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  1. I’m finally (almost) in the right frame of mind to think about 2021. This year has been utter shit. I don’t think I’m on any spreadsheet for the resale club. I think they’ll be 4 of us trying for tickets, will confirm soon and ask for help from you kind people.
  2. To repeat, go it alone. I go with my husband, and sometimes - he goes back to the tent and I stay out, sometimes he stays out. It makes no difference to either of us, we both have a great time and tales to tell. Don’t assume you won’t like something - it’s offend surprising what you’ll enjoy.
  3. Man, this sucks from a selfish view. I’ve found it really difficult to be on this forum without a ticket for one of my favourite places in the world. We will all help each other out with ticket resale when the time comes.
  4. The right decision given the current situation. And a good call to ensure all ticket holders rollover. I say that as a non-ticket holder. Hopefully me and the hubby will get tickets in the October resale (weird!) I know it’s shitty, I’ll reiterate what I’ve said previously. Remember to be kind, everyone’s emotions are valid. Social life is an important aspect of our mental wellbeing, Glastonbury is something many of us look forward to, so we can escape this mad old world. Look after one another, be kind and if anyone needs anything - speak up. Beyond all this madness, they’re will be pockets of positivity. And if anyone just needs a strange to chat to, send a PM. Much love fellow Glastonbury goers x
  5. Just thought I'd pop my head in and make sure everyone is holding up / finding small positives in their days. The news of is gutting. Who saw something like this coming? (Potentially Bill Gates, but that's beside the point) Stay safe my friends x
  6. This sucks. Majorally sucks. No matter your viewpoint on anything, remember, we’re all human beings. Everyone’s looking for a distraction, music and festivals provide that. Please be kind. If anyone needs someone to talk and you’re finding it tough. If a stranger is easier to talk to, send me a PM.
  7. I realise I haven’t included my name into the pot - but I don’t post on here as much as I used too. No tickets last year and now none this year has got me questioning if I have anything offer 😂 But I live in hope of the resale. My only issue is that I’m not sure if I could be thrown into a group as I might be asking for help elsewhere! Is it worthwhile sending the email? I don’t want to ruin anyone’s chances by getting tickets and then being in a group you see. Obviously, if I manage to get through multiple times - I’ll be on hand to help the wonderful people of this forum.
  8. Happy new year everyone. I’m still on the I hope I get tickets train. Hopefully I’ll be brave enough to meet you all this year (ticket permitting). Hope life has been treating everyone well, I’m feeling too lazy to go back through the thread x
  9. Also haven’t been very active. I struggle when I don’t Have tickets To engage in conversation about it. But I will be trying in the resale for me and my husband. We didn’t get tickets last year and whilst we went to Barcelona instead; I missed the farm, a lot!
  10. First time on the forum in a while, this thread has given me F5 pre-ticket sale nerves.
  11. sheffieldlady

    Resale Club 2019

    If there's one thing I do about the resale club - never give up hope ?
  12. I know. It feels rather real now, watching the skin get put on, makes me realise that whist I may not be keen on the line-up. I don't care about the line up. I'll have a ticket for next year, I'm certain of that! I do have a bunch of things I need to sort out before the next festival, changing mortgage suppliers has been an utter nightmare - having to spend over £1000 on that because of an admin error.. nightmare! So if we had a ticket we would've had to give them up to pay for this
  13. sheffieldlady

    Resale Club 2019

    I've opted out of the resale club - I don't have nerves of steel. So hopefully everyone else is like me and you guys get your tickets (I just don't have the cash right now for a ticket, so we're going away Glastonbury weekend, believe me, it feels like I'm breaking up with someone just to avoid them breaking up with me!)
  14. Happy balance week you wonderful people. I miss that feeling. We've decided to take another year off, got a house problem that needs paying for so not ideal timing for resale and we booked to go away Glastonbury weekend. Weirdly - tough decision, I'm going to miss the place - but I will be there next year, come r*in or shine. Have a wonderful festival everyone and I'll see you all next year when the ticket gods will give me a magical ticket in October.
  15. sheffieldlady

    Resale Club 2019

    I'm still undecided if we're going to come / try for tickets this year. Usually I wouldn't question it but last year we had such a good holiday year, a lot of our usual group of friends aren't going. And I don't have the same excitement as previous years. Of course, I know without a ticket come June time I'll be crying somewhere at not being there. It's also a money thing - could do with saving money rather than spending £500 on tickets and then spending, transport etc.
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