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  1. lazzareo

    The National

    Yes, she was phenomenal!
  2. lazzareo

    The National

    Yep, some right knob heads!!! Awesome performance though
  3. Landscape: Pre Show Defensive Crouch - Berninger Style with Berninger T-Shirt: My Crew:
  4. Off to Kendal Calling in a few weeks and Red Rum Club are on....never heard of them until I saw your post...I suspect you recommend I pay them a visit?
  5. lazzareo

    The National

    I agree - fantastic track but don't give up hope as they've played it on 7 of the 16 gigs so far.
  6. lazzareo

    The National

    What do you consider to be the best track?
  7. lazzareo

    Flops 2019

    The end was the best part as he finished with Piano Man and Another Love which are great but the rest of the set wasn't great in my opinion. He didn't play Magnetised, Silhouette, Real Love, Go Tell Her Now or Half As Good As You and I think all of these would have made a big difference. The only other hit of note was Grow Old With Me which was good.
  8. lazzareo

    Flops 2019

    I was really disappointed with Tom Odell. Just wasn't impressed at all.
  9. I just printed them from the Glastonbury website and ordered 6 frames from Amazon for £5...bargain!!!
  10. We are king of the opposite. Our group ranges from 44 to 49 and I don't think it crosses anyone's mind. We camp in Bushy and never really stopped to think about the age of people around us...I just bloody love it and to be honest I've felt like 26 every day since I was 26 so suppose this is a good thing.
  11. It was from dynamowallart.etsy.com and it was £29.99 but looks like the company isn't going as I can't find them. You can go on the Etsy website but I can't find the one I purchased - https://www.etsy.com/uk/market/glastonbury_festival
  12. Been feeling really down as is always the case when I get back but just painted and decorated my office and feel much better now. Finally got the artwork up I purchased some time ago and bought some cheap frames and printed the lineup posters from each Glastonbury I've been to..life is good again 🙂
  13. lazzareo

    Albert Hammond

    Did anyone go and see Albert Hammond? We were undecided what to do and in the end opted for this one and it was great. I didn't realise how many big songs he had written.
  14. I still can't get over how great this gig was!!! The cover of Black Boys on Mopeds was just sublime...set of the weekend for me!
  15. I can echo this for the crowd to the right of the steel track near the tree 🤣
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