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  1. https://www.travelandleisure.com/travel-news/cayman-islands-tourism-launches-global-citizen-concierge-program
  2. I agree, I changed jobs in lockdown and I'm now a home worker was a home based roll pre lockdown anyway and I really thought long and hard about it due to not having that sort of office environment. The tools that are out there just don't replicate that sort of environment yet.
  3. The people who took the piss in the office take the piss even more so at home. Working at home takes a lot of self discipline and a level of respect to yourself, your employer and your colleagues.
  4. The same logic can be applied to those who hate the cost of living in London, or the cost of commuting to London. You don't have to do it, but don't expect to earn the same elsewhere.
  5. There are policies and procedures in workplaces not to mention all manner of legislation which gives you an avenue your not surrounded by the general public in an office you have a greater amount of control and influence than almost anywhere other than your home.
  6. Handy excuse for people not wanting to go back to the office. Wonder how many of them are looking forward to go to the pub or their mates houses.
  7. Is it the mask or is it the fact your haven't seen anyone?
  8. I'm looking forward to articles about how it was a success and nobody caught Covid. People without Covid allowed to event. People at said event didn't catch Covid. Shocker!
  9. A little prick for a big prick... Should have put it in his fucking eye
  10. The ones you book online are for the larger vaccination centres. If your contacted they tend to be for your smaller local vaccination hubs.
  11. We have had an increase in our team of 50% we have been told that it's unlikely we will be able to meet as a whole team for the long term. We also not expecting to travel to other sites (public body offices) this calendar year at the moment.
  12. I totally agree. The trial event the other day though did nobody catch Covid there because the mitigation works or because nobody there had covid? If it's the latter the same would have happened with a full house. It's just a question of testing logistics not testing the mitigations at the moment given the low levels in the community.
  13. Will there be a plan of some positive people? With all these trial events it's basically impossible to know if no cases afterwards is as a result of restrictions or due to nobody there having Covid / such low levels in the community.
  14. Surely they need to do the same now but with a full Crucible and see if they get any after that.
  15. My mate floats around digital start ups in Berlin, unlimited annual leave is very real for him and their developers. Judged on output not hours.
  16. Depending on your work and how your business / team opperates. You potentially lose some creative thinking / solutions because you don't over hear things, you can't see the body language if a colleague who might be struggling etc... The ways of working need to change to work with the remote workplace.
  17. What needs to be established with all these sorts of things was did Hancock (and all the others) put pressure on the civil / crown / public servants who's job it is to do this. Would the interest being declared have changed the outcome or changed the outcome of the process. It's dodgy, and dishonest and shows a disregard for the processes put in place. You only with hold information on declaration of interest if you think it's going to negatively impact you so just shows these twats to be the self serving w*nkers they are.
  18. Yep - central government tends to be the super huge consultantcy firms of this world or contractors!
  19. The civil service is becoming a lot less Whitehall centric too.
  20. That's not strictly true. There is lots of offshore IT development (skilled jobs). 3/4 of my companies remote sensing (skilled jobs) is done in India and Romania. Lots of post processing of aerial imagery is done overseas too. For fractions of the cost.
  21. I don't disagree. The most successful developments tend to be the mixed use ones there still needs to be some employment and transition between daytime economy and night time economy that's the tricky part!
  22. Nope - I agree with you. We have about 30 staff doing the same job as me. About 20 of them are based in Southampton. The other 10 of is are dotted about the rest of GB. We are all in the same pay banding same work. My salary goes further up here - that being said if I was expected to work from HQ I'd not have moved company for the salary I'm on now. The other perk of being home based is i'm on the clock the second I leave the front door office based is over and above their usual commute. Also due to a poorly written expenses policy I can claim expenses when I'm a certain travel time from the office not from my place of work -although obviously this isn't done because it would be questioned and it's just not the right thing to do!
  23. This arguement of distractions is always my favourite in this discussion - it's not like there are no distractions at home.
  24. I assume you would lose the London weighting if your contract changed to homeworking e.g. your place of work is your home address?
  25. Thats the attraction with the shoeboxes thrown up in the 00's in many of the big cities already, along with jobs.
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