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  1. That makes far more sense to me that destroying the entire hospitality industry and the consequences of that! I understand the logic of closing the pubs to reduce the R number, but if it comes down you then have no route back to reopening. Another spike comes along then what do you do? To my mind the longer you can leave places open the more 'tools' you have at your disposal, a gradual change to the rules let's you find the sweet spot of what's working surely? Closing places is like a switch where what we really need is a dial that we can turn up and down depending on the situation. It's easy to say close this close that but it feels like there is a percentage of people gagging for lockdown 2.0 and that's not viable for economic reasons which are important if we want a functioning society (and health service) going forward. We have to learn to live with it as safely as possible and find out what measures are working not just revert to lockdown every time numbers get to a level.
  2. I completely agree - but if you close pubs and restaurants something else moves to top of the list and you then have calls to close them to and that can't carry on forever. That's just a one way ticket back to lockdown. Closing pubs and other hospitality will just force people to socialise elsewhere and in the winter in the UK that's going to be people's homes and to me that's more risky as it's an unregulated place.
  3. I'm sure the pub wasn't the only place they went in the 7 days preceding a positive test though...
  4. Exam results is a separate issue to 'schools crisis' the work kids have been doing at home is no substitute for time with you know a professional teacher rather than a parent who may or may not also be trying to do a full time job as well. Bubbles isolating was always the plan in the same way it if I get told by the app to isolate I isolate, it's not get tested! The schools also don't rely on track and trace, they have direct access to local authority and public health England resources for managing positive cases - and contrary to some posts schools aren't insisting kids get tested when their bubble is sent home. Kids are suffering a lot with this situation, and they need to be back at school which in turn need to effectively manage the risk. Sensationalism like 'schools crisis' is completely counter productive.
  5. What is this schools fiasco? Kids need to be back at school - they have lost 6 months of learning. They are only at school for 11 years anyway.
  6. University is like the start of the rest of your life. You will make friends that you keep for life, maybe even your future partner - and that all starts from day one, you won't like everyone you meet, the people you hang around with and live with at the start might not be the people you hang around with at the end and after - but they might be. Don't let Covid ruin the chance of making friends for life, and ultimately, you as a person and your future. Be sensible, and careful by all means but you can't just lock yourself away from it as you can't hide from it, forever without doing yourself more damage than the virus itself is likely to do to you. Just be sensible but don't let it control your life and experiences, you might just end up regretting it. Good luck with it all it's a nervous time, but overall university is an experience and you learn more about yourself and others than you do inside any lecture theatre - and you will probably invent some new comfort foods of your own that 20 years later you make on shitty days at work in the middle of winter just to hark back to days of old!
  7. That's MSOA level and is I believe the lowest level that the test result data is shared with the wider public. Unless it's changed in the last 3 weeks it was still only available to local authorities at a postcode level which isn't as useful as all that...
  8. These rules won't stay in place for 6 months, because there will be harsher lockdowns before 6 months is up.
  9. They are swabbing people and then factoring it up I believe.
  10. An ID card with a citizen number would really have helped with track and trace... The whole concept that in 2020 you are filling in a piece of paper in the pub for track and trace is actually laughable when you think about it - especially when you think about the fact that something like the oyster card is effectively a track and trace system in itself.
  11. Without a functioning economy there is no NHS.
  12. I don't know specifically about Sheffield - but what I do know is that hospitalisation is so low in South Yorkshire and some of the surrounding counties that anyone needing hospital treatment is being sent to the centre for infectious diseases at the Hallamshire. Cases have been falling for two weeks back to back but I think there has been a slight rise again. It was about 15 per 100k people I think. It was much higher before
  13. I work for a local authority, and I have been heavily involved in the Covid Response since before lockdown. We were at one point third on the list of cases and marked as concern - this was largely due to out breaks at two large employers, which then leads to further testing and more cases etc... What people don't see, and doesn't get reported is the assistance these businesses then get the help they get from the local authority, public health England etc.. etc.. What an increasing amount of my time is now being spent on is identifying risk, gathering intelligence quickly so the response can be quicker outbreaks should now where I am at least start to be spotted in various settings earlier, meaning a faster response from the experts mentioned above which should stop or reduce the need for lockdowns think of it as an ultra local (specific building, employers etc) intervention . People should take comfort from the fact that these things are happening. The longer this has gone on more data is flowing and being shared from PHE that is ending up in the hands of local experts who are then able to take effective in the ground action the aim of every local authority should be to spot the signs of an outbreak before it becomes an outbreak if you do that you can avoid lockdowns as these aren't a silver bullet they don't stop the virus they just slow it. Where I am cases are increasing slightly but nothing scary at the moment the next challenge we are predicting is when the schools go back - but already intelligence is being worked on there to risk rate schools based on all manner of factors using a combination of the things they have put in place, the intelligence about the age of staff, demographic make up of pupils all sorts. For me personally, it's been an incredibly rewarding experience in a professional sense and given the data I have access to there have been some scary times but for where I live I feel it's being well managed by some incredibly clever hardworking people and we are perhaps starting to turn the corner when it comes to managing the virus rather than beating it.
  14. The greatest t shirt I have ever seen and it happend to be at Glastonbury was a picture of Micheal Barrymore and it simply said 'He will kill again'
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