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  1. There is still a huge difference between the communicated 25K and the real sales. Let's call the 25K very optimistic. I mean VERY VERY optimistic.
  2. If you wanne see the first bands, make sure you are on time at the Ticketmaster BO. You will have to pass 2 queues: The one at the Ticketmaster BO to reprint the tickets (can take a while, especialy the first day) and the normal entrance queue when you have the new tickets.
  3. Encore is a disaster. TW Classic + Encore. One day it is. If Cave cancel Flo will headline. But i'm not Ken 🙂
  4. A lot of crisismanagement ongoing
  5. I wonder what will happen with 'Encore'. A second 'Biggest Comedy Show of the world' story...
  6. Past years from 6 am. But even with a shuttle at 6 am it will be a serious deadline to catch a plane at 7:40 am in Zaventem. Shuttle RW - Leuven Train Leuven - Zaventem Check in + airport security (Monday moring = business people + start holidays)
  7. Take the (free) train from Brussles to Leuven, and than the festival free shuttle from Leuven to Werchter. Attention: 1) You have to download your free trainticket with the NMBS code (your festivalticket is not a trainticket). Every ticket includes a train trip from any Belgian railway station to Leuven and back. 2) In case you travel from or to Brussels airport (you do!) you have to pay an extra Diabolo Fee. This is not included in the free train ticket.
  8. The brainstorm at the office was funny. "From now on we gonna work with themes. The kids will like that. Any ideas?" "ANIMALS!" "Cool. We book the apes, the impalas and that guy with his wolf." "But what with Editors?" "The Racing Rats, Papillon,..." "OK, make an extra day."
  9. It's been confirmed internally, but not yet official.
  10. Encore will be the 26th of June
  11. Don't think they will book Pavement upcoming year(s)
  12. Correct. On Thursday i'm 16, on friday 28, on Saturday i'm 43, The last day i'm 56 years old. And the day after i'm a 70 years old man hit by a truck.
  13. It has something to do with 'green', but not that green 🙂
  14. Busy summer. The Weeknd goes stadium instead of arena.
  15. No panic. That decision had been made for a while to wait.
  16. For Elton John the answer is no for 2022 and in future. Guns not gonna happen in 2022.
  17. As in good news to come with the bad rock news 😉
  18. Editors normaly played PKP 2020 (not that many headliners were available in August). Tom will tour with Smith & Burrows this summer but you know the relationship between Editors and LN BE... Things can happen.
  19. "Next year, we maybe do 2 TW Classics or 2 RW Boutiques, who knows. We catch it up! For this year we check out Belgian and European bands"
  20. In this year without RW poster we lost Tom Hautekiet, designer for Rock Werchter since 1999. 50 years, way to young. RIP Tom.
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