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  1. karaseen

    2019 Headliners

    I wish his name was Sunnzy instead. Don't like tempting fate!
  2. karaseen

    so, Stormzy then...?

  3. karaseen

    Tent and camping mattress advice

    I'd definitely go for one of these with a thermarest at the very least - if you are camping for 3 weeks the comfort of your bed will be more important than usual. If you are driving on site and not having to lug everything across site there are good frame camping beds which might be better than an inflatable one. Regarding the blackout tents, check out this thread:
  4. karaseen

    Campervan, Worthy View & Tipis Sale Date

    West seemed to go within a minute!
  5. karaseen

    Cloth wristbands

    Fantastic!! Really regret not getting a moon shirt!
  6. I booked a hotel in Bristol for the night before I get my coach. I like to spread the cost as much as possible.
  7. karaseen

    Cloth wristbands

    Messaged you back!
  8. karaseen

    Cloth wristbands

    I am just about to get rid of all my wristbands, tote bags, guardian bags, lanyards, programmes, Q Reviews, Free Press, and whatever newspaper preceded that. They sit in a box and I move from house to house and they still sit in a box. The only time I look at them is when I'm moving and wondering what is in that box. Anyone want them?
  9. karaseen

    Respect the Females (and other rules)

    Rule: everyone sit down on the loos. There's no need to poop or wee on the seat.
  10. karaseen


    I also think its the best on site - the wood fired place by Williams Green is good but there's no where to sit. Funny I've been eating at Pizza Tabun for years and never knew the name! Thanks!
  11. karaseen

    New Quechua "Fresh & Black" Tents

    This Quecha Tarp works the same but is half the price: https://www.decathlon.co.uk/tarp-fresh-camping-shelter-id_8300081.html
  12. karaseen

    Questions for Michael

    @crazyfool1 I know this is from Glasto chat but can you remember if Emily used the term "Chair c**ts"? Or was she too polite?
  13. karaseen

    So how much truth is there in this Madonna rumour?

    Thanks. Crossed streams...
  14. karaseen

    So how much truth is there in this Madonna rumour?

    Did Emily say this recently? And where?
  15. karaseen


    Speaking of pizza - in croissant neuf near the path just before the railway track is a pizza tent that does vegan and non-vegan pizzas that are fantastic. Nice little seating area. I always make friends in there. Its next to the stall that does those mosaic mirrors, which is a fun place to browse in late at night if you want to see your face melt. But it looks pretty.