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  1. So, did we ever find out why Rag ‘n Bone got removed?
  2. So since Wireless has been announced as 3rd - 5th July 2020, I'd be guessing Community will be Sunday 28th June. Good back-up plan (again) if i'm not at Glastonbury 🤪
  3. Bad as this sounds; kind of not shocked tbh.
  4. What was all this stuff I was reading about people making a sudden run to the exit?
  5. NickisGinger

    2020 wishlists

    Shotgun catching the wig. Then recycling it.
  6. Will there be any cheap tickets for Robbie? 🙇🏼‍♂️ Asking for a friend (legit). I’ve told her probably best bet is Twickets.. but, just in case I miss anything...
  7. NickisGinger

    2020 wishlists

    Pink. Saw her at Wembley whilst crying about Glastonbury. She can fly round the pyramid field all she likes. She’s great.
  8. Brawl? I call that a bog standard fight. I was expecting like when everyone broke in the site few years back. J Hus is replacing tomorrow.
  9. This was my first Community after two years of pulling out last minute. Wasn’t sure what I was expecting but it was bloody great. Aside the great music, the best bit was finding the quiet green corner, through the trees, (top right of map). No queue for toilets/bars/food between acts. I would definitely up for George Ezra here next year.That’d be perfect.
  10. I always thought that meant the artists have recently brought out new music. Saying that, that’s pretty much everyone on the entire line up.
  11. The main stages are very Capital Fm’ish minus a few. edit: Also does the main stage end at 10pm again?
  12. I can’t believe people are selling their tickets for £100ea and people are interested. Truly disgusted from what I’ve seen on Twitter.
  13. Going off key a little bit, Luton is going put in a bid to become City of Culture (😂) in 2025. So if it happens and it’s successful, it’s going to be the first time it’s near me! (Unless it comes this way before then).
  14. What happened last year? Was thinking of going..
  15. Does the fact Festival Republic are once again helping with this, explain why tickets aren’t free anymore? or am I just thinking crap
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