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  1. Hopefully this will not anger the ticket gods for 2020... Setup : Virginmedia 100Mb, Windows laptop - IE, Windows PC - Chrome, Mac laptop - Safari + O2 iPhone. 2010 : Main sale within 10 minutes, friends got to booking page to get "registration Nos used" as I'd got them already. 2011 : Friends in Kiev got our tickets within 15 minutes - we didn't get off holding page. 2012 : Fallow year. 2013 : Epic fail, didn't get past white screen of death, friends stuck on holding page (missed out on the server hack trick). 2014 : Main sale within 5 minutes, got in again straight after and got another batch of 6 for friends, then again and got 2 more for randoms on forum. 2015 : Friends in Spain got our tickets within 15 minutes, we got to booking page to get "registration Nos used" message shortly afterwards. 2016 : Main sale within 20 minutes, using 3G dongle and phone sim as home broadband was broken. 2017 : White screen of death on Main sale, Got ticket on resale in a record 3 minutes from kick off. 2018 : Fallow year. 2019 : Main sale within 20 minutes VPN'd into work on laptop and also got booking page up on home PC at same time. Got 2 tickets for randoms at work in resale. 2020 : Hoping we've lucky as after 9 tickets for next year.
  2. Penrhos

    Campervan 2020

    There is no pattern - you can be on uber-fast broadband or tethered to a phone on 3G, it's purely beating the odds of hitting F5 when a slot becomes available on the back-end servers against the number of people trying to get tickets (before they sell out). ME said there were almost 3 Million registrations and there are about 175,000 tickets that can be bought in batches of 6 at a time (to registered people only). Tips:- Get reg numbers & postcodes in a text file so you can cut-n-paste them into the form quickly. Have bank card ready and make sure you have £50 * tickets needed available for deposit. Bookmark ticket landing page and get there before ticket sale time. Press F5 repeatedly (but less than 60 per minute so you don't get blocked) until you get to booking page. Get as many people you can to do the same process to increase chances to get through (if numbers are used you'll get a message so you can't accidentally buy two tickets).
  3. You spend too much of your life "Working" to stay in a job that makes you feel ill or miserable. If your HR department cannot make your life more bearable start looking elsewhere (there are plenty of jobs out there if you are prepared to be flexible). Most of the time it's just getting the work/life balance right and that can take years. I've been there, done that - I've parked the car up and felt physically sick going to work on a Monday due to stress, I've been fired for having a melt-down in the office, smashing the computer and telling my boss very loudly he was a c**t in an open office after a heated argument over a software roll-out.
  4. I am attempting to appease the ticket gods by adding people at work who want to go to my list of registration numbers for T-Day.
  5. Booked and signed off... Pointed out Euro's and 2020 Olympics clashed so had no issues getting dates signed off (normally have to wait until same holiday year),
  6. Don't suppose anyone has the 2011 U2 & 2014 Kasabian headline sets as VirginMedia replaced my Tivo box at the weekend and they're the only things I wanted on it... I have 90% of the 2017 & 2019 sets available if needed...
  7. Penrhos


    Probably the same lazy buggers who dumped soiled nappies in one on Thursday night..... The Dump tank was at the other side of the field = LAZY buggers.
  8. Penrhos


    Was in the back of E16 and the turdis were fine apart from Monday morning and the one I went in Thursday at 5AM that some c**t had emptied their toilet cassette and some nappies into it overnight.. I thought most of the bogs were fine all weekend - much better than usual. Still too many people pissing up the outside of the urinals and too many cups/cans in the troughs. I only bailed on one all weekend and that was near Greenpeace on Wednesday evening where there was a 6" turd curled up on the back of the seat.
  9. It's fine as it is, a few tweaks could be done to improve things. Screen behind the sound desk No flags or camping chairs allowed in front of the crush barrier Paint it gold for the 50th. Video's & Messages to encourage people to tidy rubbish around them up between sets.
  10. Penrhos

    2020 headliners

    I'm hoping EE's push for more women headlining and a 50/50 split on gender will result in Pink, Gaga or Taylor Swift being in one of the Pyramid headline slots for 2020. I'm dreading Coldplay, Fleetwood Mac & Macca as headliners for 2020 (or any other 3-way male headliner split).
  11. Penrhos


    A lot of people leaving east CV on Monday had "Water leaks" from the grey water tanks as they drove down the exit roadways - surely this is just as bad as pissing on the fields. People were emptying the toilet cassette into the Turdises instead of walking to the tanks...
  12. Penrhos


    A big mirror ball with lasers & flame throwers....
  13. Penrhos

    T DAY

    We're already planning for T-Day. 1) Checked all our reg numbers and pictures are OK. 2) Emailed said list of reg numbers to each other. 3) Made sure no-one is booking holidays away on estimated T-Day. 4) Warned our friends "That would never go to Glastonbury" that they will be needed on T-Day to press F5 and enter our numbers (and i'll supply card details if needed) 5) Making sure I'll have enough in the bank to cover 14 deposits. I'm bricking it....
  14. Penrhos


    Anyone fancy shopping this with Miley Cyrus sat on a wrecking ball... Missed opportunity, especially with the flame throwers on.
  15. SeeTickets inferred they could detect "Auto refresh software" and could block people using it - not 100% sure how they can as we use it at work to "load test" our website and it looks like normal traffic on our analysis software. We did prove that refreshing too quickly would drop you into a "page refresh black hole" but if you slowed down it would return to normal. And it would only be for about 30 minutes as 2019 tickets sold out in just over half an hour.
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