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  1. 5 hours ago, BeardedTheory_Rock City said:

    Hi all

    I’m part of the Rock City team that will be organising Bearded Theory for the first time this year! We’re really excited about this festival and feel it’s a perfect fit with the bands we already promote and put on at Rock City.

    With this being our first year organising the festival I’d love to get some feedback from regular attendees on what you love about it or what you’d like to see included this year? What do you like drinking? What are the best areas/bars? Is there anything missing on the bar line-up? Anything that you think would make the festival better?

    All feedback is welcome 😊

    Look forward to seeing you all in May!

    Bring back Jaipur X!!

    Jokes. It’s the perfect festival. Wouldn’t change a thing. 

  2. I went for a walk on the farm last Saturday during Storm Dennis and it was soggy obviously.  It was so soggy that my walking boots leaked and my feet were soaked despite my boots never sinking in low enough for the water to get in over the top.  I was wearing long waterproof trousers as well.  Perhaps they are defective.

    This has made me rethink my allegiance to Team Walking Boots! I have a lot of thinking to do. 


  3. 15 minutes ago, Doug85 said:

    Nick had said that Macca wasn't playing next year, Neil seemed to think that he was lined up to play 2019 and possibly dropped out but wouldn't be in the frame for 20. Neil seems pretty certain on it so unless something has changed since Nick said that then don't expect Macca there

    Ta very much

  4. 1 minute ago, Doug85 said:

    Seems like a weekly thing that someone mentions Macca again completely forgetting that he's been ruled out by Emily's husband no less. 

    I've been purposely ignoring the rumours because I'm starting a new job, but now I can. Can you fill me in? What did he say?

  5. 3 minutes ago, crazyfool1 said:

    in a word yes :) 

    Thanks. I need someone with sense to tell me that.

    In fact it might work in my favour.  It would mean a 12pm ticket sale rather than a 6pm ticket sale.  I would be more relaxed and not spend the day at work fretting about it. This would guarantee success.


  6. Coach sale is 6 weeks today - I am meant to be going to Chicago for my niece's wedding and would be there for the sale. I've not booked my flight yet and I am thinking I won't.  I know I am just as likely to get through there as I am in the UK, but it makes me more nervous.  

    This is silly isn't it?

  7. 2 hours ago, 4AssedMonkey said:

    ‘‘Twas the night before Glasto, and all through the house....


    2 minutes ago, karaseen said:

    Not a creature was stirring, thankfully not deadmau5

    The rucksacks were propped next to the caravan with care,

    In hopes that Michael Eavis opens the gates totally bare

  8. 49 minutes ago, Fork_UK said:

    How was Download, weather-wise in the end?  I saw lots of terrible build up for the weather, but didn't see anything about it afterwards.  Was it a washout?

    It was fine. Never had a day that was completely dry, but the run up made conditions in the campsites and village ridiculously muddy.  Luckily for me I was in staff camping at the otherside of the fest. I even walked to the showers in flip flops. I didn't bother visiting the village though. Was an absolute mudbath.  Walking boots didn't cut it. Had to have wellies.

  9. 3 minutes ago, Radi0Head said:

    A well water-proofed pair of good boots is just as good as wellies. I wore boots all weekend at download last week which had ample rain and mud. Feet stayed dry but needed to reproof my boots on coming home.

    Walking boots > wellies for sure!  Its so nice to not need to bring both!!

    I only wore wellies at download as I needed them at first and I didn't want to have to re-waterproof my boots AND clean my wellies.  Win win!!!

  10. 3 minutes ago, briddj said:

    Right, time for the 00Z!

    Pressure: Builds through Wednesday but now probably reaches its height late on Thursday, so later than before. As with the 18Z, pressure only really starts to drop on Saturday afternoon and is lowest on Sunday - almost identical to the last run.

    Precipitation: Rain from 3pm today for a few hours, but shouldn't be very much. Possibility of light lunchtime showers on Monday and a little rain overnight into Tuesday.

    Still dry and pleasant when the gates open:


    There is still ZERO rain for the entire festival.

    Max Temperature: Monday 19-20, Tuesday 22-23, Wednesday 23, Thursday 22-23,  Friday 24-25, Saturday 22-23, Sunday 19

    Summary: Almost perfect festival weather with an exceptionally similar forecast to the 00Z. If anything now, we need Sunday to go up a couple of degrees. That is below the average temperature for the end of June.

    All of this, including Sunday, is still being governing by the behaviour of that low. We still need that high to stay strong and next weeekend is NOT in the bag.

    Thanks again for this!! 

    YOU ARE AN ANGEL!!!!!!!!!! 

  11. For my own sanity I stopped myself checking this thready Friday evening. I have a job interview tomorrow that needed my attention.  But I need to pack TODAY. It is my only chance.  I am bringing walking boots and walking sandals. I am NOT bringing wellies. Is this reasonable?? 

  12. 2 minutes ago, Adammm said:

    I've been quietly watching the Glastonbury message boards for over a decade now but it's this thread that's made me take the plunge and sign up. Well done to you all and I'm really looking forward to obsessing over the weather with each and every one of you!

    Next step: GOLD membership!

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  13. 1 minute ago, kemosabe said:

    Oh, sweet! I don’t think they did in 2017 did they? But yeah, bring on the heat! 

    I'm not sure they opened all of them, but they did open avalon. I sat there.  They had notifications up on all the LED screens telling you where was open for shade on the Wednesday.  

  14. 2 minutes ago, kemosabe said:

    if it is really hot would the festival consider opening the likes of the JP Tent, Leftfield, BBC Introducing etc... so people can shelter from the heat in there? 

    Fwiw, I would one million percent settle for hot weather over rain and mud (and I’m basically ginger). 

    yes, they have done this in the past

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