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  1. Despite an 11% reduction in bed numbers, bed occupancy rate rose by 1% though. The NHS is amazing but if you gave it a blank cheque it could still spend more and you can't run any public service like that it just doesn't work.
  2. Beds are blocked in the NHS all year round because they can't get people out of hospital that is a pressure on the NHS and it impacts patients. People are part of a mechanism we could build more physical capacity and have more beds but you have to be able to staff them if you could staff them what do you then do with these staff which when according to you there isn't pressure on the NHS? Pay them look at empty beds? Hire season staff? THe NHS hasn't been at breaking point for 18 months solid parts of the NHS have had really really terrible times of it but the NHS as an entire ecosystem is not about to collapse. At the height of the pandemic in London 999 calls were answered by neighboring ambulance services and neighboring services had assets in London responding to 999 calls that is how the system is designed to flex and that is not the present situation. The elephant in the room is how do you stop people self isolating and therefore not answering 999 calls or emergency services having to isolate just incase they become infectious.
  3. When is the NHS not under pressure? It's not designed to have loads of excess capacity (nor should it). Did you care that it was under pressure every winter? What services are you prepared to lose to fund excess capacity?
  4. Ambulance services have partner services for taking 999 calls not sure if this filters to the actual sending of ambulances though. Will ask some questions of someone who will know tomorrow as I'm interested to know.
  5. It took 6 days to be told to stay at home too. In those 6 days I'd been further and done more than the last 18 months. Typical
  6. My friend and half his office have been pinged from different interactions - now they can all work at home but imagine that was a different sort of environment where 50% of the workforce had to stay at home. All of them have had one jab, most two. My ping 4 of us sat at a table two one side got it, 2 the other didn't. We we sat against a perspex screen
  7. I'm on my last day of self isolation following being pinged for 5 days in the birdhouse. It's only 5 days, but it's been crap. Mrs and boy can do as they please. I've taken a couple of tests just because we had them in the house - would be hard pressed to get me to self isolate next time, and given the current case numbers there will be a next time. Fully expecting another after this as I had to go to Leeds the other day and sat on a couple of places for more than 15 minutes. Probably just uninstall the app.
  8. No they aren't. Not if it's a heart attack or something natural. We have done everything practical to prevent deaths - jabbed everyone.
  9. It's not some sort of purge where picking one person from the family will save the others - people died before Covid, people have been dying through Covid of other things and people will die of Covid and other things after Covid. Some stuff just comes down to your genetics and luck. There are years where there are deaths at Glastonbury - should we cancel it because of that?
  10. And you can catch it jab or not. We're all going catch it at somepoint. The most at risk at the most protected, everyone else has has the chance of some protection. People will end up in hospital and people will sadly die but that's unavoidable sadly.
  11. Those who haven't had two jabs are at such a low risk of complications - the way the cases are going were all going to end up catching it anyway might aswell get it over and done with.
  12. Yep - I've been the same (and I'm and official home worker anyway) I'm hoping when there are other options I will finish work at more reasonable hours again but it's hard to break routine... And unlike my old office it's effort to go to the pub now.
  13. That works well for people who a set number of 'tasks' to do a day. If you have a job where people can always do more or they always have more work to do you can't just measure outputs also you have those people who might be working insane hours because there I nobody making them go home or locking up.
  14. I would too with a schnecker like his.
  15. Just been pinged for 5 days in the birdhouse from a contact I had last Saturday evening... Its a good job that in the mean time I've not been on the train twice. Shop multiple times. A face to face meeting. The pub. The boys swimming lesson and to school several times. 2 out of the 4 of us who had a couple of pints last Saturday pinged other two not... Must have been the perspex screen between us and another table in the pub that the two of us got the ping from.
  16. I've often wondered close the boarder to stop the importation of mutations what's to stop the same mutation happening domestically? I'm assuming nothing other than 'odds' perhaps @Toilet Duck could enlighten me? (Again)
  17. It's possible his post is politically restricted, certain posts all over the public sector are even in local government such as CFO are. This stops you standing for, participating in or speaking in public at large to show an affiliation for any political party. The roles covered by this tend to be listed on a public sector organisations website along with the policy and state things like this: Speaking to the public at large or publishing any written or artistic work that could give the impression that they are advocating support for a political party or someone seeking to be a candidate; where the intention is to affect public support for a political party. This includes giving an interview that is likely to result in the publication of statements made or opinions expressed. That's tower Hamlets but they are all by and large the same.
  18. He's played it by the book. It's exactly the right thing for him to do. He works in the public sector it's not his place to give opinion on a minister to the press.
  19. Not necessarily. Depends on the scale of Covid admissions and the other 'usual' admissions. It's not like all the flu admissions happen at the same time either, same with Covid there will be pressure points this winter like every other winter. Elements of the NHS e.g. individual hospitals or trusts can be over stretched any winter or any day of the year. Plus the flu jab has been ramped up which should hopefully reduce the flu based pressures. At the moment there is little suggestion that the NHS is going to be overwhelmed (different to overstretched), there is little evidence than the case to hospitalisation conversion rate is as high as it was (due to the vaccines protecting those most likely to end up in hospital).
  20. If Rob Page told me to jump I'd ask how high!
  21. The winter pressures on the NHS aren't just caused by the flu. Trips and falls bed closures due to norovirus etc... Granted flu and flu like symptoms are a massive part of that and 2018 was a really bad year but there is a plethora of information here https://nhsproviders.org/topics/delivery-and-performance/winter-pressures
  22. Many rural areas have had little Covid so probably are more lax as it's less at the fore front of their mind.
  23. My lads school have a rule in place that parents or carers on or around the school premises should wear face coverings.
  24. The rent is not comparable to the private rental market.
  25. My biggest bug bear is people who are rightly entitled to get into social housing but when their circumstances change significantly. They are then able to continue to remain in the social dwelling for eternity. These sorts of policies just elongate the waiting list and make social housing less obtainable for those who truely need it.
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