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  1. Wouldn't surprise me to see FNM in the Barn. Pixies and NIN both did. Mike Patton famously doesn't like big festivals and prefers intimate indoor gigs. I'm an enormous FNM fan (they were the first band I ever saw live, back in 1990) so if they were to play in the tent I'd be over the moon. 

  2. As one who questioned the refund policy I felt I should write and say well done to Ticketmaster on the refund. I applied for the refund yesterday morning and received notification of my full refund payment from PayPal a couple of hours later. No bother whatsoever. Really slick process. 

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  3. 2 hours ago, Ken19 said:

    In Belgium, Live Nation and RW are sort of a godfather. Yes, they don’t need the money. But they help the festivals, venues who are needing it. It aren’t easy times for Pukkelpop, Cactus... and all the freelancers, partners...

    They act really independent from the American bosses. 

    Yes, normally are RW and Live Nation Belgium a money machine. But without their help some festivals have to stop and partners/freelancers going broke. 

    But I understand your opinion, and can not say that you are wrong. 

    Yes I appreciate what you're saying Ken. The reality is there are no winners in this situation even multi nationals need money to keep employees and they help support a network of others. 

    Let's just hope there is a festival season next year. We could all do with it. 

  4. The thing is we are not talking about a little independent venue or festival here, who I would be willing to help out if I could. We're talking about LiveNation/Ticketmaster an enormous multi national. We're also not talking about a £50 ticket. We are talking of large sums of money (especially when you add food/drinks vouchers) which maybe someone bought last year before COVID and have consequently been made redundant. Those people probably have more need of the money in the short term. 

  5. I'm aware a festival line up might change but this is hardly comparable to a headliner dropping out at the last minute. Once I accept the voucher for 2022 then I have given up any option of claiming a refund of my money and since there is no way of knowing the line up in 2022 that's a gamble. RW is a festival that can change genres each year unlike say Download which stays rock oriented at all times. Therefore there is a good chance that I may not like the line up in 2022. RW has had some appalling line ups for my taste but would still be considered great for a lot of people. 

    The grand majority of people will re-book so for those of us who don't want to, (SOAD we're the big draw for me), there should be that option of a refund. 

    Plus I'm already married so I don't think my wife would be too happy if I did it again😉

  6. Have you seen the email regarding tickets. Its outrageous the proof needed to get a refund. I bought a ticket for a festival that is not happening, they have replaced it with a different festival and yet I'm not allowed to claim a refund unless I am getting married or dead. 

    I can't stand RHCP or Gorlliaz. So I don't want to go. Full stop. 

    I love RW but this has left such bad taste in my mouth. I really don't think I would go again in the future because of this. 

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  7. Anyone going to this? Starting to get hyped for it now that the timetable and app have been sorted. Few good bands I hadn't heard of before to check out but I really can't wait to see Dead Cross. Flying over from Bristol on Thursday morning so it's going to be a bit of a hectic day but hoping to get into the arena by the time Toxic Shock come on. 

  8. 18 hours ago, Nicklord said:

    Been to Rock Werchter so can compare to that. It has more drunken idiots but nothing annoying and the atmosphere is in general the same actually. Crowd isn't really going crazy for anyone. Don't think i saw bigger moshpit than 20 people 

    Cheers mate. Quite tempted (line up dependent) as I can't make Download. I'm thinking of going VIP but would imagine that will sell out quickly and I'd like to see what line ups GMM and Werchter have before arranging flights etc. 

    Also I can see it's only 3 days. Do they start with 3 days then extend to 4 if they get the bands as they have done the last couple of years or have they stated it will only be 3 days this year? 

    Thanks again. 

  9. 6 hours ago, Red Day said:

    See your last line about being too old for Hive, trust me you're not. I'm hardly a youngster and stayed there in 15. It's a great campsite and nothing like a UK festival with marauding teenagers out of their faces. Totally relaxed area to stay in

    Cheers mate but I've been to Werchter before so I'm aware of what it's like. I just don't want to camp in the hive. My favourite camp site was C3. Just hoping that it avoids the cull. 

  10. Does anyone, perhaps in Belgium, have any updates about the camping situation? I realise that there are issues with some of the campsites and I don't want to buy my ticket/vouchers/etc until I can also buy a camping ticket as I don't want to pay a booking fee twice. I don't want to camp in the Hive, far too old for that nonsense!

  11. Hi Guys. I'm arriving on Thursday afternoon and as such I don't want to spend too long walking from campsite to campsite trying to find somewhere to pitch. I'm not one for worrying about which camp I'm on but I do like the look of C3. Does anyone know if the campsites usually fill up? If they do I'll just jump in the first one I see with space.

    Thanks for any assistance.

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