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  1. So who is actually going to Rock Werchter? I'm going for my first time, on my own, from west Wales. I'm flying over on Thursday morning from Bristol. Missing a couple of bands at the start but can't be helped, my wife has only given me a leave pass from Thursday to Monday :derisive:

    Been to a load of festivals in the past dating back to Donington 1988 but this will be my first European jaunt. Looking forward to chilling with a beer in the sun, which will make a change from most UK fests. (Did Download and IOW last year. . . f'ing sick of mud and rain!)

    Hope to see you there. Phill.

  2. With regard to the campsites. I was looking at the map and they seem a fair distance apart. Does the shuttle bus drop off at a central location or does it do the rounds of the campsites? If it drops off at a central spot how do I know which campsites are available? I'm getting there mid afternoon on the Thursday and don't want to spend time walking from one site to the other when there's bands I want to watch playing.

    I don't care which campsite I get, probably the more chilled out the better in reality, but I would like to be able to arrive, pitch up and start partying as soon as possible after my flight/train/bus journey.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

  3. Hi there!

    I've got one question for you, guys. I will bring a tent and a sleeping bag with me for RW, but to bring a mattress will be too much (I'm from Russia, so it will be a bit difficult to carry it with me during my eurotrip).

    So, does anyone know where in Leuven I could buy a cheap mattress (I will throw it away after the fest), or a carpet (don't know how to call it in english, it's something I can put to the bottom of the tent)?

    Or, maybe someone saw this things at the festival? Last year I tried ti find it there, but after that I was sleeping on the ground for four days.(

  4. Hi Guys. Just a couple of questions.

    Is there information when I arrive on the shuttle bus as to which campsites are open/full so that I'm not wondering around aimlessly with my gear?

    Secondly, is there an ample beer supply in the shops in Haacht/Werchter so that I don't have to bring a pile of cans from the UK?

    Are there lockers with phone chargers in at the site (like Lockerhouse in the UK)?

    First time going to Rock Werchter, really looking forward to it. Depeche Mode GET IN!!!


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