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  1. benj847

    Kanye west confirmed

    Line up page still not changed?? Getting ready to put the full poster up or am I just getting too excited?
  2. benj847

    Latitude 2014

    Now into Big Boi... OutKast being my other bet. If I had money I'd put a bet on Portishead, Outkast and Metronomy as headliners. But I don't so I won't.
  3. benj847

    Latitude 2014

    Playing Metronomy.... my bet has always been on them
  4. benj847

    Latitude 2013

    made a quick clash finder last night. Just did it for the top 2 stages based on last year's times and what not most likely to be 100% wrong so don't take it with any seriousness but thought it was about time to get excited about the line up www.######/s/lat2013 EDIT: I don't know why the weblink is coming out like that, any ideas? anyway go onto clashfinder's website and add /s/lat2013 to the end of it is under the list section.
  5. benj847

    Latitude 2013

    Does Alt-J being in Germany on the 19th and then in Switzerland on the 22nd not rule them out? I know it leaves the Saturday and Sunday available but I bloody hope it affects them being headliners.
  6. benj847

    Latitude 2013

    find out if Kraftwerk are an exclusive or who the headliners are?
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