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  1. I saw RATM back in the 90's - They would absolutely go down a storm at Glastonbury.
  2. Greenpeace bar (by the dancing tree) filled a 1 pint jug from the beer taps and tipped it into my steel cup - seemed to work well and they were tied to the pumps so they stayed put.
  3. Rubbish bins behind the crush barriers. Also why isn't there a crush barrier running from the stage to sound-desk like at a lot of other festivals? It would stop a lot of through traffic and sideways crowd surges. I know it would mean you'd have to go behind the sound-desk to get from one side to the other but I don't see that as a major issue (or it could be opened between acts). Controversial - No flags or seats allowed beyond front crush barrier. I like flags but when you're only 10 people away from the stage and still can't see because there's a flag in the way it's a bit shit. Been to a few festivals where there was a "seat-free" zone with the boundary marked out with poles and coloured spray on the floor, anyone seated inside that area were told to stand or move by security.
  4. I was only going to go once to tick Glastonbury off my bucket list and I got hooked, I've managed every year since 2010 so am gutted I haven't got tickets for 2020 - I will hit the resales but over half of our group have called it quits. With a few festivals being cancelled it's put extra pressure on the remaining ones, I think the biggest problem with getting Glasto tickets is you're competing with some people who just want the all-night parties down SE corner and don't bother with anything else. If other EDM/dance orientated festivals got an all-night license would the demand decrease - hell yeah. I've been to loads of other festivals and most are shut by midnight, leaving that "I wish I was at Glastonbury" as I want to party feeling.
  5. Controversial - but why not drop the number of tickets you buy to 2 or 4 per transaction like in the resale - that way there'd be more bites at the tickets in the pot and if you wanted 12 tickets you'd need to get to the booking page 3 times (which means potentially someone else might get in and get their ticket(s). It's especially frustrating if you only need a pair and people are hoovering up 6 at a time possibly for randoms just to get around the system.
  6. Penrhos


    If it follows last years options:- West CV, East Quiet (Family), East Standard, Bath & West Bath & West for vehicles > 7M long. West CV sells out really quickly as it's so small, then East Quiet (as it's fields are nearer to Ped-C). Even in Resale there were spaces in East CV & B&W. All vehicles > 7M are supposed to go to B&W by default. Take a good look at the site map and work out if West or East CV is best for you (B&W sucks as its a 15 minute shuttle bus ride to/from PED-A but has a toilet/shower block and quick exit to the A37).
  7. The size of the CV & Glamping fields doesn't help. We wouldn't have gone in 2010 if "camping with the great unwashed" was the only option - I have a bad back and the wife is an epileptic (fortunately not photosensitive) so a bed and a decent night's sleep was essential. If we couldn't have hired a campervan to stay in then we'd probably have never ticked it off our bucket list. I've seen the errors of my ways and have roughed it (with a decent inflatable bed) but the wife refuses to go unless we can take a CV. If there was less Glamping and CV availability I suspect demand would drop considerably.
  8. Penrhos

    Resale club 2020

    After sulking all Sunday - I'm checking the fall-out from the weekend.... We had 11 people with 24 devices spread over the midlands and a couple in scouseland and none of us got past the holding page. We're down to 7 for the resale (the others are going to go on holidays instead). April 16th is Coach resale and if I remember correctly you are limited to pairs of tickets and April 19th is main resale at a limit of four tickets so it's going to be a big ask to get all 7 required tickets. I'm seriously considering working the festival but have bad sciatica - is that likely to count me out? I ordered my Glasto book via amazon so that's one option closed.
  9. Penrhos

    Good Luck ALL !

    Been for my second pre-ticket pee.... Good luck all...
  10. If someone has already bought a ticket with a registration number it highlights it on the form with something along the lines of "Registration already used" at which point you have to do a quick swap for another reg & postcode or clear the line and press "proceed" again and hope tickets are still available.
  11. This ^^^ If you've got time to Text, tweet, whatsapp or Facebook then you're not trying hard enough and don't deserve a ticket.... I'll be offline on all social media until I've got tickets for all people in our groups or they're sold out.
  12. Got 11 tickets to get on Sunday for main group and 4 "extras" for people we said we'd help out if we get through. First time since 2010 we've got no tickets at all in the coach sales.
  13. FAQ states - fitted bed and cooking/washing facilities. So you've got until June 2020 to get the sink and a bed installed.
  14. clear cookies & browser history and try again. BTW : you didn't do the host file hack a couple of years ago and still have seetickets in your hosts file?
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