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  1. 6 minutes ago, Barry Fish said:

    Supermarkets around here have been a shit show through out - but everyone does wear a magic mask.

    Since they got rid of the 1 way supermarkets have been back to being like a prequel to the hunger games.

  2. 37 minutes ago, Havors said:

    I would guess the cases linked to the football have to be because of the madness that went on around the game not actually because people where at a football match. That part was controlled supposedly. 

    When the prem kicks off again I would be very confident those matches will be pretty safe as you won't have 10s or 100s of thousands all on a mad one in the streets throwing drinks over each other and slobbering all over each other...... I hope ha 

    It has the potential to be the end of the lower leagues if they can't operate as normal again. 

  3. 2 minutes ago, steviewevie said:

    The data you want to look at is hospital capacity, and in certain areas they are struggling.

    Depending on what it is your trying to show you do. 

    Showing the raw count of 121 and saying wow that's a lot tells half a story, if your trying to say oh my look at Covid admissions to hospital. 

    If your trying to say and what about the hospital capacity you need look at things like capacity too - it's only earlier this year people from London hospitals were being transferred to Sheffield and Newcastle to get intensive care. 

    The point is a single set of digits tells you very little. 


  4. 5 minutes ago, BobWillis2 said:

    South east has the highest population I believe.


    5 minutes ago, BobWillis2 said:

    South east has the highest population I believe.

    Yep - south west is about 2.5m I think. 

    Shame that don't show hospital admissions per 100k too...

  5. These last few pages have been really interesting reading thanks everyone. 

    What I don't understand is why so many see it as 0 or 1. 

    I had my second jab on Wednesday and for the next few weeks I'm going to be sensible, yes the pubs are open and I can do as I wish but you know what I can live without being in a busy pub if I want - I'll just got Thursday evening instead of Saturday or whatever. 

    After three weeks when I'm fully charged I will I'm sure be less wary, in fact the Friday after being fully charged I'm doing a pub crawl along the Hope Valley line. 

    I'm not being wary for the next few weeks because I'm scared of the virus but because I don't want to make myself feel shitter than I need to. Aknowledge at somepoint I'm going to catch this virus and I'm going to feel shitty, so let's do a few simple things to increase the chance of the shittyness being kept to a minimum - like you do with hangovers! 


  6. 46 minutes ago, stuartbert two hats said:

    I feel you. When trying to get my 8 yr old girl to take a test, it's been real hell for her.  In the end, we let her stick it up her nose herself, she was a little bit less afraid that way, but still hated it.

    He is 10, but it was his first one and I think he was scared of it being positive (which is understandable) even though he knows it's not bad for children (as he reads a kids news paper The Week Junior, which is excellent, well worth the money, I'd highly recommend it). 

    He was more upset that if he has got it he would miss his last last day with his teacher who is moving schools and he has had for two years and so would all his class mates.

    Lots of kids are really aware of the consequences of what happens if they test positive and the implications for others. 

    Its not a right nice experience as an adult doing it to yourself I imagine it's a lot less of a pleasant experience having someone else do it to you irrespective of age. 

    While I'm not craving to be ill can't help but think it's just going to be better to get it over and done with once the second jab has charged up. 

  7. 13 minutes ago, Barry Fish said:

    I know this feeling 😞. Its fucking shite what we are subjecting our children too and the things they have lost and continue to lose 😞

    He actually said in his upset state he would rather I injected him with Covid. I think he meant the vaccine but you know.

  8. 4 minutes ago, jannybruck said:

    Only the busiest city centre pubs really have doormen, and that's usually at the weekend. Giving the 'one young person manning the bar during the daytime' the responsibility to check passports of everyone who walks into the space, and put up with punters looking for an argument, just seems unrealistic.

    I think of all my friends in their 20s/30s working in hospitality and not a single one of them would want to be arsed with the potential hassle and abuse. It just seems like a non-starter to me.

    They will just impose the ability to revoke licences from venues not playing by the rules when the LA Covid Cops turn up I'd have thought.

