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  1. Taylor really went to some lengths to avoid putting out Cruel Summer as a video. Putting out two of her best albums as surprise releases instead, well guess what Taylor we still want that Cruel Summer video.
  2. Maybe Taylor used dark majicks to steal Joanna's will to make music and that's why Taylor's dropping tunes like salt bae drops salt grains and Joanna could not be less arsed about putting anything out. Just a theory, I have no inside info
  3. She's deffo playing. I'm very good at reading vibes and the vibe is strong here.
  4. He's not even in the top 0.1% of drummers in the Beatles
  5. August Heads! We having August at the end of June
  6. Not on Spotify but I reckon if I was then I'd be the number 1 listener. Top 0.1% is a big flex, anybody up there gets my own personal respect.
  7. Not bought the vinyl version yet (will get it if there's a black disc pressing at a non-stupid price), but I am pleased that The Lakes made it on. As far as I'm concerned that's part of the album, it's the perfect closer. It goes from Cardigan to The Lakes and The One is the bonus track. Also big fan of how Taylor made a song about cutting out all the toxic shit from your life and fucking off to live in the Lake District during the time that I'm doing exactly that 🤙
  8. It is Misery Business. Like it's just the same song.
  9. This is a wonderful phrase
  10. Our Song was the first one I heard back in the day! When I were a whippersnapper and I'd go on the blogspot sites on the school computers to read about Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance and All Time Low but also Miley Cyrus and the other Disney kids (Venn diagram of the fan bases p much a circle, people of impeccable taste) and they were all getting excited about the Taylor Swift. I streamed an agressively low quality video of that jam and I was hooked from there. The Story Of Us slaps so hard. So does Mine, so does Haunted, so does Enchanted. Innocent and Last Kiss early examples of t
  11. If she does a kind of greatest hits album of re-recorded versions of old favourites then releases it around Glastonbury time then we could be seeing overlooked stuff from Speak Now like Sparks Fly and Long Live get their due. She puts those bad boys out there in the spotlight people are going to love it. It would all be very good timing.
  12. Taylor and The Dorky Boys on Disney+, I feel truly blessed to live during these times DESPITE EVERYTHING ELSE
  13. If you ignore The One and consider The Lakes as part of the proper album then Folklore is maybe her best album I think. If there's a Glastonbury in 2021 she's on that Pyramid on the Sunday night, it's gonna be poggers.
  14. So are Taylor Swift and Paul McCartney a bubble or what? You can't just be hanging out with lads of his age like that you know.
  15. Big Christmas Tree Pharma
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