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  1. karaseen

    The Cure

    Perfect Sunday closer to the festival me thinks
  2. karaseen

    Idiot guide for ticket day

    Bingo - Don't cross streams!
  3. karaseen

    Ticket Info Tomorrow

    I know that there is a coach at 3am. I've got that before. Not sure about earlier ones.
  4. karaseen

    Ticket Info Tomorrow

    Bargain!! That's £2.10/hour for the best time of your life. (Assuming you leave at 12 on Monday)
  5. karaseen

    Ticket Info Tomorrow

    Was your outbound on the Thursday or the Wednesday? It was always close for me which is why I started buying the single ticket. Never once made my return time.
  6. karaseen

    Ticket Info Tomorrow

    And from London you can decide if you want a single or return ticket. You only choose your outbound time and they automatically assign a return time. The return time is based on the outbound time. E.G. you pick Wednesday at 4am, your return will be roughly at 4am Monday.
  7. karaseen

    Ticket Info Tomorrow

    I hope its underwhelming. I have a recurring nightmare where they introduce a ballot system.
  8. karaseen

    Ticket Info Tomorrow

    About bloody time
  9. karaseen

    Posh Camping

    My mate went to Love Fields last year. They have pitch your own option. Although you have to bring all your stuff the car park is right next door. Seems like a good option for those who want the amenities (showers/space/toilets) but who aren't interested in pre-erected gear.
  10. karaseen

    Possible Glasto first timer

    Instead of sanitiser, bring a little bottle of hand soap. Someone on this forum gave that tip and it was a game changer. Sanitiser is great, but it doesn't get rid of sticky cider residue on your hands. Having clean hands at the festival is rather lovely.
  11. karaseen

    Posh Camping

    Still good to know. I know that at one point even the men's showers had become very busy. Cheers!
  12. karaseen

    Posh Camping

    Has worthy view improved their showers in the last few years? They were great (2013?), then they increased tent capacity but not the showers numbers. Queues were off putting. I went back to regular camping after that but this year thinking of doing it again.
  13. karaseen

    T. DAY

  14. karaseen

    T. DAY

    My effort
  15. karaseen

    T. DAY

    Ah thanks. I was just being dumb then. I saw a few car pics and read too much into it.