  9. Final school night of the year - first lateral flow test on the boy. 

    Tears, panic, worry, distress, makes me feel like an arsehole, raised voices, words with the Mrs and a burnt tea. 

    Least the test is negative (although god knows if we got enough swabbing done). 


  10. 2 minutes ago, efcfanwirral said:

    I honestly think the only way to open up "irreversibly" is to do this 

    But to only make it vaccine proof - self reporting tests won't work. Still would on principle never use vaccine only proof but most would and I think its the only way 

    There needs to be some ending point though. Can't have that forever. 

  11. 7 hours ago, august1 said:

    Surprised the spacing between doses still is 8 weeks, talk of it coming down to 4 didn't materialise due to stocks, so why not 5/6/7 weeks? no great urgency in the roll out anymore

    I've got my second jab today. 7 weeks to the hour since the first one.

  12. 15 hours ago, kalifire said:

    That’s not an argument. 

    Which part of the link I sent you do you take issue with? Or are you just going to assume you’re entitled to your opinion no matter how badly you’ve established it? 

    At no point have a disputed that masks help - but look at the case numbers WITH masks in place. 

    Your talking like masks aren't being worn. There are loads of restrictions in place, yet cases are still rising as they are. Perhaps it's possible that in a real world situation masks aren't as effective as in lab conditions as a starter for 10... In the real world people have to take masks off. 


  13. 15 minutes ago, kalifire said:

    Presumably you didn’t bother looking at the link in my post. The science is in. Masks are effective with high compliance. 

    Wrap up warm it must be cold on that lofty perch of yours. 

    Compliance with the rules would appear to be high where I live... Didn't stop it being top of the charts for a while during the pandemic. 

    In the fullness of time I suspect socio-economic similarities of the badly effected areas will far outweigh the mask compliance anecdotes. 


  14. 2 minutes ago, incident said:

    This is one of my pet peeves that I've avoided mentioning for about a week so it's roughly time. Masks do work, but the messaging in this country surrounding them is so awful as to be near useless.

    Very approximately speaking (with a more accurate and detailed summary here)- Respirator masks (of which FFP3 is the top level) absolutely do protect both the wearer and the people around them. Surgical masks (of which IIR is the top grade) protect the people around you.

    There's three problems with this though - Firstly that the above relies on the masks being fitted and handled correctly which isn't always the casse. Secondly that it also relies on the masks meeting the standards to be labelled as such and there's a lot of fakes/ around at the moment.

    But really the biggest issue is that the Government have been actively avoiding the conversation about what types of face coverings are effective in order to "simplify" the message. As a result there's still a lot of people (I reckon about 40% around here, it may vary in other areas) using Fabric masks which can't be assumed to provide any protection at all and often aren't worth shit.

    It's especially annoyed me recently to see people (not on here, but in the wider world) make a point of saying that they're going to continue wearing a mask because they "respect others". Except that I can see they're wearing a Fabric mask, so they're mainly wearing it to feel superior.

    Don't most people wear a mask (of any sort) to comply with the rules?

  15. 8 minutes ago, kalifire said:

    Masks aren’t very effective unless there’s widespread compliance, but if most people wear them, they can help to stop transmission and infection and even the severity of symptoms.

    Here’s a summary. Bit lengthy, but it’ll help clarify things:  https://www.pnas.org/content/118/4/e2014564118


    Masks have been required here for ages in certain settings and compliance has been fairly high - other than those who have deemed themselves exempt. Maybe nobody bothered to tell the virus mask wearers were off limits.

  16. 55 minutes ago, Ozanne said:

    Face coverings to remain in some indoor settings by law in Wales.

    It seems such an obvious move for the whole of the UK but sadly in England we have this dumpster fire of a Tory government running things. 

    It's easy to say when your not the person who's business is impacted by it though isnt it? 

    Why is it ok, to wear masks for the sake of others but it's selfish to support opening up despite the benefits to others?

