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  1. Penrhos

    2019 Map

    Take an extra Lenor bottle...
  2. Hmmm - So Four Tet and CamelPhat are both on the Silver Hayes lineup poster - so does that blow any chances of a SE corner set?
  3. Frittata's are a godsend if you're on WW. Chop up some peppers and onions and 3 eggs and you've got a low-point filling meal. Wholemeal porridge made with water and throw in some frozen berries for breakfast is a quick winner too. Was mine & Wife's birthday's last week -both put 1lb on so "no-point soup" and plenty of veg this week to get back on track. Still - 40" waist -> 36" waist is good news. Target is 34" for Glasto.
  4. Wife signed me up to Weight Watchers in Feb. Currently 18 lbs lost - 18 to go....
  5. Hannah Wants, Pan-pot, Four-tet, or Helena Hauff would suit me fine. or secret sets by Hot chip, Diplo or Flux Pavillion.
  6. Penrhos

    Brexit at Glasto?

    They won't have a second referendum as all parties signed up to the original one as a "Once in a lifetime opportunity" and to triggering article 50. and have been squabbling ever since. If any vote occurs it'll be described as a "confirmatory vote" and hopefully will have decent options:- Leave to WTO. Leave with TM's deal, Cancel article 50 and remain as we are now. Cancel article 50 and fully join the EU - inc Euro. As for TM - I think she'll get the push at the Tory conference (unless we can get the IRA to bomb the hotel again).
  7. Penrhos

    Brexit at Glasto?

    Here's my take on things. May was a remainer and was just giving brexit lip-service. She deliberately mislead the government and manufactured a "Brexit deal" that was so bad and convoluted it would never pass in the house in a million years, by deliberately excluding all other parties from the outset, when it came to the crunch she was always going to be outvoted by a huge margin throwing the whole process into chaos and creating major divisions in the house so all other possible scenarios would be voted down. Leaving just a "Hard Brexit to WTO" which the house would never approve a second referendum (which no MP's want and the country can't be bothered with) and rescinding article-50 (which I suspect is what she wanted all along). So mark my words "By the end of April Article-50 will be rescinded". In the meantime the Tory & Labour parties have torn themselves to pieces - making a general election unfeasible until the whole mess is resolved.. The Euro-elections in May are going to be a car-crash of anti-Tory, Anti-Labour protest votes probably resulting in Farage's lot getting more seats in the EU (which would be ironic) or hopefully the green party.
  8. Penrhos

    Brexit at Glasto?

    I was hoping it would have all blown over by the end of April and the Government had either rescinded article 50 or left on WTO rules (as they have no intention of passing TM's crap deal). Even if they promised "Referendum V2" with the options of no-deal brexit, crap-deal brexit, as you are or join the Euro and jump fully into Europe. At least it's stopped the Tories pushing further austerity down our throats and cutting services even more while they've been ripping their own party to shreds. Hopefully it'll all settle down before the next general election as the Manifestos will be comical if they haven't and worthless as the EU would have to ratify anything to do with the EU anyway. I fully intent to try and avoid the News and spend my entire time at Glasto being off my face and having a good time in the mud and no MP is going to spoil it....
  9. Penrhos

    Brexit at Glasto?

    She may emerge with some credibility but will probably loose her seat as the majority of the voters in her constituency voted "Leave". It appears there are a few in Germany that have more faith in the UK than the EU, and this is echoed in Italy, Holland, Belgium, Spain... https://youtu.be/63IcW4eo4uM https://youtu.be/Czj-e_1dkho Perhaps if both sides of the debate bothered watching any of the European coverage they would discover Brussels is the problem and needs to reform if the UK Leaves or stays - current budget demands are unsustainable and there may come a time where the UK/Germany can no longer afford to be members of the "EU club". .
  10. Penrhos

    Brexit at Glasto?

    Bored of all this now.... They won't call an election until it's sorted one way or another because both major parties will be worried that where the constituents voted "Leave" and the incumbent MP blocked it then either the other party of Farage's lot will get in as a protest vote. Same goes where it's the other way around. It's such a toxic subject that no major party would put a solid declaration about it in their manifesto. Both major parties know their current leaders are un-electable so that's another reason an election will not occur soon and if they were to go canvassing for votes they'd get a sea of abuse and threats followed by a piss-poor turnout on polling day. After all if 52% vote Labour and 48% vote Tory - then they'll argue that the manifesto's were lies and things should remain as it is now as it would be a disaster to change anything. The EU will either refuse to extend the deadline hoping that the UK will cancel article 50 as they worry that no-deal will cost jobs & votes in the EU letting the far right into power or make it until 2021 when new EU budgets are out and the UK and others loose the rebates. The danger with that is you can bet most of the UK's MEP's will be Farage's lot and would disrupt the smooth-running of the Brussels Gravy-train. Either way I can't see this farce continuing beyond April before being cancelled or kicked into the very long grass in the hope it'll blow over and can be ignored. I don't wan't anymore bad news ruining my Glasto buzz.
  11. Penrhos

    Self-Confirmed 2019

    Sub Focus - Stormzy clash would suit me just fine. Been a fan since I saw the set in the Dance tent at R&L in 2011...
  12. Penrhos

    Resale Club 2019

    Storing payment details opens a huge can-o-worms - we've spent a fortune and 3 years on an IT project to protect PII data and we're still nowhere close to closing all the holes. Securing PCI data became such a headache we've farmed it out to a 3rd party and only store "Tokens". What always puzzled me is I have a Seetickets account but it doesn't automatically link to the Glastonbury ticketing process - but would everyone after Glasto tickets need to have a seetickets account if it did (or would create one if it gave any advantage).. As it stands the Glastonbury registration database is a separate system from Seetickets main infrastructure so I suspect there's no way to link them together to simplify the buying process.
  13. I'm up for helping in resale....
  14. Penrhos

    Emily interview

    Hopefully they'll put JH on the Friday night slot against Stormzy - That's a clash I can easily deal with....
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