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  1. I would say 0 likely. It's the main car park and I've never seen it filled. I did a few stewarding hours waving cars in on a Saturday afternoon and there was still space. (Imagine showing up on the Saturday afternoon tho).
  2. The CD, with The Lakes added on, came out right before we took a 4 day holiday in Ambleside last year. Got the CD for the trip down, started playing it in the car when we reach the lakes are were driving round the country lanes. Actually heard The Lakes for the first time as we were driving through Windermere. Then the second time I heard it was that evening when we were sat out on the little patio we had outside our hotel room. Nice beer, some Bombay mix (the absolute boss of all snacks), with all the lights off watching the bats fly around and looking at the actual fucking stars in the sky which you can see there. Started talking about how our jobs are remote now, and if we want we can just leave Manchester and move up here and have a bit of space. And now we have. If I want to see if those Windermere Peaks look like the perfect place to cry I just look out of my window in the morning. Beginning of last year was a difficult time for me in a lot of ways. I put a lot into the 2019 election and was pretty mentally broken by the result. Started reading everything in the news and catastrophising about it all. Would go out in public and just feel like I fucking hated everybody around me, like they'd all wounded everybody I know for selfish reasons by voting Tory. Every constituency I doorknocked in voted Tory, and I took it hugely personally that me and a load of other local working class people had gone to our own areas and tried to talk to people who we felt were like us and in a similar situation to us and tried to appeal to them for us to vote to help each other out. Felt like the society I lived in had told me to get fucked by instead listening to upper class twats in expensive suits and news w*nkers who didn't give a shit if they live or die. Then the pandemic came in, a few of my friends lost parents and grandparents in the first wave, just before lockdown or during the initial weeks. Again I obsessively read the news the entire time, knew exactly what the death figures were every day, and it would really get to me to see people breaking the rules. Our neighbours at the time would throw multiple big house parties every week. All of that, along with being in the house 100% really really fucked me up. Got into some bad frame of mind that scares the shit out of me to think back on now. Folklore came out just as I was starting to sort myself out. Got sorted out with somebody to talk to about it all by my work, cut myself from news as much as poss, started exercising every day, eating properly, having a shower and getting dressed in the morning. Booked a holiday, started making plans to move house. Lover is the album that really has the themes of putting your shit that wounds you and things you can't change behind you and focusing on what you love instead, so I did listen to that a lot as well. But those themes are still there to an extent on Folklore, especially on The Lakes. So yeah Folklore for me is very important, because it reminds me of getting better. I know it's all very first world problems, there's people with real shit going on in their lives that they can't just fix by deciding to stop thinking about. But for me that was significant, and it sticks with me. Cant believe it's one been one year, feels more like a thousand.
  3. You will love it. I went on my own as a steward a few years ago, probably the best festival experience I've had ever. Staff and crowds are pretty much all lovely, the site is small enough that you'd have to get quite unlucky not to get a couple of postings where you can listen to/watch a couple of bands. There's a staff bar that goes on after hours which is a nice place to go and hang out in and chat to people when everything else is shut. Also, getting up at the crack of dawn and seeing the sunrise over the mountains and light up a pristine arena with nobody in it yet is an amazing experience.
  4. Nubya Garcia, Steam Down, Thundercat, Self Esteem on the Sunday 😮
  5. That Friday night looks like it's gonna be Nadine Shah > Georgia > Caribou > Kelly Lee Owens with probably some Ross From Friends and/or Charlotte Church in there. Gonna be fucking ☠️ afterwards. Amazing stuff
  6. How have they managed this? Lineup is an absolute banger!
  7. On one hand I'd like to see a lineup On the other hand the lineup could be Morrissey, Lawrence Fox and Country Winston and I wouldn't be arsed
  8. I'm releasing all sorts right now
  9. " Well, today the news we have been waiting for!! Though we have been working over the last few months there are somethings that we have not been able to sort out until the Welsh Government made there announcements today. Please look out for emails in the next few weeks as we finalise our plans and help us by responding quickly. The next thing we have to concentrate our positive energy on is the weather!! See you in a months time!!! " ^ from the Stewarding team
  10. Sorry Tunes, never done it by bus. Probably worth me saying though that the only thing that's stopped me has been the fact that I've always had to either pick up other people in different cities, or the coach departure times not working out for me. Would've definitely done it otherwise, and would be doing this year if I still lived in Manchester. The drive is a bit of an epic. Always prefer to get the coach to a festival where I can.
  11. I don't have the words in English or Welsh to express how happy I will be if it happens
  12. My partner has become hugely aggrieved that we can't go to the first night of that because we're in Edinburgh for Lorde and we can't go to the second night when we are actually in London but at a wedding lolololol. So it would heal some wounds if it did happen, but it seems unlikely because I hear "even if you get a ticket it's 50/50 whether he'll come on, he's got a colostomy bag, his health is fucked".
  13. I reckon they're saying look it's in the middle of the country and on the main rail line between Manchester Birmingham and London so instead of playing all three and all that schlepping around you can just play here and let them come to you. And promoters are like "yeah I'm vibing with that" and not giving a shit that in the UK you can't get a train fucking anywhere after about half ten.
  14. Presumably these are now sold out for the Saturday because Travelodge site isn't giving me any MK rooms for that date. Irritating. Gonna have to stay in a AirBnB which is very not chic. Who the fuck plays Milton Keynes? I literally don't even know or care where it is. Play a real place.


    Not saying it will happen, or even that it's likely, but loads of stuff has happened that would've looked completely absurd and impossible a few years before. The festival management, the audience and its global standing is changing every year, and artists evolve as well. Ruling out anything from BLACKPINK headlining in a few years time when a massive chunk of the crowd has a DOB year in the 00s and headlining Glastonbury is such hot shit that no amount of money can buy that kind of publicity, to the festival being a complete irrelevance to Gen Z and fading down into a nostalgia weekend for middle aged people, and anything in between is silly. You just don't know how things are going to go, and more outlandish things have happened. Imagine if somebody had said in 2009 that 10 years later Hannah Montana was going to rip the pyramid stage a new one.
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