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  1. It was a shitstorm during the fallow year in 2012. Praise be.
  2. This sort of softens the blow rather than getting the text alert from "GLASTONBURY OFFICIAL"
  3. They are great, but it would probably be cheaper to buy a better pair of boots! 🤣
  4. I went for a walk on the farm last Saturday during Storm Dennis and it was soggy obviously. It was so soggy that my walking boots leaked and my feet were soaked despite my boots never sinking in low enough for the water to get in over the top. I was wearing long waterproof trousers as well. Perhaps they are defective. This has made me rethink my allegiance to Team Walking Boots! I have a lot of thinking to do.
  5. karaseen

    Diana Ross

    I think this is the first time they said “Legend slot”. Used the adjective legendary before but this seems BIG
  6. karaseen

    2020 headliners

    I've been purposely ignoring the rumours because I'm starting a new job, but now I can. Can you fill me in? What did he say?
  7. Thanks. I need someone with sense to tell me that. In fact it might work in my favour. It would mean a 12pm ticket sale rather than a 6pm ticket sale. I would be more relaxed and not spend the day at work fretting about it. This would guarantee success.
  8. Coach sale is 6 weeks today - I am meant to be going to Chicago for my niece's wedding and would be there for the sale. I've not booked my flight yet and I am thinking I won't. I know I am just as likely to get through there as I am in the UK, but it makes me more nervous. This is silly isn't it?
  9. And Emily in her wellies, and Fat Boy Slim in his boots, Get out the sandals! No rain, only sun! Our footwear is moot!
  10. The rucksacks were propped next to the caravan with care, In hopes that Michael Eavis opens the gates totally bare
  11. Not a creature was stirring, thankfully not deadmau5
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