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  1. ah cheers, I'd missed that! be great if it was another Amazon presents like with Happy Mondays a few years back but would they have to be on before Lister? (thinking stage clearance/set up times for Hacienda) or possibly acoustic set???
  2. where does it say 1 to be announced? there has been pretty much 5 acts each year on main stage for Thursday and that is what we have already.
  3. a nice addition will be Catfish playing to a full moon on the Friday night!
  4. Generally £4.20ish a pint for real ale inc the 2 real ale tents, lager I think is cans but wouldn't be sure on £. Always a spirits tent or 2 but not sure what this year. And strongbow tower is similar £ to ale
  5. They do but in your shoes I would be tempted to hire a rent boy. They will carry all your stuff for you. Ps as much as this sounds both crude and ridiculous, they do in fact exist
  6. Oh that's cool, so it's good for stage hopping then if you're not feeling whatever you're watching? Yep brilliant for that, my joints are knackered and I manage to see a band on every stage at some point or other (with liquid fuel of course!) Been having that issue at Leeds fest for a few years now, doesn't really both us, as long as people can put up with us idiots staying up until sunrise every day it's fine. I doubt you will be in the minority in that field to be honest, enter main gate and head right you will be sound Ah ok that's cool thanks. Does camp fill up quickly? Travelling from Manchester so it'd be good to have an idea of how early to set off. It can do but like anywhere really, you coming on Thursday or Friday? Thursday no issues, Friday you might be a bit snug but you will find somewhere. There is an additional area this place has lower down, always looks more spacious as has a bit of drainage issues but won't be a concern this sunny year!
  7. 1. KC is really compact, 15 minutes slow amble would get you Chai Wallahs to Eden (which are probably the 2 furthest from each other) 2. Wolf Woods, right next to the Arena Entrance and Glow Stage. Warning though if you can grow facial hair you may feel a bit out of place! 3. Glow doesn't tend to start until early evening with headlines generally on after Main stage closes. I think it closes at either 3 or 4am
  8. Be great to meet up again and also meet some new posters Please see poll
  9. Are you sure he is not your husband? you may have inadvertently stumbled on his secret efest life!!!
  10. Accuweather, the site used by lots of walkers and climbers so pretty reliable, saying that same rules as for all, if it is outside of 48 hours it is likely to be guff!
  11. It's actually getting better as we get closer... Date Hi / Lo Rain Snow Ave HI / Lo
  12. you have been saying that since the first announcement but we counted and pretty much the same number. Major bonus for me are Dub Pistols on at a decent time, they were ace last year but played to maybe 200 of us. Thursday looks ace Sunday gives me a perfect chill on the hill (I have had 2 people ask me why Bob Marley isn't playing with the Wailers anymore!?!) Friday night straight from Catfish into HouseParty for Howling Rhythm ...Are the Baggy Mondays opening Calling Out on Friday??? Is this our Meetup sorted????
  13. yes you will be fine with travelling in your van (as long as you don't try to sleep in it!) and you can make many trips back and forth. Some people have trouble with security doing this but generally because they give them lip and attitude! Security also get a lot more chilled as the weekend goes so might be worth leaving some of your beers in the van and get them on Saturday morning etc
  14. Hi All I have a spare couple of Adult tickets including the Thursday night (*now with added lineup!) available if anyone is short Rob
  15. Still looks better than previous years!
  16. Closed until 3/4ish if same as previous years
  17. Tried my best, please feel free to pose anything else
  18. If anyone had Lee Ridley (the Lost Voice Guy who won Britains Got Talent) then you also get a point as he has confirmed.
  19. bottonrob

    Radio X

    Broadcasting their show live on Saturday and Sunday 1-4 form the Strongbow Yard
  20. Have we actually had it confirmed that the Calling Out is growing? I cannot see official confirmation anywhere and I'd argue that their lineup is weaker than previous years.
  21. If only they bought back Sailor Jerry's though, my Sunday would be complete
  22. not too far from a couple of years back when Frank Turder died on the main stage!
  23. Preparation for extending the capacity next year perhaps?
  24. I wouldn't use a sledge but maybe others disagree?? Go as far left as you feel comfortable with, you will be fine! To the right just has an 8-10ft haze above it of weed, jizz and Chlamydia, always chocca though so appeals to some!
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