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  1. not in emperors this year?
  2. Not sure if quickest one ever (starting to sell tickets in 54BC probably helped!) but well done to the organisers. Must be something to do with that crappy line-up that everyone is complaining about!
  3. yep agreed but also then leaves either a headline or sub slot open!
  4. That sounds like they are not subbing but lower down card?
  5. as I said, i just wrote down in poster/ website order to give an idea of strength and times. looks like only room for 1 more act (2 if Peter Hook is Thursday). I can still see them announcing another act for Saturday night either after or before DMC which would give them the Snoop Dog slot but still allow them to have pride of place top centre of poster. If this was an issue I can't see it being raised by Catfish or Libertines tbh. What I will say is imho this is the strongest pre headline main stage in years
  6. What is the correct, polite course of action to take if, in the middle of the night in emperor's you hear a Scottish female voice screaming 'Rob, Rob, Graham's finally gone to sleep, I need you now... and Mrs Botton too!' I think the message may have been cryptic so any help appreciated.
  7. Happy to be corrected by Tinie was on for much longer than 50 minutes last year. Mrs Botton was shocked at the many tracks he played that she actually knew (& liked!)
  8. Spoiler alert... I have heard that 'Butch Dyke' is the Saturday dress up theme this year! (Ps keep this under your frumpy shit hat!)
  9. Based on nothing more than the order they appear on website and posters (& removing the * Thursday artists, pretty sure only 1 so far?) here is the Main Stage with an act time guesstimate just as a gauge to see whether there are likely another act(s) to add. Looks pretty full to me. Friday Saturday Sunday 2130 CATFISH & THE BOTTLEMEN RUN DMC THE LIBERTINES 1945 OCEAN COLOUR SCENE JAMES SHED SEVEN 1830 THE WAILERS THE SHERLOCKS WHITE LIES 1715 PETER HOOK & THE LIGHT FUN LOVIN’ CRIMINALS DECLAN MCKENNA 1600 THE SLOW READERS CLUB THE AMAZONS DUB PISTOLS 1445 LANCASHIRE PISSPOTS efest meet up HOLLIE COOK SAM FENDER 1330 THE BLINDERS JORDAN ALLEN PLASTIC MERMAIDS 1215 FALSE ADVERTISING FELIX HAGAN & THE FAMILY
  10. Jeremiah Ferrari not listed in long list but are noted as performing in Riot Jazz
  11. They are listed on Kendal Calling site but not allocated to any stage yet
  12. actually strike that Jeramiah Ferrari confirmed so on 6... & with DannyEvo getting controversially DQ'd who knows!!
  13. Fun Lovin Criminals Panda Cups Liam Gallagher Jesus Jones Lowes Marsicans Garage Sleeper Reverend and the Makers Cast Texas Chemical Brothers Snow Patrol The Sherlocks The Amazons Jamie T Kasabian Shed Seven Jeramiah Ferrari Fratellis there is my 5, expecting Panda Cups to be confirmed and still a chance for Lowes and Jeremiah Ferrari but that only puts me potentially up to 8 so once again I'll be buying this year!
  14. I think I mentioned my dislike for the calling out stage (layout not acts!) more than a few times. I hope it is not the Amazon's as I'd like to see them.
  15. Do we know who the calling out headlines are from the lineup?
  16. 7?!? FFS I thought I might be on a winner for a change! I'm guessing Thurlow has 24 or something
  17. Been in a meeting all evening so only just seeing it now. I think it looks ace. Have seen James more than a few times but looks like they subbing. I think Catfish will be great, Run DMC reserving judgement and Mrs B happy with the Libertines. Undercard is just brilliant however, Fun Loving Criminals!!! Already been said but Dub Pistols needs to be either later afternoon slot or ideally just before Hacienda Classical (which will be fab) on the Thursday to properly get the weekend started! One happy Botton
  18. They might I think it is a Birdhouse (in your soul?)...
  19. If those waster of space are on, if nothing else they have just gone and confirmed the time of the efest beers meet up.
  20. I love James, think they're a great band and a brilliant festival singalong headline but I'd be a bit meh if they were listed again so soon, same goes for Charlatans, Stereophonics, Happy Mondays to name a few see your point about getting promotion from Calling out being not really applicable, Catfish, Blossoms spring to mind. I suppose what I am harping on about is not wanting to see the same festival year in year out. I really loved Seasick Steve a few years back, didn't bother to watch him again to be honest.
  21. Or how soon is too soon? (& Just to change the 'when is the announcement' chat!) So talk of Basement Jaxx again as they playing the Lytham fest. I admit I loved their set in 2013 (or was it 2014?) but it just seems like too soon to have a main stage act playing again. I have no problems with your thingymabobs type acts on the smaller stages coming back year on year but to be the main stage should be fresh not just the same old acts playing. Question is however how soon is too soon?
  22. Apologies meant to post this sooner... Didn't quite get through to national final but brilliant in my humble opinion.
  23. Pretenders would be an excellent sub headline booking (or co headline or whatever they now call it to make Frank Turder feel better!)
  24. I'm so DIY that if pick up a screw driver or god forbid enter the same room as a wrench then MrsBotton calls the Red cross as a precaution but hey feckit, a 10year Shitpots ban and I'll build you the best goddam shed in the whole of the north! (Disclaimer: shed will be shit and I may die)
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