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  1. Would using a VPN make any difference?
  2. Hello all! Am not great with all the techie stuff so was wondering if someone could give me a simple answer to this! If me and all three of my flatmates are all trying for tickets on Sunday on our flat WiFi, are we best to just try on one device or should we all try on our laptops? I.e will it damage our chances to all be trying separately whilst connected to the same WiFi? Thanks in advance ☺️
  3. hen123

    2020 headliners

    Hello all! ? Have been going back and forth about whether to post this on here or not as have been following the efests forums for many a year now and know how information from randomers can be received, but I decided what harm can it do! I have it on very good authority from a friend who works at one of the major agencies that Kendrick is all but signed to headlines next year! That’s all I know but I do completely trust it as being right at the moment
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