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    Radiohead Headlining 2017

    I count myself as a big fan, but as someone who was by myself since the rest of my group were elsewhere (and also as someone who suffers from anxiety at being in a big crowd) I stayed towards the back. Obviously this was an oversight on my part, as apparently there was quite a lot of room at the front? But I still think they should have thought about those towards the back of the field. No problems with the setlist - in fact they played almost everything I would have wanted apart from All I Need, National Anthem, and Life in a Glasshouse - but obviously they can't play everything! I thought it was quite well geared towards the casual fan. I just wish I had been with someone else and had got closer!
  2. foreignrifles

    The size of the crowds

    Mental, they are watching from the path looking over the stage that goes towards Avalon. Fortunately made it to oumou Sangare on west holts where I seem to be one of the only people here. Makes a nice change.
  3. foreignrifles

    The size of the crowds

    West holts was pretty busy for hot 8 brass band - I don't remember ever seeing it that busy that early in the day back when it was jazz world! Similarly it was murder getting through the crowd for royal blood to john peel later in the day. Definitely does feel as if there's a lot more people here this year.