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  1. Me too - Groove Armada would be just perfect
  2. £15 trolley 👍 https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/p-handle-trolley-with-pneumatic-tyres-250kg-15-at-homebase-3384100
  3. We saw them last year in Manchester and they said they will be taking a long break and seem to remember them saying 3 years so this is promising for an earlier retrun to the UK than expected.
  4. lazzareo


    So what are the "Big Ones" then as I'm going to listen to Aerosmith for the next hour or so? All I know is "Dream On" which I love and then the usual soft rock stuff from the 80/90's i.e. Crazy, Love In An Elevator, I Don't Want To Miss A Thing and Walk This Way. I don't know anything else and suspect there may be many I should give a listen to.
  5. lazzareo


    I was told a couple of months back that he was probably headlining from someone who would know and I have no reason to doubt them. Seeing them again in a couple of weeks so will let you know if there has been any change.
  6. lazzareo

    The National

    I don't know but I've never heard 'Runaway' live ever and this is a special song for me so if I could get half a chance to hear it that would be like...wow!!!
  7. lazzareo

    The National

    I kinda thought this too. Is The Park out of the question?
  8. lazzareo

    The National

    They seem to be heading to Europe for June 2020. If and its a big IF and they were added to the Glastonbury lineup. Which stage and where on the lineup do you reckon they would appear?
  9. I was told by a reliable source a few months back that Noel was headlining so he could be headlining The Other stage
  10. Some lineup this...all at Glastonbury?
  11. lazzareo

    2020 headliners

    Didn't realise that as it was showing red text on the rumours page today which usually means a change so thought it had been changed to SR
  12. lazzareo

    2020 headliners

    Is this almost certainly happening then as I see she's changed to a SR. I can't keep up.
  13. lazzareo

    Kendrick Lamar

    Could this happen?
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