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  1. New Shed album sounding very nice https://ostgut.bandcamp.com/album/oderbruch
  2. E/D thread peeps... my wife got through to get us tickets during the coach sale, luckily, as I got absolutely nowhere in that sale as well as the general sale on Sunday trying to help others out. As others have said, I am more than happy to help out on here when the resale happens. As far as who I would like to see this year, Palmsy closing out a stage one morning would be nice, maybe the Temple? Also, Axel Boman or perhaps a Studio Barnhus takeover. Dixon (I am sure charges a massive fee) could do some serious damage on the Iicon stage. Caribou playing their new song Home whilst headlining the Park stage could be a very special moment as well. Bonobo is about due for a return too I would say.
  3. This new Barker album is gorgeous https://sambarker.bandcamp.com/album/utility
  4. Sounds incredible, what a great run of music. Gotta love Sonar and BCN
  5. Yes, jealous of you. Make sure you leave a nice amount of time if traveling from by Day to by Night. Also, we never quite got down how to get back to the hotel efficiently from by night as uber wasn't allowed at the time and cabs were really hard to come by. Other than that, it is really well run and you will surely have an incredible time. Check out an off party on Sun if you are not completely spent. Enjoy!
  6. Appreciate that. Yeah Genosys was definitely positioned differently this year (I'm a bit of a map nerd). Seems like they plopped it right where London Underground used to be.
  7. Alright E/D thread peeps. Here is my novel of a recap for anyone who is so inclined, a vague recollection of dance acts we saw this year Kicked things off Thurs afternoon at the Yacht Rock party at Williams Green which far exceeded expectations. Then it was the George Fitzgerald live set in the Glade. Packed to the gills but really fun and gorgeous with the sun beginning its setting outside the tent. Next, it was off to Laurence Guy at the Gully Blues. Beautiful stage, ample room, a nice chilled out Thursday party. The Beat Hotel on the other hand, well let's just say we gave it about 5 mins before leaving Job Jobse due to the crowds to head to the disco of silence (sue me). I'd just like to point out that I am a big fan of the new Sonic design. On Friday we flitted about stopping in and out of the Wow outdoor party. Fun times yes, but for me, hard to really surrender oneself to the party in the heat, knowing how much day, night, and festival still lay ahead. In the early evening it was George Fitzgerald djing in the Beat Hotel with a crowd of literally 5 other people, the majority of which seemed to be in a state of mind that meant they didn't necessarily seek out being there, more so just wound up there. Probably the one and only time we will see him in that setting. Palmsy was a solid as always closing to the BH that evening. Then a nice Bimble to the SE corner where we witnessed IICON for the first time after succesfully avoiding both online and real life spoilers up that point. Stunning visually but the musical stylings of the Zenker Bros were not really for the Mrs, so it was aimless bimbling about the rest of the SE Corner for the reminder of the evening (morning). Saturday was our most robust day, starting off with the surprise Vampire Weekend set and the Four Tet morning set in Stonebridge which I did not expect to be at capacity after the 2016 set which was relatively empty. Great kickoff to the day though. Shoutout to the Bimble Inn bartenders for getting us up and running. Bands were seen, naps were taken, Greenfields were strolled. But that's not what this thread is about. On the dance side of the spectrum, things kicked off with my second favorite set of the weekend - Midland in the Beat Hotel. Had high hopes for this as he doesn't come to NY that often, or as often as I would like that is, but it lived up to and exceeded expectations, with a Brothers cider in hand riding the post-Lizzo high. He played ABBA02 which was just too perfect, and to the nice Welsh guy chatting to us throughout on the off chance you are reading, my apologies if I ignored you but that was one tune that I just needed to experience. Next, it was off to the second Four Tet set of the day as he transitioned us rather from morning to day but this time light to dark. Musically I enjoyed his morning set much more, however standing in that Arcadia field, sun setting, in a sparse crowd ... with the full festival on view below prepping for Saturday evening ... it was quite magical. Then it was off for a song or two of Hot Chip before committing to the SE corner during the headliners for a bit of relaxed, pre-crowd exploration and acquiring of a solid spot for Bicep in the Gas Tower. Fun hour of music, but definitely beaten by HAII's exhilarating set at Genosys. Then onto Hessle Audio, which really was a lovely pairing with the sunrise. Sidenote, by this point pretty much given up on ever getting into NYC Downlow this year as the lines were obscene every time we passed by. Sunday, Peach in the Wow Tent was just the shot of energy that was needed. Anyone else there up front and see the security steward who was just so into it? Also have to say I am a big fan of the new Wow Tent. Low ceiling tent feels club-like. Teepee ness of the tent style feels very Glasto. Nice combo. The closing run of the festival began with Eats Everything in the Temple with a surprising amount of room around us up on one of the 'balconies'. Probably the most obnoxious crowd I encountered all weekend though with nos canisters basically raining down the steps behind us throughout the entire set. Also actually had an encounter with someone who pulled a glowstick off of me then yelled at me in a very hostile way when I turned around and asked for it back. The irony of it all was that I had a pocket full of the things ready to gift to people, people who were nice that is. Pretty shocking stuff. But I guess its a Temple crowd thing? That said, it was still a fun time and watching the giant white balloons bounce around the crowd was rather pleasing to our 5-day-straight-party-addled minds. After a bit of Eris Drew, which was sounding great mind you, the desire for a change of scenery was more compelling so it was off to the Gas Tower for the Seth Troxler secret set which was perfect palate cleanser with ample room to dance. Then my favorite set of the weekend, our closing set of the weekend, Felix Dickinson. What a way to finish. If anyone has any ID's please do post! If anyone saw that attempt at a conga line front right, well, yeah we were in that. Had so much potential but I think the person who initiated it was not quite in a state to be piloting a conga line (hell who of us was at that point). Hope everyone else had a fab festival ✌️ Oh, here's some things I heard over the weekend Palms Trax - Beat Hotel Midland - Beat Hotel Four Tet - Pangea Bicep or HAII can't remember Seth Troxler - Gas Tower (I think?)
  8. Tried twice, failed twice. For the Saturday Klubnaght that is, not sure if Friday party is more forgiving. That said though, I would recommend having a solid contingency plan. There's endless good bars and clubs in Kreuzberg/Neukolln/Friedrichshain. I really enjoy the ones with the good outdoor chill out spots on the rivers and whatnot... Kater Blau, Griessmuehle, Ipse, Chalet (RIP). Maybe because that sort of thing is so unheard of here where I am from.
  9. Sometimes I can't help but wonder if it a placebo effect, but I generally like to kick the night off with one or two if it is on offer Blasphemy
  10. But you gotta love that the bars have Club Mate
  11. Time Being

