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  1. Penrhos

    BBC Glastonbury

    At least they're not playing the 2011 headline set by U2. Pity the 2014 Kasabian one isn't there as I lost it when they replaced my Tivo box (I'd kept it as you can clearly see me on the rail in a less than great condition).
  2. Penrhos

    How do you feel?

    Feeling gutted - I didn't get a ticket in the main sale, I was all hyped for an April resale attempt... I got Furloughed for 14 weeks - started back work last Monday and it's been a total shit-storm and not having a ticket, it not being on and the constant stream of "this is what you could have enjoyed" on Twitter and the BBC is just making it worse.. After most of the site I work at being mothballed for a couple of months we've had a constant stream of knackered kit to fix. I've been on site 4 times already and it's horrible, the entire place is a maze of one-way systems and hand-sanitising points, only one desk per bank is usable and that has to be sanitised before and after you use it. You have to wear face masks & visors to work in the datacentres and have to wash your hands before and after entering them. We've already had an indecent in one of the computer rooms and H&S had a fit as we had more that 2 people in there and ignored the one-way system (as you couldn't actually get into it by following it) but it was either that or the website was going down... I so want to be sat in a queue with a tent and a big bag full of beer listening to the thump of bass in the distance. If this is the future - f**k knows how they'll get gigs let alone festivals back up and running.
  3. Couple of reserves in our office have had a call from mod....
  4. I'll be making a bigger donation to Water aid and Oxfam than I usually do for the next few months - every little helps when a revenue stream like Glasto disappears. So far I've got 3 Gigs cancelled, another 3 pending cancellation and 4 fate TBC All bought on credit cards so I'll get refunded no problem. It's not as if I'll be able to spend the money on going out to any other entertainment and I'm not giving Sky any more cash..... Then hope for a 2021 ticket whenever they go on sale (Assuming we're over this by then) - if not them a big Glasto push for my 60th in 2022.
  5. FFS : No Footie, No F1, No Pubs, No Gigs & now no Glasto - I'll have to talk to the wife and decorate the house now (Assuming there's no panic buying of White Emulsion) ....
  6. Social distancing my arse..... Managers just told us only "high risk" staff can work from home (and we'll be checking up that you are working), rest of us to work as normal but sanitise regularly. ££££ still > common sense....
  7. Hopefully we'll all still be alive for the next one, potentially 1% of us wont. That's the reality we face, entertainment is irrelevant. The logistics of anything apart from full refund and a fresh T-day in October makes any other option unfeasible.
  8. Nah - sunny Leicester, grew up in Herefordshire and drank far too much penrhos & Jones #1 in my youth. It was brewed at Penrhos court by Terry jones From Monty python fame.
  9. Local theater emailed us - all shows for the rest of March cancelled. So that's Thursday night knackered. Got Elbow in four weeks, cant see that going ahead and Kasabian summer solstice gig is sounding like its cancelled too. Local uni has shutdown until September.
  10. I have plenty of porn to watch while I sit at home in isolation (when i catch it). Dodged the forced DIY as B&Q had run out of white paint when we went yesterday.
  11. I work for a major uk retailer in the FTSE100 and as of this Friday. All non-essential head office staff are being asked if they can work from home if possible. All ""at risk staff" are being told to work from home. Anyone turning up for work I'll is being reported to HR and sent home. All catering is no longer self serve and cashless payment only with security at all entrances ensuring hand sanitizer is used before entering communal areas. And we're preparing for a full DR scenario were all staff are offsite apart from core IT-staff needed to keep the servers & website running. To give an idea on how long the management think it's going to impact us is that they have been cancelling out of as many supplier contracts as they can until xmas. They have effectively cancelled the entire summer product range - so I cant see any festivals going ahead this summer at all.
  12. Tried this a few times and it just doesn't work, volume of people, mud or a combination of the two inevitably means it takes a lot longer than expected to get around and you end up in a poor location at the stage and have missed tfe songs you like best. The only time it works is if theres a gap big enough so you can skip the encore/last song and still get there or if your seeing someone in a small stage like glade from other etc...
  13. Currently they've only taken a deposit for a ticket, you purchase the ticket the first week in april (payment window) or in the resale on the 16 or 19 April. It maybe that the decision is made for them if the government call for a lockdown. Logistically the simplest thing would to cancel & refund deposits and treat 2020 as a fallow year. However financial outlays already made may be significantly high enough to kill the festival off altogether....
  14. Penrhos

    The poster 2020

    Seeing the first poster drop just makes me sadder I haven't got a ticket... I could entertain myself all weekend with who's on there already and not have to watch the Pyramid headliners if the scheduling is better than last year (clash-city for me). .
  15. OK - what if you're "Self isolating" due to having/potentially having it? Or would you need a Dr's note?
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