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  1. RandomBunny

    BBC Glastonbury

    Mick looks like he'll snap if he falls over
  2. RandomBunny

    BBC Glastonbury

    That home made stone circle was great! 🤣
  3. RandomBunny

    BBC Glastonbury

    This is magical. Sad not there, but really glad they're broadcasting from it
  4. Davey Malone is live streaming now. He's one of Hobo Jones and the Junkyard Dogs. Folk singer. https://www.facebook.com/davey.malone/videos/3070292296323185/?notif_id=1584909281422991&notif_t=live_video
  5. Bought some little packs of tissues to use as toilet paper (eco friendly kind) and started packing ?
  6. Or does anyone know the best place to sell it?
  7. I accidentally have a car parking ticket I don't need. I don't really want to lose money but at the same time I appreciate most people who need will just buy on the gates. I'm happy to offer it to someone for less than I paid. Anyone interested?
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