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  1. I don't disagree... But there aren't enough rich to cover social care, NHS and all the other public services we rely on and take for granted.
  2. Around 60p of every £ you pay in council tax goes on social care. I'd argue there is actually a need to educate people to financially plan for old age so that the cost of social care doesnt wholly land on the state as this problem is only getting worse as people live longer.
  3. By not introducing localised rules perhaps we have learnt more.
  4. Perhaps be is reading this forum too toiletduck is a scientist.
  5. I wonder how quickly it would change if spoons said you know what bollocks to social distancing from the 21st... We're open as usual.
  6. I'm not blaming anyone for the delay. The delay is being caused by a number of factors. One of which is the delta variant. Only way to stop imported variants is to close the boarder indefinitely or ensure quarentine for everyone to minimise the seepage. What about home grown variants? Zero covid isn't going to happen and the idea of it is as dangerous at the loopy anti Vax lot.
  7. Perhaps he wasn't advised to close the boarder?
  8. The A stands for Advisory. You rarely see the members of sage on the media merry go round. They aren't trying to drum up emotive feelings in the electorate which influences the decisions of the government. I've accepted an extension and I've accepted its probably never ending. If I was PM I'd open up and those who are too scared to leave the house can stay at home and I'd give them a token payment to do so. Probably be cheaper than letting the rest of the population get back to being humans.
  9. Me and the family went to the pub for an hour last night while waiting for our take away to be ready for collection. First time I'd been in on a Friday night for ages... It was almost at Covid capacity and it felt really loud. It was brilliant to hear the vibrancy of life again. Was speaking to the landlord. Thet can't really afford to keep going on the limited capacity. If they are on limited capacity at either the football or the pub he can't see how they will be able to carry on much longer.
  10. I'm already expecting to be grounded this winter.
  11. The language used in that tweet is poles apart from what the data is showing. It's the equivalent of the headlines on Monday saying 'England Crowned European Champions' if we win on Sunday.
  12. Totally but at the moment there is plenty of flex left in the health service, were playing a different ball game to earlier in the year. A small delay would be tolerable but we have to be very careful that we don't forget there is an acceptable level of risk and unfortunately there is a tolerable level of hospitalisations and death - like there are with many illnesses.
  13. Exactly! It's all about the conversion rate.
  14. There is a chance things get worse on the other hand it's locked in that the longer restrictions are in place more businesses close for good.
  15. Cases will probably always lead to hospitalisations. What's the conversion rate? If people are scared let them stay at home. These youngsters have out their lives on hold long enough if they want to live now let them.
  16. Cases used to translate to hospitalisations...
  17. Not to the extent of a mutation overwhelming the NHS we don't.
  18. It's always close to the wind it's just closer in winter. https://www.england.nhs.uk/statistics/statistical-work-areas/bed-availability-and-occupancy/bed-data-overnight/
  19. Why don't we care about variants to other viruses?
  20. Yeah it's usually busier, it's why you get major incidents, social workers scrambling to get old folks out if hospital and home with care packages etc... It's always sailing close to the wind though. It's designed to.
  21. The NHS is always busy, it isn't designed to have loads of surplus capacity nor should it.
  22. That's because the flu is natural... And this one was made in China..... 🤨
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