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    First KC

    fancy dress is always saturday, not sure about Tim Peaks but seem to recall twitter might be the answer!
  2. Gonna be some massive tunes and a party atmosphere at that Lidl stage!
  3. bottonrob

    First KC

    Buy a bra 2 cups too big then enhance your naturals with the inserts of a winebox, you can even go red and white to cater for both tastes...
  4. There is massively more than kids on pills! They actually tend to keep themselves to the glow (dance) tent. Tip for camping is you arrive at the main gates which is at the top of a hill, as you go down the hill the arena is to your right, all the kids gravitate that way you go to your left you will be fine, further you go (generally) the more chilled it will be. Nothing is very far at Kendal to be honest. The arena itself is in a massive loop and you can stroll around it (9ish stages/ food stalls etc) in no more than perhaps 30minutes at a mooch. Give me a shout if you want to know anything else but hopefully this should ease your worries! You will have a ball! Rob
  5. sure it is usually 1st week or so of July
  6. I'd be surprised if they didn't let you lock it to the railings next to main entrance to be honest.
  7. Git everything bar the actual tickets so far, will get some of twickets the week or so before I think (hope!)
  8. That's horseshit Oldman, we've had at least 2 glorious ones (2012 I think was an absolute belter with only a tad overnight rain) a few half and halfs and a couple of godawful ones weather wise when they booked Frank Turner and we had the urine swamp. Not always pissdreadful by any means. How's the wife?
  9. Main stage around 11-11:30 ish (something to do with the license) and glow until 3ish
  10. their max capacity is 35k but don't think they have ever utilised this?
  11. yep that's it, we are going in the safari outfits from a couple of years back as dinosaur hunters!
  12. Hi... what is young? The basic rule around choosing your camping spot in main is the further away you are the earlier you less late night party it will be but you will still get revellers strolling back at 3am and still get the odd tent having a drunken singsong at 5am! do's - makes friends with your tent neighbours early on wherever you choose to camp. don'ts - camp near the toilet blocks or waterpoints other than that have a ball, I was always the fella who swore blind you'd never get me in a tent, bought tickets in 2012 as a last resort when I couldn't think of anything to get for the wife's birthday and haven't missed one ever since! Rob
  13. bottonrob


    There is an unholy fog that lingers over the Wolf Wood, derived from lynx, drugs and chlamydia
  14. There are normally about 5 acts that play on the Thursday evening on the main stage, headliner this year are Orbital and Gomez, Chai Wallahs and I think Glow tent are also opened. Thursday nights are always decent to be fair. Rob
  15. on the border of Lancashire and Cumbria
  16. We try to organise a meet up every year (to varying success!) and had I think about 9/10 of us last year enjoying an early afternoon scoop. Will put out some feelers as to time and venue (albeit always the main real tent!) closer to the time. whenever shitpots are on seems to always work! Rob
  17. Hi, we have been going since our 2 were 8 & 5 and have the bug. Our kids will this year be 17 & 14 albeit the daughter now camps with here friends and only sees us when she wants proper food! I cannot give it more of an endorsement than this, if it wasn't for the friendly atmosphere, the ability to escape the crowds if and when you want and the whole feeling of freedom we would not have come back the following year never mind 9 years later! Rob
  18. never, you take wellies you get rain
  19. Line up 1st announcement tomorrow at 7 so last chance to get any entries in or finetune your 20!
  20. OK, here's my stab... We can now pretty much guarantee that none of these will be booked as I always do crap at this! 1. Sleeper 2. Billie Eillish 3. Chvrches 4. Springfield 5. Kasabian 6. The Fratellis 7. The Wombats 8. Wolf Alice 9. Hinds 10. Eels 11. Panic at the Disco 12. Mark Knopfler 13. Alt-J 13. Denio 14. The Offspring 15. Death Cab for Cutie 16. Bowling for Soup 17. Pendulum 18. Gerry Cinnamon 19. Gorgon City 20. Belinda Carlisle
  21. Oh forgot to add, as usual no 'regulars' allowed!
  22. Hi all, with the news that the line-up is 'Coming-Soon' probs time to roll out the line up Prediction game again. 20 choices, as many changes as you like with your final guesses to be in prior to 1st announcement. With @thurlow84 now reborn as a cockney wideboy, the game is anybodies!
  23. 'coming soon' to KC could mean anything between now and June!
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