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  1. The BMTH rumour is they were scheduled to headline DL, then Rammstein came available then headlined DL and BMTH were then asked to sub Rammstein and politely said fuck off and haven't been back since.
  2. Main : BRING ME THE HORIZON / Deftones / Bullet For My Valentine / Rise Against / Code Orange / Of Mice & Men / Loathe 2nd : The Offspring Main : SYSTEM OF A DOWN / KoRn / Limp Bizkit / Bury Tomorrow / Heaven Shall Burn / Motionless In White / Northlane / I Prevail 2nd : Sabaton Main : KISS / Deep Purple / Volbeat / Airbourne / The Darkness / Theory / Stone Broken / Kill The Lights 2nd : Killswitch Engage
  3. Damn, was hoping they wouldn't be back 😂
  4. Looking at Kiss dates on their site, they have shows in Europe stating new date tba, nothing with Download, hopefully we'll get a different headliner for selfish reasons.
  5. If they've got 80/90% of 2020 booked for 2021 then they would of announced them by now, I think they are trying to get headliners locked in to cover Maiden and potentially Kiss.
  6. Got to be due one within the next week or two I think, seeing as they said 'very soon' on the 15th June.
  7. It's probably the September line up that they haven't changed yet as Punk In Drublic is confirmed for next year but it isn't on that list, nor is Bury Tomorrow or Your Demise who pulled out of Septembers reschedule
  8. They did say on June 15th an announcement will be very soon, we can hope.
  9. Safe to say Billy Talent will be back they are in Europe same time as they were meant to be this year, Sum 41 are in Europe in June so they could be back, unless they've been offered a slot at Download before hand.
  10. I'd be shocked if Andy gave someone like BMTH, Parkway or ADTR the bump to headline, it must kill him inside to think they will headline DL. How many times has he bullshitted in the past, System have lost credibility to headline since the subbed R&L, Deftones not to big to sub 2nd stage, Babymetal will never be booked, Dizzee Rascal could play DL etc even Matt Tuck from Bullet called him out on booking the same headliners year after year, yeah we all respect the legendary acts and what they've done, but people also want something new and fresh, the list of bands who haven't played is huge and I doubt they've all rejected to play they just probably haven't been approached.
  11. Does anyone remember the aerial shots from Biffys 2017 headline set? Showing the small crowd they had.
  12. I don't think they'll play Slam Dunk at all, but the email I had off Slam Dunk indicated that ADTR was still planning on using the sites for the gigs they had announced in May.
  13. Just seen this on the Ticketmaster NL website, weird how they haven't mentioned it on social media, hopefully as they have no dates after June they may tour the UK first in September then onto Europe September/October.
  14. Rammstein haven't cancelled either but that will 100% not be happening as the Principality Stadium in Cardiff is being used as a makeshift hospital and are advertising jobs for 3 months minimum.
  15. Set It Off with Broadside have rescheduled their tour to August/September with a nice 5th and 6th September gap on the tour conveniently for Slam Dunk I assume. So from the reschedules so far presumably playing SD I Prevail Set It Off Broadside
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