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  1. maesydderwen

    Graspop 2018

    Map's up.
  2. maesydderwen

    Graspop 2018

    Anyone going to this? Starting to get hyped for it now that the timetable and app have been sorted. Few good bands I hadn't heard of before to check out but I really can't wait to see Dead Cross. Flying over from Bristol on Thursday morning so it's going to be a bit of a hectic day but hoping to get into the arena by the time Toxic Shock come on.
  3. maesydderwen

    Rock Werchter 2018

    I think they'll announce tomorrow because GMM tickets go on sale on Saturday morning. So they'll want to offer people an alternative.
  4. maesydderwen

    Nova Rock 2018

    Cheers mate. Quite tempted (line up dependent) as I can't make Download. I'm thinking of going VIP but would imagine that will sell out quickly and I'd like to see what line ups GMM and Werchter have before arranging flights etc. Also I can see it's only 3 days. Do they start with 3 days then extend to 4 if they get the bands as they have done the last couple of years or have they stated it will only be 3 days this year? Thanks again.
  5. maesydderwen

    Nova Rock 2018

    What was the atmosphere like Foolee? Thinking of heading over on my own but don't want to be surrounded by drunk idiots. Been to Download and Rock Werchter amongst others. How does it compare?
  6. maesydderwen

    Rock Werchter 2017

    Map is up. I'm assuming Apero is a cocktail bar area. Can't wait.......Fuck off rain!