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  1. Been keeping my eye on this festival for a little while; is there any advice or particular pointers you'd give to someone attending for the first time? Any food stalls you'd recommend? Got my fingers crossed for Manics and Primals; although I'm not sure if that's asking for too much
  2. Rudimental played two nights at Ally Pally, Bloc Party performing Silent Alarm sold out Ally Pally in about a femtosecond, New Order are still a big draw and a more exciting booking than someone like Elbow or Stereophonics My local council are putting on a Rudimental DJ SET in Rochester Castle Gardens and are charging £50 for the privilege; Victorious is still the best value event in the country by far I think the headliners of the calibre of Biffy Clyro and Kasabian will come very soon, but that will probably be followed by a £10 price hike
  3. Everything I've heard about the festival has been really positive, nice vibe, lovely food Really excited for it
  4. And here I was thinking they'd be getting someone like Suede Reckon this may pop up on theatre filling websites in the coming months
  5. I don't think Biffy are going to be headlining, this year at least
  6. Given that I've heard that Biffy are playing a festival in the UK this year that they have yet to perform at and following the IOW announcement this morning, I would expect them to be turning up at Kendal Calling
  7. https://www.sis.gov.uk/apply-now.html
  8. Pretty decent; the sort of bands I've paid to see in the past but probably wouldn't anymore, probably owing to the fact that I've already seen them 10+ times
  9. Heard some murmurs about possible headliners and it looks like the festival is only going to be getting bigger; if what I've been told turns out to be true they could really be stepping on the toes of RnL next year
  10. All the acts were superb and we were fairly near the front so the sound was perfectly fine The venue definitely felt like it was oversold though. As people have mentioned in this thread already, All Points East was busy but you never felt that the infrastructure was being stretched It took a rather uncomfortable half an hour to get out of Finsbury Park whereas for both APE dates I attended (including the sold out Nick Cave show) it probably took about 10 minutes to leave
  11. Ah, my mistake. Whenabouts did LN begin to get involved then?
  12. Well tempted to say it's Ed Sheeran, Bastille and Elbow to give you all aneurysms but I can proudly announce it is none of the above
  13. I only know the headliners; I would say it's a mixed, unevenly weighted bag
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