    Photos please

    Even cooler than i was expecting ? Its really amazing how the festival transforms from day to night.
  12. Time Being

    Photos please

    ?i can give it a try when back at a computer ?
  13. Time Being

    The Streets

    Is his banter normally that er... vibrant? Myself and the mrs thought he for sure must have been on something, noone else around us seemed to be minorly shocked by his incoherency mind you. Also we were one of the many well outside the tent so maybe we were missing something.
  14. Time Being

    Photos please

    Wow very cool! Someone needs to make this into a gif
  15. Will post more of a recap of my experience when back home in a week or so but quickly to say highlights were midland beat hotel and felix dickinson closing genosys. Would love to know of any specific songs people heard played back at the Farm. Hope all had a great festival
  16. Leaving NYC tomorrow night for Copenhagen for a few days before the festival. Lotta NY'ers going it sounds like
  17. Time Being

    Shangri-La Map

    Yeah I believe the Gas Tower was previously where Clash now is. A redesigned Gas Tower makes sense as Shangri La were posting about collecting plastic from beaches to build the stage.
  18. I've been wondering the same myself
  19. Oh yeah, would love to be there myself but it's no contest
  20. Life and Death's Barcelona soiree is streaming today, should make for some nice packing listening https://boilerroom.tv/session/life-and-death
  21. ISHMAEL ENSEMBLE CROISSANT NEUF Sunday, 16:00 - 17:00
  22. Must see for me is George Fitzgerald in the Glade, then probably Palms Trax either or both of his sets.
  23. Thinking on it a bit more though, thing is Chase and Status were on site in 2013 headlining the Other if memory serves. Whereas this year they are not playing. That said, wondering if Chemical Brothers are more likely as the TBA.
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