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  1. I love that tune, reminds of waiting for Arcadia show at Glastonbury. It’s stuck ever since.
  2. I don’t why, but I assumed it was going to be live, but it seems it was filmed a few weeks back.
  3. Same here with most of them names! Mad to think it was actually at V Festival.
  4. Yeah I went to Chelmsford for a few years, I also have good memories. If it ever came back, even with a shit line-up, I’d go back. I’ve seen some top artists there.
  5. Am surprised Jess Glynne wasn’t asked to play (!). She was always there when I was there. Hmph.
  6. Did we even establish if it was going ahead this year pre-c*ntvid-19? i hope it’s back next year.
  7. LOL. typical V line-up though. https://www.virginmedia.com/virgin-tv-edit/tv/v-festival-2020?buspart=uk_ps_b_cable_GOOGLE_consideration_Branding_V-Fest_Exact_Branding_V-Fest_Exact_v+festival
  8. No - it’ll be a bit diverse than that.
  9. Pretty sure it’s going to be in Coventry, quoted from the annual BBC report 17/18. Do not ask how I came on to reading it.
  10. What’s the betting, that when they re-play a previous live Big Weekend set, someone’s going to complain to BBC because there’s a crowd..
  11. I’m happy about that, already requested transfer tickets. Although, I dread to think what situation we are all going to be in next year..
  12. I’m not excited by it. I’m past the whole ‘from home ‘ thing now.
  13. Urgh. Just why, call it Virtual Weekend.
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