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  1. She's just rescheduled the Manchester date to 18th June so surely she's still nailed on for 2021 legend slot.
  2. It's my birthday in a couple of weeks so I'm on the lookout for some new vinyl so just for a bit of fun and to help me with some ideas during lockdown... If you could only purchase 1 vinyl album from each decade which would you choose? Looking for 1 album of choice on vinyl from 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, 00's, 10's & 20's (if possible).
  3. Early part demo of what I think is an unreleased track. Sounds beautiful...hope you can access this link as it's on Instagram from the main man. I give you Sydney:
  4. Michael Jackson at Roundhay Park in 1988
  5. Did they already have 2021 headliners booked? If so, that would potentially rule 2020 headliners out.
  6. Which of the current confirmed and tbc's from 2020 do you think will roll over to 2021?
  7. Me too...my number 1 must see band at the moment!
  8. I was over the moon at making it into the top 2% but feel a little demoralised right now 🤣
  9. Me too - Groove Armada would be just perfect
  10. £15 trolley 👍 https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/p-handle-trolley-with-pneumatic-tyres-250kg-15-at-homebase-3384100
  11. We saw them last year in Manchester and they said they will be taking a long break and seem to remember them saying 3 years so this is promising for an earlier retrun to the UK than expected.
  12. lazzareo


    So what are the "Big Ones" then as I'm going to listen to Aerosmith for the next hour or so? All I know is "Dream On" which I love and then the usual soft rock stuff from the 80/90's i.e. Crazy, Love In An Elevator, I Don't Want To Miss A Thing and Walk This Way. I don't know anything else and suspect there may be many I should give a listen to.
  13. lazzareo


    I was told a couple of months back that he was probably headlining from someone who would know and I have no reason to doubt them. Seeing them again in a couple of weeks so will let you know if there has been any change.
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