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  1. BA4 4BY

    2019 TICKET CHAT

    Got the registration page once, put details in, pressed continue then got page not available. Pressed back button once then it dumped me out completely and I only saw the holding page once more after that. Looks like my run of 10 in a row is at an end so I've just bought another guitar to console myself...... Congrats to all who got tickets!
  2. Aukey 12000mAh power bank on Amazon lightning deal at the moment, £11 down from £21 https://www.amazon.co.uk/Portable-Charger-12000mAh-Output-Totale-x/dp/B01G18GZMG/ref=gbps_tit_s-3_bf76_b889004e?smid=AP087GSGD7Y0R&pf_rd_p=78284097-89a3-4697-b673-3d468066bf76&pf_rd_s=slot-3&pf_rd_t=701&pf_rd_i=gb_main&pf_rd_m=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&pf_rd_r=E9A9CJ11ZVMZMJTR7KR8
  3. I ordered my tickets via the Barclaycard fee free Friday thing; I wonder if that might delay them a bit for some reason?
  4. Heading up to Blackpool for my third Rebellion Festival in August, anybody else going?
  5. No, I'm waiting for Green Day tickets so was wondering the same thing.......
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