂
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