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  1. Can anyone shed any light on the WV resales? Long story short, the wife and I didn't try for tickets in Oct as we were meant to be busy with other things but life had other plans so we're now going to try in the resale for tickets. We've done the last 6 festivals at WV so would also like to get a scout tent if we are successful in the resale but I can't remember anything about resales for WV? Thanks in advance
  2. Can any previous volunteers help with this question. If I am lucky enough to get a volunteer ticket (i.e oxfam) do you have to camp in their specific area? Could I camp with friends for example elsewhere? Thank you in advance
  3. Sorry if already posted but just spotted this on the watetstones website: https://www.waterstones.com/win/glastonbury-50-prize-draw
  4. Depends which way you're walking. If going towards WV then yes you are correct. The central ones were the 2man scouts this year but they do change the layout slightly each year
  5. Smash1984


    Anyone got a link to the planning application for what they've applied for/got permission for? As far as I can see there hasn't been one submitted yet. The most recent permission being an infill extension to the festival offices
  6. Smash1984

    2020 headliners

    I’d love GnR to play, meant to have new material out this year followed by a new tour.....long shot I know
  7. Smash1984

    Working it

    Random one but do all the crew get a party once the festival has closed i.e on the Monday night? Or is it just a case of partying with the rest of us once your shifts are done?
  8. Does anyone know why the full line up wasn’t printed in the programme or the mini one? I don’t remember it being like that in previous years, meant you needed a phone (which I didn’t have, not a smart one anyway) to get on the glasto website to view the full line up
  9. We left WV at 8am and we got caught in about 30mins of traffic on the A303 but otherwise was plain sailing. Always seems to be where it bottle necks back into a single carriageway before stonehenge
  10. Yeah it really was rammed. That was the busiest I'd seen it all weekend that day. We were by the ice cream van at the bottom of pyramid and it was shoulder to shoulder there for Kylie Miley
  11. Found the story on BBC. Sarah Adams from Malvern and she said yes: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hereford-worcester-48799241
  12. Ah wicked, can't have been cheap arranging for that. Got a link to the chat?
  13. I overheard someone on Sunday saying it's 25k tickets they let the Sunday day people have. Not sure if true though. Neil will likley know the answer..
  14. Talking of planes, did anyone see the proposal flying over the site on Sunday, did she say yes does anyone know?
  15. One of the best for me, in the top 3 anyway (only out of 6 total though). It was definitely busier though, noticed it more on the Wednesday whereas usually didn't notice it getting busier until the Friday. Maybe more people arriving earlier due to the fallow year or people wanting to make the most of it. Didn't really notice it get any busier until the Sunday when the locals came in. As others have said, only saw people once not using the facilities. Was in the JP urinals after the streets, blokes queuing to get in the urinals and then pissing up against the tarp. General improvement all round though
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