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  1. Thanks everyone, the original plan had been a glasto proposal seeing as that's where we first met, but given the unfortunate cancellation and the lack of certainty of events later in year I decided not to wait. Wasnt the special proposal Emily deserved but fingers crossed there will be time to make up for that at a later date.
  2. Just popping in to say I Hope every one is well. Last few weekends have been good for me, got engaged and had my birthday but a quieter one ahead, probably just stay in as usual. Stay safe, seen you all next year NFR NFC
  3. Drawn back into efests by stonecircles post, disappointed by the news but it's the reality we're all facing and once covid-19 broke out I expected most of 2020 to be cancelled. I just hope every one stays well and healthy, I've been told to self isolate today by work due to the boy having a cough. Stay positive as much as you can, keep praying to the sun gods, warm weather will help people and hopefully after a few weeks disruption life can resume as normal and that hopefully I get to bump into you all on the farm on 2021 NFR NFC
  4. I believe you @danpeake27. The acts mentioned are very in keeping with the type of acts and quite a few returning acts in the ones you've mentioned. I reckon Foals will headline Glastonbury within the next couple of years so they arent a bad draw for kendal calling
  5. Would Supergrass get a headline slot these days? I think at kendal with them doing the double headliner thing that the could get a similar slot to doves last year, bill it as a double header with maybe a more up and coming band like blossoms or even foals
  6. Busy isnt a bad thing old son. I dont get anywhere as much free thinking time in my current job, been here 9 months and they've flew by. I'm not unsatisfied with macca myself curly. Just hope it's someone decent subbing him as I think we'll have to get there early for the usual pitch. He'll top Josh's want to see list so I hope there's no-one else I want to see saturday night
  7. Hello all, hope folks round these parts are well. The boy is chuffed with the Beatle announcement so it's time to step up the sun God praises, I've slacked a bit these past few years Praise to Amaterasu, shine your bright light down upon us I'm June
  8. Pleased to hear a couple of you got through tonight. Fingers cross for the rest on Sunday. Keep the faith, everyone will be successful
  9. Good luck in the resale for all the ticketless members of the group Mine bought and paid for but I'm struggling to get approval from work now for the time off. I may be in the realistic position of having to quit my job if I want to go this year. Its crazy
  10. Happy balance paying week everyone, may the gods bring sunshine to everyone's lives and to the festival
  11. that downpour during dubioza kolektiv set was awesome and quite refreshing, didn't dampen peoples spirits at all around me, though I did have to nip back to the tent for a change of clothes afterwards Id not relised that's why jake bugg was late on, I though he was just a bit tardy with his time keeping ha
  12. Emily Capell is worth a watch on the Saturday in Chai Wallah,
  13. reckon that will be it now in terms of line up If anyones beat 9 let me know and i'll get you a pint on saturday
  14. I'm another who like Kontiki Suite and hope to be there for this one Yam Riot has a good batch of local bands on this year, it'll be worth popping in at any time over the weekend
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