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  1. Great line up for me, and so far it looks like the date and vaccination program will suit it. Fuck it, I'm there!
  2. Did anyone watch the Copping interview with Kerrang this morning? There was some brief talk about the festival layout and that they're mostly happy with it. Whereas last year they were talking repeatedly about the non-arena areas being completely re-jigged. It felt to me like a contradiction in plans. Or maybe I'm over analysing.
  3. That 'Phil Campbell & The Bastards Sons Play Motorhead' show must be a shoo-in surely (Graspop has 'em booked). That's got to be an Andy Copping wet dream.
  4. Running shoes required for the Gojira > Mastodon > Sepultura trifecta
  5. Coincidentally, I made a nerd chart averaging out the numbers on the last few year's posters. Based on that, we 'should' be seeing another 25 names across the four arena stages. It was quite a nostalgia exercise too.
  6. Can see Megadeth or Bullet in that slot.
  7. There's a couple on that latest Graspop announcement that could slip into that Friday second stage slot (just noticing that the Zippo brand is removed from 2020 & 2021 posters). Once those start popping up on some of the other euro festival line ups it'll be more evident.
  8. You're correct. The Distillers aren't headlining second. If you want an idea of overlaps and clashes, look at the Clashfinder website for previous year's Downloads. Ps. This wasn't supposed to be replying to you Jump lol
  9. Announcement mostly as expected. A little worried that ten months might not afford enough time to bitch about clashes.
  10. If you canvassed the core Download customers who they'd rather spend their Saturday night watching, Korn or Biffy, I don't think there'd be much of a shock result. Biffy's more recent poppier material clearly precludes them as Download Festival headliner stock. Well, 'clearly' to everyone except the man with the chequebook. It doesn't mean they don't have the stature to headline elsewhere, just not Download.
  11. One thing's for sure, there'll be no surprises.
  12. Which will rely heavily on the Botox industry coming out of furlough. 🙊
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