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  1. Unfortunately for us, it seems to be a nothing story. Some faceless Aussie rapper made some accusations about their relationship in a song. But who hasn't? I believe the yout call this a "dis track".
  2. The line up was really good before yesterdays announcement. As good as I've seen in ages. Yesterdays announcement was also really good. So why does it feel unbalanced now? Maybe the Slayer & Die Antwotsit positioning?
  3. Have they got any post-May dates announced? Could be waiting to try and flog their own tour before announcing their festival dates.
  4. I tried on my work pc (don't care if that one gets contaminated 8^D). Just said it's not available. Crisis averted.
  5. Probably not too far away. Definitely the balance that LN try to achieve.
  6. Disturbed talking about extensive touring next year; and the new album due out, which David reckons will be their "Black Album". Can definitely see them getting a leg up from third. Maybe not quite headliner material, but not a million miles away if the new material goes down well.
  7. There's a thing about it on the website too. Secret location performances . Mildly intriguing
  8. Bloody hell! Just gave them a Spotify try-out. A Flood of Light is a truly incredible track. Loving this band.
  9. Ha! maybe that's just one too many fusions for my meagre tastes
  10. Anyone listened to Zeal & Ardor? Honestly can't wrap my head around it, not sure how it'll go down.
  11. I'm calling Phil Campell and The Bastard Sons. The crystal ball says Sunday
  12. Download Paris is announcing 6pm tomorrow. So assuming we'll get the same.
  13. It's his farewell solo tour yeah? (That's the justification Graspop are using anyway). Do we know if Zakk will be playing for him?
  14. This time around has been like watching a car crash in slow motion. I almost don't want to see the results. Bollox. Of course I do.
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