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  1. Penrhos

    Glastonbury 2020

    By stating "they've booked two headliners already" one will almost certainly be... Mik Artistic... So who's the other one? Pryamid - Killers, Coldplay, G&R - with Elton as legends slot. Other - Stormzy, Steve Aoki, Rudamental. West Holts - Sean Paul, Chic, Sister Bliss. Various - Fat boy slim (as you can't have Glasto without FBS turning up everywhere). I'd love Queen and Adam Lambert to play but with the "Badger" issue I suspect that'll be a definite no.
  2. Penrhos

    Overheard funnies

    I bet you couldn't find any kinder eggs for miles from Glastonbury.....Be interesting to see their sales figures from when "Extra security" was announced and the festival.
  3. Penrhos

    Overheard funnies

    I dare you to give them a middle name of "Longdrop"
  4. Penrhos

    V Festival banning stage times?

    I've been going to V for years and it's gradually got worse & worse. If I hadn't bought tickets when it was stupidly cheap to get two I wouldn't be going, its the exact opposite of the Glasto ethos. This will be the last year I'll go to V, its just too full of NED's and has a lineup to match. Will be looking at Lattitude, IOW, Boomtown and Bestival next year - then concentrate on Glasto for 2019/2020. All the other festivals I've been to its been £10 for a program but all the stage times are posted next to the stages as well.
  5. Penrhos

    V Festival banning stage times?

    There is a price on the large Glastonbury festival program and you can buy more of them if you want - they are currently included in the ticket price, but that could change in the future. Glastonbury would be an hopeless mess without the small program (and in my case a printout of clashfinder in the tent) - there's just too much going on, the site is so large and you still can't 100% rely on the smartphone app. V - however you can walk around the entire site quicker than you can walk from pyramid to park. We'll probably club together and buy one between us so it'll only cost £2 each and post the times straight up to facebook/twitter using "Virgin mobile".- the irony.....
  6. Penrhos

    Are Tories welcome at Glastonbury

    I was at the Other stage and the people behind me we booing JC and and calling him a "useless w*nker" whilst shoving white powder up their noses and being generally objectionable - I moved away disgusted by their actions. I'm not a Labour supporter but I also think May is a disaster of a PM and is going to fuck-over the general public with a far-right agenda and a botched Brexit that'll only benefit big business while pushing normal citizens further into poverty with less rights to protest about it... I've always understood that Glasto was a left-wing politics based festival and for that I love it - it means it has a soul, it's worth 10 of any V, TiTp, R&L festivals where the corporate world rules 100% of what you're allowed to see/do. I may not agree with some of the views, but I'll discuss those views with anyone and I always get out and vote. How many of the moaners actually bothered to vote - if you don't bother to vote then don't complain.
  7. Penrhos

    V Festival banning stage times?

    At BST for the killers the pit was free access until it reached a pre-determined capacity. They issued pit-wristbands if you left and you couldn't get back in unless you had either the pit-wristband or VIP-wristband (VIP area was a raised platform with a roof to the side of the stage). But when I saw Madonna at Hyde park the pit was an extra £50 on ticket price (which I refuse to pay) I got on front rail after the "expensive" bit and during her entire set the pit was less than 1/4 full - must look shit from the stage (unless you're just counting the £££). The pit should be for those that are prepared to turn up early to get in there, not a wallet waving privilege.
  8. Penrhos

    The best place to **** was ****

    Composting toilets are the future.... Best place to Shit at Glasto by far.
  9. Penrhos

    V Festival banning stage times?

    I got tickets when they had the 2 for 1 offer because its just 40 miles down the road from me. It's just becoming an English TiTp - full of NED's and a rip off once you enter the Arena. I'll be taking clashfinder printout and they can 100% stick their program and merchandise up their corporate arse... Funny thing is the TiTp tees and the V tees last year were identical apart from the logo - that alone says enough... I won't be going again unless I'm desperate to see a headliner that isn't touring or playing any other festival (apart from TiTp or TRNSMT). Glasto or bust for me....
  10. Penrhos


    I'm soo glad I binned off Ed Sheeran after half of his set and legged it round to West Holts for them, one of the best discoveries of the weekend. Wasn't sure I'd enjoy it as I'd only briefly listened to a couple of tracks on Amazon dot (kept playing a different band called Justice so got annoying). Was stood near the back and the sound was so much better than it was near the front (too much bass and distortion). I've got the audio ripped from iplayer if anyone's desperate for it.
  11. Penrhos

    Download full sets from iplayer

    Bugger.... Looking through the iPlayer sets I downloaded there's a few numbers missing from the sequence - anyone got them? 1, 19, 20, 36, 102. I have all the others up to 114 and the "My Hero" ones. 1 & 102 were uploaded after the initial batch - got those now, just 19, 20 & 36 missing.
  12. Penrhos

    TRNSMT Festival 2017

    iPlayer has 42 set's up... Download get_iplayer V3.01 then get_iplayer --prefs-add --modes=best If you want the lot saved into a folder C:\Trnsmt... get_iplayer --pid p04r9yt8 --pid-recursive --output c:\Trnsmt If you want just one set saved (Biffy) into a folder C:\Trnsmt get_iplayer http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p057wxnf/trnsmt-2017-biffy-clyro --output c:\Trnsmt
  13. Penrhos

    Download full sets from iplayer

    Thanks - just need "Solange" now to complete the set. Pity the beeb didn't show "Hacienda Classics" - really enjoyed that, sitting on dry grass in front of the Pyramid with a couple of cans of Cider and a smoke.....
  14. Penrhos

    Glastonbury Conspiracy theories

    Scousers have an inside man at Seetickets that guarantees there will be loads of them all over site, either that or there's a hidden Scouser ip-address list that gets them preferential access to the servers. There is a lucky-lucky man with a pocket full of gear in every tent - or it seemed that way this year....
  15. Penrhos

    Katy Perry

    I'll let you know about Pink after she headlines V....