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  1. Had a brilliant time here last weekend; bars were busy but I imagine that the pingdemic had summat to do with it The Coral and Groove Armada were both on top form, proper party
  2. Still got the 2021 event on my upcoming events on Songkick; had a quick check of their socials and they haven't posted a thing since last October That's a pretty bad omen, isn't it?
  3. The fact that Download and RnL have updated on 1st March leads me to suspect that whatever info is released will be applying to all Live Nation festivals aka cancellation. They probably should scrap the events they're currently uncertain about and get to work on several socially distanced events they can almost guarantee will go ahead.
  4. Hellfest postponed to 2022, all but confirmed now
  5. Cancelled my hotel for Download about a week ago; just waiting for the inevitable now
  6. Honestly, I wouldn't risk it at the moment I know that someone mentioned that there is a rap stage, but we don't know what the stage set up is going to be like for 2021, or if the event will even go ahead You would think that it'd be a dead cert to get your money back, but it's possible that if restrictions are still in place by next summer that the whole operation could go under which means you and your friends losing out If you want to go to see a particular act I'd say buy a day ticket but wait until live events start happening again before you make a commitment
  7. Looks like there's only going to be one stage; hopefully that keeps the costs down EDIT: Just seen on the official website that it's £55 per day. A non-starter really.
  8. I'd be interested in seeing Pendulum if they start putting some effort in to their stage production again rather than using Windows Media Player visualizations as their backdrop Their shows at Wembley in 2010 were fantastic and I'd love to see them back up to that standard
  9. Stereophonics played both those venues on their last tour and headlined Kendal Calling in 2017 Biffy are of course a bit different in that they are established major festival headliners, but it does feel like they're running out of options to maintain that status The last time they headlined Download they reportedly played to a smaller crowd than Rob Zombie on the 2nd stage and their booking for 2021 has been met with universal indifference Of course they could potentially headline Isle of Wight again, but they share headliners with the like of Kendal Calling already so I wouldn't really see them being booked for APE, Kendal, Truck, etc. as that much of a drop
  10. To be fair, with the fact that Catfish are headlining RnL whilst also headlining a mid range festival in Warrington, if the current stage format is kept beyond 2021 I expect to see some acts bounce between headlining Kendal Calling, All Points East etc. and then RnL the next I don't think it's out of the question to see Biffy become one of those acts in the next few years
  11. To save millions of pounds on artist fees and logistics
  12. They didn't drop out but did practically disintegrate on stage if that counts for anything
  13. Had my refund email through; sad to claim it but hopefully will be buying tickets again once I know what plans next summer involves, if any
  14. I can see RATM touring the US in 2021 and touring overseas in 2022 The music industry is beginning to recognise that we really are in this for the long haul and there's not much point planning the logistics of a tour only to reschedule it once again
  15. Kaleidoscope has now been postponed to 2021; Groove Armada already rebooked
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