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  1. Yeah for sure, plenty of acts here to play hopefully they’ll have a back up plan, but R&L the week before have a very US lineup so confident SD will be fine. The bar ques were horrendous, I’m sure they said they had sorted them out for the festival last year but obviously covid happened to ruin it all.
  2. I hope so, praying for it to go ahead! Their silence on social media makes me paranoid haha What’s the score with bands coming from the US? Do they need to isolate for 10 days prior to the event?
  3. Are we expecting Slam Dunk to go ahead? Travel corridors haven’t even opened up yet.
  4. I’m sure While She Sleeps are headlining a stage so they will most likely clash with Broco/Sum41, Trash Boat will be on pretty early I’d imagine and Waterparks will have a higher slot, I’d say you’ll have a pretty good chance of watching all 3 of them.
  5. Will Hayward asked Mr Drakeford if he would feel safe going to a festival in August when the restrictions are relaxed. Mr Drakeford said while he has no plans to attend a festival, he would feel safe if he were to do so. "I would not tell others it was safe to do so if I didn't think it was safe for them.
  6. No limit on people gathering outdoors from Saturday and no social distancing so I assume they could be on site to do the build.
  7. So I’ve just seen, awesome news be interesting to see where there go from here.
  8. The Feeder gig scheduled for tomorrow in Newport is now scheduled to go ahead in August, I think Wales will follow Scotland and open up then, Wales usually follows England 2 weeks later, Wales average death rate is around 1 deaths have been few and far between recently, but I think next Wednesday festivals etc need to know a definite date.
  9. This is all that was said, gotta give some hope I suppose.
  10. Steelhouse festival has been given the go ahead by the Welsh Goverment.
  11. My mate sent Seaway a message saying to come to Slam Dunk, they’ve like the comment 😎
  12. At this point I’m thinking Slam Dunk will probably be trying to tie down UK acts to replace.
  13. We still 90% sure the festival will be postponed?
  14. Thing is them trial events in Liverpool couple weeks ago all that age group were under 40, as long as they provide negative testing before the event then I don’t see it being a major problem, plus by the end of July everyone under 40 would have been offered a first jab if they want it.
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