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  1. I’d say maybe March, if not April, if not May, if not June. Probably not July.
  2. They did tweet news coming soon back when they were advertising The 1975. Alas, that’s all we have.
  3. Like it’s been said before it might be two days?
  4. He, definitely looking two days of community I reckon.
  5. https://www.haringey.gov.uk/libraries-sport-and-leisure/parks-and-open-spaces/events-and-activities/events-parks/large-and-major-events/2020-finsbury-park-festivals
  6. Ohhhh to playyyyyyyy not headlineeeeeeee. I mean the bill as in like the vibe for Community sorry 😩
  7. Rex Orange County could be in with a shout. Kind of fits the bill..
  8. Well blow me (not like that obv), I can't believe I did not hear or see anything of the sort. Either I wasn't looking hard enough or not looking in the right place.
  9. Wait what did APE do? When? Who?
  10. Never heard of that festival, thanks for mentioning it, I’m interested!
  11. Sly hint from Scott Mills yesterday that Gerry Cinnamon is going to be there, makes sense really.
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