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  1. lazzareo

    Jeremy Corbyn

    He had to do it though otherwise he would have been criticised for not. Its a case of damned if you damned if you don't.
  2. lazzareo

    Green Man 2019

    Can you take your own beer in like at Glastonbury or do you have to purchase in the arena area?
  3. lazzareo

    Glastonbury Virgin

    Pick your 3 must see bands on each day and make sure you can get to the stage for the time they are on and then wander and take in what you find along the way.
  4. 2 acts announced and the festival needs salvaging!!! WTF #fakeglastonews
  5. lazzareo

    2019 Headliners

    Yes that happened which added to the mayhem...wasn't it just after JC at the Pyramid too? It was crazy busy.
  6. They are definitely more bulky but worth it. I would say they are about 30cm in diameter when rolled.
  7. lazzareo


    I saw them at Manchester Central but don't know how that compares.
  8. lazzareo

    The National

    Gutted I missed this! Not working for me either 😞
  9. One of mine is a Skandika but not sure about the other. I paid approx 25-30 on an eBay auction.
  10. Mine are branded and I did loads of searching on eBay to get the right deal and they've been worth their weight in gold. I'll pop in the garage and find out the makes as can't go back that far on my eBay history.
  11. I wouldn't go for that as the thickness is the important aspect. They usually come in 3cm, 5cm or 10cm sizes and the 10cm ones are fantastic. I purchased mine on eBay for around 25-30 pounds a few years back and they allegedly retail at closer to 100. Here's an example to look at https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Self-Inflating-Camping-Mat-Inflatable-Sleeping-Roll-Mattress-10cm-Extra-Thick/142266860406?epid=543789926&hash=item211fc40376:m:mcmiFFlKeD4N9qDUYQi9ogw:rk:3:pf:0
  12. Some decent deals in the Blacks half price 'Black Friday' sale > https://www.blacks.co.uk/equipment/tents-camping/osa:view-sale-items/
  13. lazzareo

    Thursday Night

    Last year we decided to take in a load of live music on the Thursday and had a fantastic day. We spent most of the afternoon in the Greenpeace fields. I couldn't tell you which stage it was but there was some great stuff on whilst basking in the sun. Later on we went walking around the site and ended up watching a live covers band on an outdoor stage not far from the Acoustic Stage and then made our way over to Williams Green for Circa Waves and Everything Everything in the evening. Had an awesome day!
  14. lazzareo

    Who was the first act you saw at Glastonbury?

    Glasvegas at The Queens Head on Thursday in 2008
  15. lazzareo

    They came from a land down under

    What's going on in Oz at the moment as they bringing out some great music. My two favourite bands at the moment are DMA's and Gang Of Youths and would love them to be at Glastonbury next year. Can't get enough of them.