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  1. Hiya, managed to get resale entry and B&W campervan. Previously was mostly old West side, East side when we couldn't get West, so I know the queues and space allocations on the old West and East, but not for B&W. So...firstly, what are the queues like across the Tuesday for B&W? Secondly, is there an advantage to getting in earlier in some way (distance to bus stop or something?) And lastly, is there a large distance between the larger and smaller sized pitches? We have two tickets, one for each size of pitch. Thanks.
  2. caleb

    Roller disco?

    Hi All, is there a roller disco at Glastonbury? Been over 20 times and never seen one but on the other hand they're appearing at other festivals I go to (Shambala, Boomtown) so may be one's come to Glasto that I haven't spotted yet?
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