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  1. Yep - and business rate revenue decrease leaving a funding gap meaning local services suffer..
  2. Problem with that is provision of services - and where are these people coming from? Why would they be in these towns and cities of they don't need to be there for work?
  3. There are other issues depending on the work that you do, and who you work for that limit your ability to just choose to work from home. FSA / Financial Regs, SC Clearence, Information Governance, loads of things.
  4. The places that suffer the most will be the smaller towns the ones where what workers are in the town centre are the main, or only real footfall in the town centres. Not everywhere is a London or a Manchester with various 'high streets' or principle shopping areas. Our town centres were dying or already dead Covid has sped that up that death - regeneration of them was needed and is needed more than ever.
  5. One for @Toilet Duck Can we really have any confidence in statements like these? Covid levels are so low in Israel how can we be sure its vaccine effect and not just the case of there being such a small chance of Somone coming into contact with Covid?
  6. Can't believe you didn't say sharpest troll under the bridge.
  7. Except that's not what it actually says though. It specifically mentions 2 weeks.
  8. What does that column heading even mean? Read it multiple time and I don't think it's saying what the tweet is suggesting it shows. Is it not showing the percentage of staff who haven't had covid within 28 days of their first jab? No still don't know.
  9. It's reporting some facts - there is some surge testing going on in South London due to a cluster of the SA Variant. In just the same way has happened up and down the country a while ago - same as will keep happening in the future if clusters of variants of concern happen as this is government policy in England. Basically they flood the immediate area with testing and hope to pick up everyone who has that variant and stop it getting out into a wider area.
  10. That shelter they have outside is like an upside down bouncy castle. I'm sure they have had it down the side there for years. Used to go to a boozer just a few doors along with my oldman whenever I was back home. It will only be students in there.
  11. Derby? Actually I think it's the other one there thats red brick its name escapes me by station. Cracking boozer. Got all excited then.
  12. Gyms - surely not. I thought they were sacred and should never have been closed.
  13. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2021/apr/11/anxiety-in-barnsley-as-a-virus-hotspot-get-ready-to-open-its-doors I live in Barnsley, but wouldn't say I'm anxious about reopening by the same token I've not been in any real rush to get back to the pub or shops next week. I am looking forward to sitting in a mates garden next weekend though. What I would say is that for lots of last year we had very low case numbers - we have been in Tier 3 (remember them) since the 22nd (I think) of October and we are now seeing close to 100% of cases being the Kent variant. I think we are just catching up with other parts of the county. Neighbouring areas are seeing similar patterns the similar Rotherham and Doncaster and the more affluent Wakefield, so I don't think it's as simple as people are breaking the rules - I think what we are seeing is a leveling up in this corner of the country sadly not the leveling up that's needed. There are no large vaccination centres in Barnsley it's all being done at GPs or people being sent to Wakefield, Leeds and Sheffield that being said vaccination uptake here and jabs administered is still more than comparable with the rest of the country. If our numbers don't come down soon though I can see us becoming an exception to some of the restriction easing that being said Tories don't care about Barnsley it's the council to have been hardest hit by austerity so maybe they will just sacrifice a bit more of the borough. Or maybe the inability of the council to provide public services die to austerity plays a role in the higher case numbers...
  14. How many of them have been in lockdown since November or earlier. I do wonder if your seeing higher number in South Yorkshire now because we have basically been locked down since October so less people were infected in run up to Xmas, and also are more fed up then others of the rules.
  15. Wasn't that the same for large parts of last year? (Month on month comparisons) Due to a combination of lockdown, and (apologies for the terminology) but front loading a lot of deaths earlier in the year? It will be interesting to see if any of the European countries end up with more deaths than us as theirs are rising while ours are falling.
  16. We know it's a small chance, but we don't know if all the cases are linked by something that links my other half to them so for her or others the odds might be a lot less which is why its been looked into.
  17. Exactly and thats why as @Toilet Duck says these things are discussed out in the open.
  18. Thankyou following some live chat with the Dr and a load of photos, and a follow up call with a different Dr they think it cellulitis so has been prescribed some antibiotics to see how that is for a day or so. With instructions of go to A&E if it changes colour. Her arm actually looked pretty cool like a dry ground but the cracks were red rather than cracks
  19. My partner is currently waiting for a call back from a Dr because her forearm has started to become tender, red and possibly a bit swollen about 3 weeks after receiving the AZ vaccine, having got slightly worse in the last 24 hours. and is obviously very aware of the news at the moment and wanted to get it checked out. We're sure it's nothing, but she would be more comfortable getting it checked out.
  20. I'm pretty sure this is one of the questions they ask even at the dentist or having a blood test.
  21. I'm for ID cards and the unification of our plethora of identifiers into one place initially and then one unique ID number. What I'm against about 'Covid Status Certificate' is the use case. You are going beyond ID cards where you would give over your card / number to a person in a official capacity e.g. police, council, NHS, DWP, HMRC, DVLA and it's storing more than a unique identifier. Factor in the fact it's all being done by stealth rather than via open, honest grown up debate about the positives and negatives of an ID card it's just happening. The information Facebook et al have about you is optional, you don't have to sign up and by not doing anything your not having your freedoms restricted. But as I've said it's the use case and the method of adoption that makes me angry.
  22. Or more importantly reassurance to those who have already had it. Behind every vaccine is a person.
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