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    I know it's more money & might not be an option for you, but if you can, go to a good boot shop, get them to assess the fit of your boots & recommend insoles that are right for your foot shape. No one brand or product will be right for everyone. If that's a no-go, then whichever you go for, buy them ASAP and try them out on a couple of longish walks between now & the festival!! You really don't want to discover they're not comfy on day 1 & be stuck with them for the duration.
  2. Have a look at PAYG SIM packages, not 30-day contract pay monthly - massive difference in cost 😉 Alternatively as I previously shared, PlusNet Mobile use EE network and have cheaper SIM only plans.
  3. There's absolutely no right answer to this question 😉 Preferred campsites are a frequent topic of discussion, you could probably find passionate advocates for every single camping field on the site - it's a very personal choice! The link I shared upthread gives you a good overview of all the camping fields. You then just have to think about where you want to be, and what experience you want to have. It sounds like you've got a good reason to be near Gate B, so yeah, Big Ground makes sense. You could also consider Kidney Mead although be warned the south-west corner of that field is near one of the largest & busiest toilets on site, so maybe stay away from there. If I was you, I'd go for Big Ground, get in as promptly as you can and just accept you probably won't get your group's tents pitched right next to each other. Then just get on & have a great time! 😄
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    Worth pointing out, you get the £20 back if you actually turn up - it's a deposit to help prevent no-shows.
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    Interesting selection of titles... I'd quite like to see the Mutoid one but zero chance I'll be there at 9:45 Saturday evening 😂 When it talks about guest DJs, do their sets also go through headphones or is there actually a PA? I can't quite picture the setup...
  6. Bloody hell and I thought I was committed to coolbox preparation! 😂
  7. Anything that’s properly cold works. When I can be bothered to get properly organised I use an old ice oblong ice cream container to make about 9 massive ice blocks - they fill the space inside the cool box more effectively than frozen bottles. You want to try to fill it as completely as possible for effective pre-cooling - I normally also squeeze in some packets of frozen veg or chips, stuff that doesn’t matter too much if it defrosts slightly. 🙂 How long…? Probably about 4-6 hours ish, you want long enough that the cold stuff you’re putting in sucks as much heat as possible out of the coolbox, but not so long that the whole lot starts to warm back up again. Depends a lot on ambient temperature, if the weather is cool you can probably leave it overnight but not for a whole day in the middle of a heatwave. If you really want to go to town, you can pre-cool twice, swapping out a fresh load of sacrificial cold stuff. Leave it till the last minute to load it up with drinks and food, and make sure everything going in is as cold as possible. For anything that shouldn’t be frozen like cans of beer & cider I chill them in the fridge for at least a day beforehand then get them in the freezer for a last boost of around 30-60 minutes… you want them as close to zero as possible! If you put a cup of fridge cold water in the freezer at the same time you can use that as an indicator, when it starts icing up time to take the booze out. For anything that can be frozen, get it in the freezer for 3 days or longer so it’s well and truly frozen through. If your freezer has a “power freeze” or similar mode use this to get it even colder, mine gets down to about -25 doing this. I generally freeze a bunch of bottles of still water plus any still mixers or pre-mixed spirits like vodka & orange juice. These act as ice packs, no point wasting coolbox space on those silly plastic things. 😁 If you’re taking more drinks than fit in the coolbox & plan to replenish each day, then try to get the new cans you’ll be putting in as cold as possible first. Bit tricky if it’s scorching but putting under the tent groundsheet overnight works, as does a bucket of cold tap water. Even just taking them a few degrees below ambient helps. I’m not personally convinced about using loose ice cubes for packing a coolbox for Glastonbury. It helps fill up the box to avoid air space inside, but it makes it a lot harder to add & remove things. And unlike more normal camping trips, it’s less likely you’ll be sitting around at the tent wanting some ice for your cocktails… Try to mimimise how often you open the coolbox, this makes a big difference. If it’s really hot, then you might want to soak a towel and drape it over the coolbox before you head out for the day. I have a Coleman Xtreme myself and love it - so good to have cold drinks right through to Sunday 🍻
  8. If anyone really wants to be prepared and isn't currently on EE, PlusNet Mobile uses their network and looks like the cheapest on a rolling 30-day plan. Only if your phone is unlocked, obvs. 😉 I'm just gonna hope for the best with my normal Voxi (Vodafone) SIM.
  9. ISTR I was one of them. Not even daring to look, don't want to bring back those memories... 😂
  10. I thought that although EE obviously make a big PR splash that they're running the infrastructure, they actually support all networks on site, not just their own. I can't find any evidence to support that on Google though so maybe I'm wrong... 🤔 Certainly last time I went in 2016 I has absolutely no issues with signal anywhere on site with Vodafone - FaceTimed my wife at home several times and it worked fine.
  11. My children's school/nursery/Brownies are doing loads of stuff around the jubilee - bake-offs, tea parties, you name it. Obviously don't want to spoil their fun so trying to be enthusiastic about it, but honestly could not be less fussed. 😂
  12. If I'm understanding you correctly, you paid the balance for 5 tickets (or I guess fully paid for 5 resale tickets, lucky if so 😉) - is that right? If so, I think they will all come to you. Only get individually dispatched if each individual has paid their own balance.
  13. Do you use a custom size footprint sheet for your tent, or a more generic rectangular sheet? I'm just having a look at this now, doesn't look like Decathlon do a footprint for the tent I'm planning to buy.
  14. If you've been doing your research then you've probably come across this already - but just in case not! 😉 https://www.glastoearth.com/p/torts-faq-part-3.html
  15. I honestly think Glastonbury puts a lot of pressure on other festivals' pricing. When you look at all you get across 5 days, absolute world-class line up, loads of cool stuff outside just the music, all for "just" £335 (Ticket + Parking) then most other festivals don't look like great value in comparison. 😕
  16. They have both online too - it’s very confusing… Im guessing this is the one you want? Reckon I’m going for it too: https://www.decathlon.co.uk/p/3-person-blackout-poled-tent-mh100xl-fresh-black/_/R-p-331796
  17. Topic drift, but WTF was up with the screens back then? From that photo it looks like they were behind the gantries for the speaker stacks?! Can’t make sense of it. 🤔
  18. It looks like this was a genuine last minute addition to the set 😃 - from the organist on Twitter. Fabulous stuff.
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    Prob just plain old Health & Safety innit… I guess it counts as a demolition site?
  20. OK, so your ~controversial~ opinion is that it’s wrong for the festival to even try to achieve gender balance? Because that sullies the purity of musical excellence that we could enjoy otherwise? But you can’t name a single act who is there to make up the numbers over a more “deserving” option? Sorry dude, that’s not a controversial opinion, it’s a garbage one.
  21. Yes, but who, specifically, do you think is being booked for the sake of diversity over quality? You said it, so you must have some acts in mind.
  22. I’m pretty sure EE set up an entire temporary network, so just because the area is usually 5G enabled doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get 5G during the festival. That said, I’d be surprised if they didn’t enable 5G, I think they like to show off these days how good the coverage is. 🙂
  23. Bloody hell, never mind Friday to Sunday, Thursday is going to be a clash nightmare too ain’t it. 😬 Line up is off the scale.
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