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  1. Hopefully be a couple of Ciders deep at our B&B pub in Shepton
  2. Nope, got the despatch e-mail on Wednesday but they don't get sent next day like the GA tickets. Expecting mine today or tomorrow. Tracker my end was showing 100% yesterday but now dropped back to 99%
  3. No despatch e-mail yet but status has finally change to "Your tickets were prepared for despatch on 14 Jun 2019. Tickets will typically leave our office the same day." Next question is if next day includes Saturday, otherwise I'll be late to work on Monday waiting for the postie
  4. Nothing for our two groups either, hoping for tomorrow 🤔
  5. Read through the WV info e-mail earlier, says that the shop in WV will sell ice so that will save a trip down to the coop. Can't say I've noticed it being sold before but will take advantage of it this year
  6. They send these out nearer time along with a map of where the tents are etc. Received ours day before the festival in 2017! Love SEE......
  7. Out of upvotes but this made me chuckle, so thank you
  8. WV info e-mail just came through
  9. TF is different in that it isn't associated with the festival. You'll get into TF easy enough but then coming back into site you'll be queing at PGB to get in although you should be able to slide in pretty easy from there. Most questions have been covered here:
  10. Smash1984


    Ah that's a shame, oh well, only two weeks to go, should be half cut by this point with any luck
  11. Smash1984


    Has wickedfairie done another pano yet or have I missed it?
  12. Are the CV tickets actual printed ones like the GA? Never used CV and always wondered or do you get an e-mail print at home type one?
  13. I've definitely noticed more Gold members now, plenty of room for more though and well worth the money. This site will be getting busier and busier in the lead up to the festival. Sacrifice a round at the bar and get Gold membership instead!!
  14. Just received our despatch e-mail for the WV car passes also. Now just need to festival ticket and then we're good to go SEE seem to be smashing out the car parking today, already up to 68%. GA has stayed on 61% for a while now
  15. https://www.seetickets.com/customerservice/checkorder#!/despatch-news
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