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  1. Rival Sons announced for GMM, would be nice to see them again. Just need to brush up on me pi$$ed up dad dancing.
  2. 2018 was Frontgate. Your ticket reference number will be an 8 digit number.
  3. The free membership says, " Tier Two Pre-Sale Access " The $40 membership says, " pre-sale access when available" Wondering what the specific differences are(?)
  4. I'd all but given up on next summer's lamefest options. Was just going to gigdive here and there instead. This has completely fcuked my plans up. (In a good way).
  5. Perfect. Great answer thanks.
  6. Graspop looks like the favoured option now. Definitely need a break from the Download routine. Can I ask a dumb question (or two) please? The Vouchers/Tokens thing, I assume they're for beers/food/merch/whatever(?) Is there a no cash policy there?, or do do they accept both?, can we buy more there periodically?
  7. That announcement has made my mind up. Dull, dull dull
  8. Assuming it'll be fairly similar to the Graspop list, excepting one or two.
  9. Missed out too. Despite completely being on the ball. Maybe there was an expectation that Hellfest would offer something different to the rest of the euro festival touring dross.
  10. Didn't get Glastonbury tickets, Download has managed to finally turn me off altogether. Hellfest it is then. Anyone ever been?
  11. Download Paris is on a different weekend this time round. (end of May) I'm assuming they'll have a different stock of headliners? Any opinions?
  12. I thought Ozzy in '18 was Download's white flag for ever being a trailblazer festival. But SOAD? As I said a couple of pages ago, as much as I love them, would be like completely throwing in the towel for Copping and co. Add Kiss to it, and I'll have find even worse metaphors.
  13. There's only ever been one guy on here who's source and input could be taken as gospel. Unfortunately he got sworn to secrecy a couple of years ago because, you know, Live Nation like to keep it a surprise.
  14. Sam Allardyce has been linked with the position according to his agent ?
  15. Is there no BOA forum on here? Or have I missed something obvious?
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