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  1. Matt42


  2. Matt42

    2019 Headliners

    Noel has been schooled by liam. I’m impressed with Liam’s ability to basically turn his career around. You can disagree but I think Liam is now bigger solo than Noel in his peak
  3. I disagree, I think the popular festivals are changing In my opinion, Glastonbury, Boomtown, Parklife are more popular than Reading, V/Rize etc - there's been a shift in popularity - these festivals are capturing an audience that the past 'big hitters' fail to grasp. For example, those three are popular because they have gained a loyal crowd that go every year - Reading etc is completely dependant on booking acts to draw people in - it's not the festival itself that draws people in anymore
  4. Matt42


    We had volruptus play his first UK show at our event on Sunday. Was absolutely bonkers I didn't think i'd ever enjoy gabber
  5. Matt42


    I'm 21 and I barely watch any tv - It's not exactly a 'getting older thing'. I feel like what is shown on tv is getting further and further away from reality and it's warping the public. Maybe it was always like this and i'm just being ignorant, but i'm seeing how unrealistic standards of living are trickling out of the screen and influencing the lives of many people. Take Love Island for example, it's shite tv and enticing because it presents a standard of living that very few people actually relate to... maybe that explains it's popularity, but I worry for my younger cousins etc growing up in such a media heavy world.
  6. Matt42

    2019 Stage Predictions

    Chemical Brothers on other stage is not a disappointment though is it? Probably the best set I’ve seen at the festival (2015). if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Plus frees up some of the fee and is an easy name to split crowds
  7. Matt42


    Completely missed Fever Ray because I was a bit... you know Yeah way too many people in that festival, sound was shit and the crowd was a bit iffy. Had fun but I dunno if i'd go again. Also Daphni played probably one of the most tragic sets I've ever seen.
  8. Matt42


    Field Day was an odd one. Quite hot and I was only in a t shirt and shorts. Also the sound in the barn was awful! The Avalon Emerson, Helena Hauff, Daniel Avery closer of the RA tent saved the day though
  9. Matt42

    2019 Headliners

    If this is Nick Cave’s peak than then damn. I’l upgrade my 10 to 100 bands that would probably be asked first.
  10. Matt42

    2019 Headliners

    They never actually teased glastonbury in this but it is interesting. I feel with the 1975 they are missing something really world shaking for me to consider them as headliners. While the last album did well I feel like they need something a bit harder hitting. Let’s see how this album goes http://stagedoor.fm/2018/06/01/the-1975-tease-glastonbury-2019-headline-slot/
  11. Matt42

    2019 Headliners

    If they were gonna give someone the size of Nick Cave a chance at headlining there’s probably about 10 other bands that would probably get asked first
  12. Matt42

    2019 Stage Predictions

    Slightly ambitious Fri Arctic Monkeys Lana Del Rey Childish Gambino Other: The Chemical Brothers Sat Fleetwood Mac Catfish & The Bottlemen Ariana Grande Other: Jamie XX Sun Depeche Mode Stormzy Janelle Monae Kylie Minogue (legend) Other: Disclosure
  13. Matt42

    2019 Headliners

    It would be a great booking but you've answered your own question - they are a band that are unwilling to take a pay cut and Glastonbury isn't in the position to pay the fees. Unless something changes it's unlikely to happen. Over the years my attitudes towards headliners have changed. As a kid going to festivals I always wanted headliners that fit my tastes and ones that would tick off 'must sees' on my list. Now since i've started in my recent years really loving the festival for reasons beyond big acts i'm not too bothered. If GNR were booked i'd probably go and i'd probably have a good time so why not. I'm more open-minded to anything that they'd book now. I feel the festival continues to be exciting when it books a huge variety of acts and stuff that is difficult to see. I'm quietly hoping that Fleetwood Mac end up playing (after years of me slating them on these forums as some users may remember).
  14. Matt42

    Worst Headliner?

    I don't think Arctic Monkeys 2013 performance was bad. I actually really enjoyed it. Their set at Reading and T and the Park however was very boring in comparison - Glastonbury's was miles ahead better. I'd have to say the worst i've seen (a part off) was probably ed sheeran. My group had never seen him before and wanted to see a bit but after 4 songs I was begging we went somewhere else. It didn't help that the 2017 Sunday night had a pretty poor lineup either. Kinda left my 2017 on a bit of a low I also enjoyed Kanye
  15. Matt42

    What are you doing instead of Glastonbury this year?

    My part time job is by the Olympic Stadium. Today after I finished my shift I sat outside the stadium with a beer with a mate and we could hear the stones clear as day. Mick sounded great and the set list was top. Made me miss big gigs though. Feeling the Glasto hole right now