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  1. Pepsi Max Exclusive Viewing Platform ahoy Absolutely fucked it lads
  2. When I was on the arena entrances we were told to ask people who walked in carrying cans to decant them, and if they didn't have a vessel then tell them to get one at a bar when they go in, no searches at all. Only thing we'd block people for was excessive amounts or glass, neither of which came up.

    2020 headliners

    Just like Christian Bale was four steps ahead of Bradley Cooper in American Hustle, then Bradley Cooper was four steps away from me in Strummerville.

    2020 headliners

    Tom from Kasabian texting Prince links to the 2014 headliner thread going "peep them Eavises leaking your name to these dweebs to sell tickets, you gonna take that shit?", in between becoming involved in road accidents where his dad gets knocked over.
  5. I'm not taken in by the song by fuck me I have got so much time for that video
  6. Just checking that Green Man can usually be banked upon to fall on the weekend before the Bank holiday weekend? I've got a wedding that weekend next year, so gonna have to miss my first Green Man since I started going, which does sting a bit. Please no Sufjan or Joanna Newsom next year! Glastonbury weekend is being suggested for the stag do now, gonna have to put a stop to that talk.

    2020 headliners

    Elton, AC/DC and Fleetwood Mac for 2020? Get all the old gits in before they die, or fall out again, or fall out again and then die.
  8. I went to the tribute on Thursday. We got there as Frank Turner started playing. I thought it was really emotional, a great spot for it and a very nice tribute to Scott, I think he'd have been proud.
  9. Do OMD have other bops on the same level as Enola Gay? That's the only one I know, but it's the greatest song of all time.

    2020 headliners

    I got real weirded out up at Dexys Midnight Runners. It's a funny place the Acoustic stage.

    2020 headliners

    Auld tramp's piss, she's not coming back.
  12. 😂😂😂 You win!
  13. Enjoying the "standards of the day were the standards of the day and therefore definitely right" angle. All that racism, sexism, homophobia, weird guys in their mid 20s marrying girls who were 15 so they could have a wife who was their subordinate and easy to push around and couldn't scare them by having prior sexual experience, and those baaaaad princess Di haircuts that were all the rage for a while; those things were fine. Yup.
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