  17. 35 minutes ago, kalifire said:

    This “it would just keep going” argument doesn’t hold true. I agree in principle that we shouldn’t wait around for people who’ve been offered a jab but haven’t taken one, however the target is for everyone over 18 to have been offered a first jab by July 19th.

    We could wait for those with one jab to get their second, given the protection is significantly stronger at that point. It would be a one time wait of a few short weeks and result in a population as protected as they could be, instead of gambling with the health and potentially lives of millions who are now subjected to this unfortunate “if you don’t like it, stay at home” selfishness. 

    Most of us hoped that a return to normality might be marked by something resembling care for others. Some (the minority) of voices in this thread confirm that sadly it will take more than a global pandemic to be rid of the more toxic attitudes in society. 

    Assuming everyone had one jab on the 19th you then have to wait 8 weeks for the second. Then three weeks for full protection (which is something like 30% more) then three weeks for that to kick in. Thats 11 weeks. 

    Those who are yet to be jabbed had a miniscule chance of death from Covid without any vaccine at all so you tell me who these millions who are going to die? Where are they? Why have they not already been jabbed? 

    Care for others? How is the nation going to care for anyone if there are less and less businesses paying business rates and people working for them? Who is going to fund the NHS? Schools? 


  18. 2 minutes ago, zahidf said:

    They'll always want a reason to delay it. We just need to crack on now. Get the exit wave over and done with.

    I'm fully expecting at somepoint I'm going to catch Covid - and it's entirely possible that I'm going to feel pretty shitty if I catch it. As of next week I'm going to be double jabbed at that point it's just a case of hoping my body can fight off the virus like it is with everything else. 

    Science has just boosted all of our chances. 

    We aren't going to be able to put this thing back in the bottle. Just have to accept that. 

  19. 1 hour ago, Simsy said:

    My sister's been told by her work that because it's only "guidance" from the app to isolate, they are expected to still go into work if they get pinged.

    She can work from home, and has been during previous lockdowns. There's no need for her to be in the office, but she still has to go in if she's pinged unless she actually has symptoms.

    I find it weird how some companies are using the pandemic changes to move forward with more flexible ways of working, and others are sticking with the old fashioned "you must be in the office because we don't trust you".

    Is it just poorly constructed communication? 

    Rather than saying you must go into the office if you are pinged is it not more likely to mean keep working if you are pinged sickness / stat sick pay only comes into effect if you are showing symptoms?

    It is only guidance from the app and some of the blue light services are encouraging their staff to disable the contact tracing due to issues staffing shifts.

  20. 1 hour ago, kalifire said:


    Ok, so you delay it an extra fee weeks. You have people who still aren't jabbed, or who still aren't second jabbed so you wait another 3 weeks... For them to be at full protection... It just keeps snow balling. Those most at risk have had more than ample opportunity to get double jabbed and get up to full protection (plus some will be getting boosters soon) there really isn't a lot more than can be done. 

  21. 5 minutes ago, Chapple12345 said:


    Given that you can still catch it when your jabbed why don't we call it what it is? 

    'We can't stop you getting the virus, we have via vaccination equipped your body the best we can to fight this off - good luck and have your lives back - it's this or your locked up forever'

  22. 5 minutes ago, sisco said:

    Depends what part/role.  We’re introducing Hybrid working, no particulars on days in the office have been recommended/agreed.  A document is being produced at the moment 

    Yep seems to be that central government is catching is catching up with local government in that regard now. 

  23. 15 minutes ago, Ozanne said:

    Ultimately it’ll be about Sunak’s friends that are losing money by having these offices buildings empty. They are stuck though they don’t want to have a ‘government dictate’ telling people to WFH so they can’t then tell people to go back to offices either. 

    The civil service are being suggested to aim to go into the office 2 or 3 times a week. 

    It's also not just about his mates it's about business rates - which your local council gets to keep some of to out towards local services. Less commercial premises, less rates, less money for council's, less services for those who need them most. 

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