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  1. I lived in the town where Pinkpop is held, for a few years, before moving back to the UK in 2016. I'm not sure about your camping queries, as I lived literally a ten minute walk from the festival entrance, so always slept in my own bed, when I went! For travel, I guess it depends where you're coming from. You could fly to Eindhoven or Maastricht. You can then get the train from either (probably will need to change in Heerlen, to then get the train to Landgraaf, where the festival is). Another option would be to get the Eurostar to Brussels and get the train from there - I did this a couple of times, going the other way, for festivals in the UK. From what I remember, you'd need to change trains at Liege and either Maastricht or Heerlen ( I forget which). As for shops, the festival is on an old race course on the edge of a town (Landgraaf), with the campsites dotted about the town. There are 3 (small by UK standards) supermarkets in the town, Albert Heijn, Jumbo and Aldi. So you should be able to get any food and drink you need from there.
  2. LOL! I didn't go in it, but one of the guys I was with did and he said exactly the same!
  3. There was a big supermarket pretty close to the festival entrance, but we didn't go in, so no idea if you could get a gas cooker there. Not sure whether you're allowed to take them on site either? There was electric in the caravans, so you could maybe hook up a portable electric hotplate. The people in one of the caravans near us had the good sense to bring a kettle and mugs with them, so they could make their own tea/coffee - wish we'd thought of that! As for the day -1 and 0, as far as I could tell, the only difference was that some of the stages weren't open on those days. Just having a quick look through my programme, the main stage was up and running from the Monday through to the Sunday, the A38 stage was Tuesday through to Sunday and most of the other stages were Tuesday or Wednesday to the Sunday.
  4. Just had a look back at when we booked stuff. Looks like we booked our tickets and VIP camping together, back in October (which means next year's should be on sale next month, already!). We got lucky with the caravan tickets, if I remember rightly, as I happened to be looking at the website around the time they came available, and we booked them on the 10th March. From what I saw, at the festival, there was probably only 20 or 30 caravans on the site, so you have to get in there pretty quick. If you are seriously thinking about getting a caravan, then make sure you book the VIP Camping and not the Siesta, as they are totally seperate areas and the caravans are all in the VIP camping area. I have a feeling that I read somewhere that the whole festival sold out, but I'm not 100% sure on that.
  5. I stayed in one of the caravans on the VIP camping. It was a bit pricey, all in, but sleeping in a proper(ish) bed was definitely a bonus, with being there for seven nights! That said, the caravans were far from luxurious! They were just old knackered caravans that I guess nobody wanted any more. Ours had a window held together with gaffer tape and several of the door handles on the cupboards fell off through the week. Ours was pretty level, but some of the others were at interesting angles, which might have made sleeping a bit interesting! Also, our '3 person' caravan meant two people sharing a double bed! On the plus side, it did have electric, which was handy for charging phones, and we had a working fridge! The swimming pool on the VIP campsite was also great as well, with temperatures getting up to the high 20's, low 30's most of the days, jumping in the pool was the perfect hangover cure! I don't know anything about the B.my.lake festival, I'm afraid, but they were running a bus service from Sziget to B.my.lake, after Sziget finished, so I guess there must be quite a few people doing both. I don't think my body could take two solid weeks of festivals!
  6. We didn't get moving in tickets, so got there on the Monday afternoon and it already looked really busy by then, so I guess quite a lot of people got the moving in tickets. I flew direct from Amsterdam to Budapest (I live in the Netherlands). I was speaking to a Dutch friend, before I went, and he was saying that there is a Sziget train that runs from the Netherlands to the festival, especially for festival goers, which may interest you. He said it runs from Utrecht, so I'm not sure if you'd be able to get it from Amsterdam, but Utrecht is only a half hour train ride from Amsterdam.
  7. I'd agree with those sentiments. I had a great time and loved all of it, but this will most likely be my one and only Sziget. There were big parts where there wasn't any bands on that I wanted to see (especially on the Thursday, where there wasn't a single band of interest, for me!). It's not really a moan at the Sziget organisers, as they do a great job and I get that it's difficult to please everybody, but looking at this year's line up and that of previous years, the emphasis seems to be shifting towards more electronic artists, which doesn't really interest me.
  8. LOL! No thanks! I saw the real thing a couple of years ago and wasn't particularly impressed!
  9. I think I'm in the minority on the London Grammar/Clean Bandit announcement! I was really looking forward to London Grammar and really not into Clean Bandit at all. Oh well, I'm sure I'll find other ways to amuse myself!
  10. That's good to know. We have one of the caravans booked on the VIP camping, but not sure if we're going to want to sit about in the caravan - I imagine it may well be a bit of a sweat box when the sun comes out!
  11. I'm under the assumption that it's going to be a lot drier and warmer at Sziget, than at Glasto (my iphone weather app has 29-30 degrees for Budapest on Sat, Sun & Monday), so would adjust packing to suit that. So swap your Glasto wellies for some flip flops! I'm not bothering bringing a camping chair to Sziget, mostly because it'll be a pain getting it on the plane. Also not bothering with booze (can't take it into the site) or food (it sounds pretty cheap). Other than that, I don't think I've packed too differently.
  12. Phew! Got diagnosed with a lung infection last week but have just been to the doctors and been given the all clear - which means I can fly to Sziget next week! Had me worried there, for a little while! I need to get on with some frantic bag packing now, as it's only a few days until I fly! What are people doing about taking cash to Sziget? I understand the 'Festipay' system where you put money on a card and then use that, but how do people transfer money onto the card? Do you use cash or do it direct from your bank card? I'm not 100% certain that may bank card will work for this. I have a UK bank account but live in the Netherlands and find that my UK bank card doesn't work over here, when paying for stuff (it works for withdrawing money at cash machines, just not paying in shops and stuff like that). So I don't know whether to take cash over to Hungary with me, try and get some out at the airport when we arrive, or just try to add money to the 'Festipay' card direct from my bank card.
  13. Feeling very unhappy. Somebody help cheer me up. Just over a week until my flight to Sziget and I've been diagnosed with a lung infection! Currently on antibiotics, fingers well and truly crossed that I'm going to be healthy enough in a week's time.
  14. I'd be more inclined to take a backpack than a suitcase. We're staying in a caravan in the VIP too and from what I saw on the map that they had on Facebook last week, it looked like a fairly long walk from the main entrance to the VIP campsite. Not sure I'd fancy dragging a suitcase too far, but I guess it depends a bit on how big and heavy it is.
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