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  1. No - it’ll be a bit diverse than that.
  2. Pretty sure it’s going to be in Coventry, quoted from the annual BBC report 17/18. Do not ask how I came on to reading it.
  3. What’s the betting, that when they re-play a previous live Big Weekend set, someone’s going to complain to BBC because there’s a crowd..
  4. I’m happy about that, already requested transfer tickets. Although, I dread to think what situation we are all going to be in next year..
  5. I’m not excited by it. I’m past the whole ‘from home ‘ thing now.
  6. Urgh. Just why, call it Virtual Weekend.
  7. I guess, I just can’t see it happening imo.
  8. I can’t see the BBC giving the budget for 2 Big Weekends tbh.
  9. That was Radio 2 though. Like people have said it's always been in the City of Culture.. so fingers crossed.
  10. Yeah I'm sad 😞 Was meant to be going to The 1975 aswell, surprised nothings been said on that yet. I wonder if it'll get rescheduled to August/September?
  11. What do you mean? Yep, it's a dead cert for me, if it's in Coventry 👿
  12. Won’t be the same line-up. They’ll be other things planned years ago that they’ll do. It’ll just be the same artist they rebook every year. Looking at you Rita Ora, i hope it’s in Coventry. Doubt it’ll be split site. Don’t think this year cancellation warrants for it to go mega.
  13. Katy Perry, Eminem, Rihanna, Artic Monkeys and Matt Terry 👍🏼
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