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  1. 4 November update: Thank you to everyone who entered the ballot. The 50 winners have now been selected and contacted by the email used for their registration.
  2. festivalred

    Volunteering 2020

    Yeah already checked, the camping for the staff is next to a late night spot too, i can do a night in a tent before it all kicks off if need be, we have to be onsite on the tuesday apparently , i have registered interest with Oxfam that set up sounds perfect but so many people trying for that this year i'm weighing up as many options as possible.... thanks for your responses
  3. festivalred

    Volunteering 2020

    I'm weighing up my options for working 2020 , I can get my campervan in general camping via a friend who was lucky in the sales, myself and my other half been offered bar work, i dont mind the graft but want to get some sleep too, is there away to get in and out of the site between shifts Any advice appreciated TIA
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