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  1. Sure I remember there being official streaming on the glastonbury website some years back... doesn't seem so this year..
  2. After 11 years consecutive years (minus fallow years) of Glastonbury I miss the 40th year. Now 5th year in Australia and not flying back for it this year I am desperate to catch some live footage on the net. The BBC sites don't allow streaming from overseas. Does anyone have any tips for sites that i can catch some on? Hope someone has some ideas. Have a great glasto! Bollocks!!!
  3. Just wondering on the off chance whether anyone has a campervan ticket for sale. Just had a mate offer me his van for the weekend last minute. If you do please call 07967657579 or email rich005@hotmail.com - can arrange collection or meeting at the festival or immediate payment via EFT. Thanks!
  4. Line up is not released yet but they are taking deposits on a limited ticket event. http://www.honueclipse.org/
  5. rich005

    Glade Weather

    tonights bbc weather report went something like this: "prelonged heavy rain thursday and friday" i think the weather reporter went on to say "i don't like the look of it as much as you do". I'd definitely pack your wellies!
  6. 'stophavinfun' posted this on the ravetalk message board. Taken on Tuesday from Matterly Bowl... Can't wait! Packing the waterproofs..
  7. with the time difference... anyone in australia on these boards? my flight to uk for glasto is tonight!!!
  8. My mates and I always used to camp overlooking the pyramid field. Its very busy, tents on top of each other... and from memory a few skalies about - that was probably when the fence wasn't up though. Was good being able to see bands from your tent, but is quite a walk back from the stones at 6am. Been camping down overlooking the Other Stage in recent years where there is quite a bit more space, but close to a busy access road with noisy tractors... going for top of Pennards this year.
  9. rich005

    Dance Village

    nothing on G stage yet hey
  10. Can anyone help with telling me where the miniscule of sound is??
  11. bump for the australian time zone
  12. rich005

    Glasto thoughts

    stone sunrise view of pyramid Psy Trance Sunday lush food loads of booze
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