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  1. looooooooool! We saw the paragliders (I'm pretty sure we saw two) come dropping in and wondered what the fuck was going on. Can't have been a Glastonbury-type fence jumper because tickets weren't difficult to come by at all, but how the fuck do you end up paragliding into a fucking festival by accident? Hope the guy who's tent it was got to give the paraglider a very hard punch by way of thanks. Presume nobody was hurt? Could've been really really nasty if there had been somebody in the tent. Quite worrying to think about what could've happened if children were in the tent.
  2. It's 22 you flannel! Feel like it would be top level 🤡 shit to announce tour dates rn, but lots of artists are doing it anyway
  3. CND lock up would take bikes I think?
  4. Aieee that's undesirable. Is this because of distance or traffic?
  5. There is! Nicely remembered, I'd forgot about that one. The walled garden is full of stuff come to think of it, there's a very nice burger, some manner of SE Asian food (I remember being quite drunk but eating something delicious with chopsticks), and the sushi burritos.
  6. Just checked google maps and looks like I've got a 5+ hour drive to get there/back 😨 should never have moved
  7. I've never had trouble at Glastonbury at all. So I don't know if that's just because I'm much more happy to do tent Tetris and fit into a small gap, or if there's fields I'm not camping in that do get completely stacked out quite early. I'd say that at Green Man the fields closer to Orange car park are definitely the first to fill up, but there's normally a window of a few hours after opening where you can nab a spot. But unless you've a massive tent, or are very adverse to slotting into a spot just small enough, then you're fine. Only time I'd say you need to turn up before gates to get what you want is if you're one of those groups who want to have a circle of loads of tents in a particular spot.
  8. Depends why you think you need to turn up before gates at Glastonbury. For both Glastonbury and Green Man I turned up before gates on my first year and sat waiting ages, and have turned up mid-afternoon, sailed through and camped where I please each year after.
  9. Vegan reccs (good for if you're vegan, good for if you're not vegan) The Paella stall at the top of the Mountain Stage field is the real one, do not let the weekend pass without sampling that. There's a few places in the nature/nurture bit and they're all amazing. The biggest one does a banging vegan Donner kebab box. And the coffee van in there is the best coffee at the festival for my money. Pizzas out the back of chai wallas are as good a pizza as you're likely to get at a festival, loads of options. Just along from there is a churros can. Getting a big pot of churros and going to watch a film in the cinema tent is always a personal highlight. Between Far Out and Round The Twist is Ghandi's Flip Flop, straight out of Ambleside, the culinary capital. You'll get a nice big fat plate of 3 curries, rice, popadom, Chapatti, chutney, raita, pickles. The best tenner you'll ever spend. Normally it's the last thing we treat ourselves to on the Sunday night after they've burned the big green boi. Just down from that is Flavours Of Africa, one of my all time favourite festival vendors (maybe even tied with the venerable No Bones Jones for top position?). Get your nice big bowl of jollof rice, spinach curry and fried plantain, tell the man you want the hot hot sauce, it's the real fucking deal. The super tidy Welsh burgers at the top of the Mountain field live up to the name. There's some absolutely show stopping brownies going in the Babbling Tongues field, just by the little door to the Walled Garden. There's not a food stall in the place not on their absolute A-game for me. It's very hard to actually get a bad meal there, just see what's about. (Although, having said that, I'd advise against the Hurly Burly, not what it once was. Not bad, but there's more out there).
  10. They'll be the replacements for the artists who had to pull out, announced on the socials recently. I guess things weren't finalised when the programmes were being printed.
  11. Re waterproofed my tent and cagoule. Ready to get Welsh.
  12. Clashes aren't too bad for me. Hoping I can get a decent chunk of Kelly Lee Owens in after Caribou. Thundercat vs Self Esteem is a bit of a shitter. Never managed to see a full Thundercat solo set, and probably seen Rebecca Taylor about 15-20 times across her two guises, but my partner is pretty much only into Self Esteem out of the whole lineup so that's what wins.
  13. I'll just pop on my magic hat that stops the wind from fucking with the sound 😉 (added a wink emoji so you know it's jocular and not a beef post)
  14. Don't think anybody can really predict that this year. Queues normally move pretty fast, I've never queued more than about half an hour once gates are opened from Orange car park. But there's the vaccine certificates this year; that'll presumably slow down queues, it's unknown how much by.
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