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  1. First time on the forum in a while, this thread has given me F5 pre-ticket sale nerves.
  2. sheffieldlady

    Resale Club 2019

    If there's one thing I do about the resale club - never give up hope 😀
  3. I know. It feels rather real now, watching the skin get put on, makes me realise that whist I may not be keen on the line-up. I don't care about the line up. I'll have a ticket for next year, I'm certain of that! I do have a bunch of things I need to sort out before the next festival, changing mortgage suppliers has been an utter nightmare - having to spend over £1000 on that because of an admin error.. nightmare! So if we had a ticket we would've had to give them up to pay for this
  4. sheffieldlady

    Resale Club 2019

    I've opted out of the resale club - I don't have nerves of steel. So hopefully everyone else is like me and you guys get your tickets (I just don't have the cash right now for a ticket, so we're going away Glastonbury weekend, believe me, it feels like I'm breaking up with someone just to avoid them breaking up with me!)
  5. Happy balance week you wonderful people. I miss that feeling. We've decided to take another year off, got a house problem that needs paying for so not ideal timing for resale and we booked to go away Glastonbury weekend. Weirdly - tough decision, I'm going to miss the place - but I will be there next year, come r*in or shine. Have a wonderful festival everyone and I'll see you all next year when the ticket gods will give me a magical ticket in October.
  6. sheffieldlady

    Resale Club 2019

    I'm still undecided if we're going to come / try for tickets this year. Usually I wouldn't question it but last year we had such a good holiday year, a lot of our usual group of friends aren't going. And I don't have the same excitement as previous years. Of course, I know without a ticket come June time I'll be crying somewhere at not being there. It's also a money thing - could do with saving money rather than spending £500 on tickets and then spending, transport etc.
  7. Hope everyone has had a good festive period and you're not working to hard. Sorry to hear about your cousin @Curlygirl shitty time of year for it x @H.M.V I really hope you guys got some more cheese!!
  8. The Quiet Place in Ullswater, never been that way before. Just a red letter day wedding gift, should be a nice break! Thank you I may well ask again later on in the month but won't be doing it daily. That'll get boring pretty quickly!
  9. Thank you! I'm hoping we may be able to pop into the Dome House next year, we've got a gift of two nights away in the Lakes but are looking to add a couple of extra days in!
  10. Hello all - I've been MIA because of my lack of ticket, it's a tricky situation. I love the festival - but have never really been brave enough to actual meet people. I briefly came to a met last time around but wasn't overly well so disappeared fairly quickly. My hopes for 2019 is to be braver in these situations. As a separate side note (a cheeky ask potentially!) we entered a competition to win a trip to Thailand and need votes for 'Wedding of the Year' (complete and utter bullshit of course, like anyone deserves wedding of the year?! But I really want a holiday) It takes less than 2 seconds to vote (depending on your internet connection - it's a pink button that says 'vote' near the top) if you're feeling really really nice, you can vote once a day over the next month https://www.easyweddings.co.uk/real-weddings/a-day-just-about-us-stacey-and-joes-desert-elopement/ I'd welcome any help.
  11. sheffieldlady

    Resale Club 2019

    I'm mostly avoiding the forum - I think my winter blues have kicked in, even more so without my beloved festival ticket in the bag! Can I have a ticket yet?
  12. Anything to help spread out the night time entertainment would be a good move rather than squeezing more into the SE corner. I mean, it's all terrible and no one should get try for resale tickets (of course you can try, it's awesome but I just want an easy process for resale tickets!)
  13. sheffieldlady

    Resale Club 2019

    I remember checkpage playing a vital role in getting Radiohead tickets at the Roundhouse a couple of years ago, I'll be signing up nearer the time of the resale for sure
  14. sheffieldlady

    Resale Club 2019

    I'm here, some weeks after the ticket sale. Been reflecting, sighing and regrouping. But I'm here.
  15. I have a fishing trolley and have used it for many festivals, it did get a rip in the tyre at the last glastonbury on route back to the car! But that tyre has now been replaced and it's as good as new! Very similar to those links posted.
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